ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock

The ‎ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro SmartLock is intended to be very ingenious with laudable features. It is an imperative wireless smart door lock that makes your home modern and provides home security flexibility. The ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro comes with Bridge WiFi Adaptor and 6-in-1 Keyless Entry modes. These Door Locks entry methods are Fingerprint, Keypad, WiFi, Smart Door Lock Front Door, and Bluetooth mode. It is a six-in-one smart deadbolt that comes under the ANSI Grade 1 Certified products. The ‎ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro Lock Price is $199.00. The U-bolt pro wifi smart lock release date was August 13, 2019.

Along with this, its laudable features like 360 degrees live fingerprint I.d, get ultimate flexibility by phone list entry levels, Certified Highest Security and Durability, etc. Also, other features are auto-lock & unlock when you are in a hurry or your hands are full. It has an anti peep touchscreen that permits you to enter your home by using an embedding random too many numbers security code. It is built to make your home smart with this modern home security Ultraloq U-bolt pro wifi smart lock. You can also use it for business and visitors because you can provide to them the Airbnb guest’s temporary access codes.

‎ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro Setup

Before the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Installation, first of all, understand all the policies, terms, and safety instructions from the ULTRALOQ Smart lock manual. It is included in the package box with its accessories. Let’s take it out and read all the info and instructions through its manual guide.

‎ULTRALOQ U-bolt pro wifi smart lock accessories are

Interior and Exterior Assembly
ULTRALOQ Smart Lock with Fingerprint Scanner
Hidden Key Hole

  • Interior Assembly Mounting Plate
  • Strike, Screw A, B, C, D, E, and Bolt
  • Screwdriver, Drill Template
  • Wi-Fi Bridge Adaptor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Backup Key, Reset Needle, AA Alkaline Batteries
  • ‎‎U-Bolt Pro SmartLock User Manual Guide, etc.

‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock hardware overview

These are the buttons that are given on the ULTRALOQ Smart wifi lock exterior panel.

Anti-peep Keypad

It is used to put the security code. Through this button, you can unlock it.

Advanced Fingerprint Reader

It is used to confirm your finger and unlock your home door from outside by using this button.

Backup Key Hole

The Backup keyhole is useful to insert the security key to open your home door outside in emergencies.

Micro USB (5V)

Through the USB connection, you can connect the smart lock power bank to activate it when the ULTRALOQ battery works out.

Tri-color LED Indicator

Displays you permitted or refused access, Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from this, it also demonstrates the Bluetooth and battery status, etc.

Ultraloq Button

It is intended on the exterior panel of the smart door lock through this button you could lock your home from the outside. It is blinking the light that enables you to enter the key by using a keypad to enter a code.

These are the buttons that are given on the ULTRALOQ U-bolt smart lock interior panel.

  • Reset button
  • Through this button, you can reset the ULTRALOQ U-bolt Pro factory default settings.
  • Battery compartment: Put the 4 AA alkaline batteries.
  • Battery Cover: Cover through this your ULTRALOQ Smart lock battery and device label.
  • Knob: You can lock the door from inside by using the ULTRALOQ knob.
  • LED indicator, low battery alarm. You can fix the issue with the ULTRALOQ U-bolt pro battery replacement.

Ultraloq U-bolt pro installation

Following are the steps given below for the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock installation, which is given below.

How does ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro work and connect with devices?
  • First of all, prepare the door and take the ‎ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro, which consists of the Bridge WiFi Adaptor.
  • Thereafter, you have to install the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart deadbolt and Strike.
  • As well as, install the Exterior and interior Assembly Mounting Plate.
  • Kindly install an interior assembly and insert the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro SmartLock batteries into the battery compartment.
  • Now, perform the door handling process to get rid of the occurring issues.
  • In the end, kindly ensure that the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro installation process has been accomplished and works suitably.

ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro Setup

There are some exhaustive points given below for the ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro setup with the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro app. It is such as;

  • Scan the labeled QR code on the packaging box to install the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro app or “U-Tech” from the play store.
  • Open it and register your ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock account.
  • If it is registered, then simply click on the ultraloq smart lock login option.
  • Enter the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro admin login username and default password.
  • Once you have logged in, the home page is open.
  • Now, you can set the Factory Default Mode.
  • Turn on your smartphone Bluetooth and pair your smart door lock with the app.
  • Make sure you are not too far away from the door lock while you have to trigger the pairing process. If you pair it from a too far away location then it shows the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro not pairing issues. So, stay closer to the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt pro smart door lock.
Steps for the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro pairing
  • Click on the “+” or add device option.
  • Find your active smart lock from the showing list according to its model number.
  • Let’s trigger the pairing process by following the on-screen manifesting instructions.
  • Meanwhile, you don’t turn it off.
  • While it is successfully paired it notifies you via a massage.
  • So, check the message on your smartphone about the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro configuration successfully, and let’s start programming the smart lock with the app.

ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock Programming

Would you like to know about “how to use the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro app”? If yes, then follow the below-mentioned points in a series.

1. Unlock Using the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock different methods

(i) Unlock from outside with user code

  • Type at least 4 to 8 security codes that are set by you to unlock it.
  • After putting it on, press the Ultraloq Button.
  • It unlocks your home door instantly.

(ii) Unlock from outside using a fingerprint: Set the ultraloq u-bolt pro wifi smart lock fingerprint lock and unlock your door by using your finger.

(iii) ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro unlock with U-tec App
Through the U-tech app, you can easily use this app for the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro auto lock and unlock.

2. Lock the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro SmartLock

Kindly press the Press Ultraloq Button to lock the door manually. Make sure the auto-lock feature is enabled. If you want to unlock from inside then simply rotate in a vertical position your doorknob to unlock it.

How do I reset the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro smart lock?

If you reset the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro factory default settings then all the data of your lock will be erased automatically. To delete the account from the U-tech app then click on reset or delete the account. Press the reset button of the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro smart lock with a reset needle in just three to five seconds. When you hear a beep sound then leave this button and it beeps again two times.

ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro troubleshooting

Following are the steps to solving the all occurring issues of the smart lock.

  • When Ultraloq u-bolt pro fingerprint not working: Remove it from the electrical power supply and insert the batteries again in its battery compartment. Try the ultraloq u-bolt pro battery replacement, if it is low or damaged. In this way, connect it with the interior and exterior assembly. Ensure that it works now.
  • In case the Ultraloq u bolt pro lock connection failed: Then, you have to simply reset the smart lock for the Ultraloq u bolt pro troubleshooting. If the Ultraloq u-bolt pro red light then battery replacement way helps you to cope with the low battery issue.
  • If the u bolt pro keypad is not working correctly then you should update the ULTRALOQ firmware. Use the U-tech app to update its firmware.
  • In case the Ultraloq is not unlocking and locking then you have to ensure that it is connected with the internet connection. If it is not connecting then firstly click on the Ultraloq reset option to reset all the settings. After that, log in to your Ultraloq wireless smart lock. After that, go into the ultraloq setup page and connect it with your Ultraloq u-bolt pro + wi-fi bridge.
  • Kindly go into the settings to the Ultraloq firmware update and resolve all issues of the smart lock.

ULTRALOQ ‎U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock Review

The Ultraloq u-bolt pro smart lock + bridge wifi adaptor is an amazing wireless smart door lock. You can use this smart lock very easily and control it at any location using an Ultraloq u-bolt pro app. The Ultraloq u-bolt pro installation process of this smart digital wifi deadbolt is too easy. You can install it by following the Ultraloq u-bolt pro manual instructions. Check the ‎ULTRALOQ ‎‎U-Bolt Pro review on amazon. It is a 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock and Certified Highest Security and Durability. Another feature of this smart lock is Control Your Ultraloq Smart Lock Anytime, Anywhere through the U-tech app. It also supports the ultraloq u-bolt pro apple homekit and works with the Alexa voice compatible application. Through Alexa, you can easily command it and lock or unlock your door very smoothly. It is the best smart door lock and Ultraloq u-bolt pro bunnings for home.