Ultrarange X Repeater

The Ultrarange x repeater is the wireless signal booster of the router network in the low network area. This wifi device transfers the internet signals with a 300Mbps speed. The Ultrarange x repeater device provides you with a better and stable connection for a faster connection. This is a new and innovative device for a faster internet connection. The ultra range x extender makes your home network connection better, faster, and more reliable. You can manage this device via login to the device with the browser. You can change any setting of your repeater through the smart app. The firmware upgrades of your device give you new features and modes to control the device. This device spreads internet coverage in all corners of your home. You can enjoy watching high-quality videos, movies, and playing online games, etc. while using this device.

The wireless range repeater is the best device for increasing the signal’s power of the home network. The device can connect almost 20 devices with a high internet speed.

Basic Wireless Ultrarange x repeater features

To commence with, There are numerous features of the wifi range booster.

Powerful internet connection

The ultra range x booster provides the power connection with the LAN and WAN ports. A wired connection provides a stable connection without any interruption.


This device provides security from any network traffic or interference. You can secure your data with the security key.

Works in low network area

The ultra range wifi spreads the signals in the full area where you want the internet signal. This device perfectly works in fluctuating range areas because it makes your network.

Easy to set up

It is very simple to set up and use this device. You can set up this device through the app and or web browser, you can modify any setting after signing in to the account.

The Best Method of the Ultrarange x Repeater Installation

To start with, Installation steps are written in the beneath lines, and follow these steps to install your repeater.

  • Initially, Remove the packaging from the device.
  • Place your extender at the perfect location within the router range.
  • Connect the antennas with the range repeater.
  • Plug this adapter into the electric outlet.
  • Next, turn ON the device and power ON your router as well.
  • Press the WPS button on both router and repeater at the same time.
  • After that, when your device blinks green LED light. Thus, your home network connects to the booster network.
  • Your device installation process will be complete.

If you want to log in to your device and change the setting. So, follow the next steps.

Basic Steps of the Wireless Ultra Range Extender Login

Login your wifi repeater with these steps in the web browser and you can modify any setting with this.

  • Install the web browser on your smartphone, computer, or laptop.
  • Open it and visit the web page with the help of
  • After opening the page, text the admin name and security key in the options box.
  • The login details are given on the configuration card of this router.
  • Tap on the login option.
  • Your login process will be completed.

These are the steps to log in to the ultra range repeater.

Wireless Ultrarange x repeater manual

To commence with, in this manual. I’m going to talk about the common quarries of the customers. How do I link the extender with the router’s network? The WPS button does not work. What can I do? What is the internet speed of this repeater? A voltage of the ultra x repeater? Does it spread to the mobile hotspot network? Does it work with window 7, or 10? Is it compatible with the tp-link router? What is the coverage of this router? Does it work with Apple airport? If any instruction is not mentioned in this manual, take more guidelines from there.

Best ways to set up the WiFi UltraRange x repeater

Setup is very important to configure any setting of the device. So, follow these steps line by line.

  • Login to the device with the web browser.
  • Text the repeater’s username and password.
  • Tap on the login option.
  • When you reach the main menu of the device.
  • Go to the setting and create the new password and network name.
  • After entering the new name and key, click on the conform.
  • Then, choose the router’s frequency 2.4GHz, text the name and security key of your router. Tap on the next.
  • On the next page, enter the SSID of the ultra range repeater.
  • And click on next.
  • After that, verify the extender’s wireless setting and tap on the save.
Setting up the coverage
  • Login the extender account with the web browser.
  • After reaching the main menu, open the settings.
  • Tap on the advanced setting and wifi coverage option.
  • Choose one from the max, mid, min coverage according to your requirement.
  • After adjusting the coverage power, tap on the save.

These are the steps to set up your wifi ultra range booster.

Some most common Wireless Ultrarange extender troubleshooting tips

If you have any issues, you can read upcoming paragraphs to solve your problem.

My device blinks a red light. How do I solve this?

Check the connection of the power supply and location. Your device is fixed with the working electric switch. Thus, it continuously blinks red light. So, check the location of your device. Place your extender in the router network range and from the distance of electric appliances, and metal things, etc.

My device does spread the stable connection. What can I do?

Check the connection style of your device. If your Ultrarange X Repeater is connected to the router wirelessly. So, try to connect it with the cable for a stable and faster connection. You do not want to connect your extender through a wired connection. So, restart your device while disconnecting all connections.

Reset the extender

If your device is not working, not transfer stable connection, blinking red light. The reset process is the solution to all problems. Use the reset and you need to use a pin to enter it into the hole. Press and hold for 4-5 seconds. After that, all lights started blinking, and when the light stopped. The reset process will be completed and press any button during the process. You need to set up your device again.

If you have any issues. So, contact the ISP for more solutions.

Wireless Ultra range x wifi booster Review

People use this device for increasing the power of the router network and for getting a stable connection. I bought an Ultrarange X Repeater last month. Because my router is capable of converging while at home. I read more ultrarange x reviews before buying this device. The setup of this device is very reliable with the envelope. Read the envelope pages before starting any process. Till now, it is very perfect without facing any problem. It uses both frequencies from time to time. I also gifted this to my cousin. He also likes this extender as well.

Wifi ultra range booster features:

The features of this device are strong security, powerful internet connection, ease of use, and operation. Works in low network areas.

Wireless Ultra Range x extender design:

This device is designed to transfer stable and powerful connections. This device has two external antennas. The size of this device is very small. So, you can adjust this anywhere.

Price of the wifi ultra range repeater:

The price of this extender is almost $49.99


Does it spread to the mobile hotspot network?

I think yes, but do not try this?

What is the internet speed of this repeater?

300Mbps is the speed of this repeater.

How do I link the extender with the router’s network?

Read the envelope and manual of this device to make a connection.

Does it work with window 7, or 10?

Yes, it works with all windows.

The WPS button does not work. What can I do?

Use the WPS option from the setting of the repeater with login.

A voltage of the ultra x repeater?

110volts power is needed to work this.

Does it work with Apple airport?


What is the coverage of this router?

It provides coverage in the whole home, you can set converge mode from the settings.

Is it compatible with the tp-link router?

Yes, it works with all routers.