VEAVON V8 Robot Vacuum

The Veavon v8 is a wi-fi connected robotic vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to clean the hard floors, pet hair, & carpet with mapping technology. It comes with 4000pa suction power which absolutely draws the dust and cleans the floors. This vacuum cleaner actually provides supreme suction up to 4000PA. The Veavon vacuum cleaner instantly eliminates pet hair, debris, crumbs, dust bunnies, etc. It will perform extremely well although on the surface such as hardwood floor, low pile carpet, floors tile, and more. The Veavon v8 robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 5200mAh Lithium battery that smoothly provides the running capacity of 110-180 minutes without any obstacle.

The Veavon v8 cleaner is ideal or supreme for large homes as well as small homes. It works non-stop for 3H with a 5200mAh lithium battery. In the front panel of the Veavon vacuum cleaner is a navigation sensor. This sensor actually detects the dust and then cleans it.

Inside the Veavon v8 vacuum cleaner has a wi-fi button, just press this button and connect the cleaner to the wi-fi network. It works with Google Assistant and Alexa that instantly control your device with voice. That means without moving control the vacuum cleaner in seconds.

Incredible Features Of The VEAVON V8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Veavon vacuum cleaner is an accurate way of cleaning the floors of your home. It thoroughly performs very well with incredible features. If you want to clean your home with the Veavon v8 cleaner, then you should know its basic features. Its incredible features are explained below.

Lidar Navigation:

the Lidar navigation technology is also there in the Veavon v8 cleaner. This technology provides useful information like it tells how is the path of the land is, Where the pits are, and where the height is. With this technology, the vacuum cleaner smoothly cleans the floors non-stop.

4000PA strong suction:

The suction power is the main part of cleaning the floors. The Veavon v8 has 4000PA suction power. This suction power is strong and powerful. It draws the dust from the floors and then perfectly cleans the hard floors.

5200mAh Lithium Battery up to 180 minutes running:

The Veavon v8 works with a 5200mAh battery. This battery is really powerful because it works for up to 180 minutes without not-stop. You can instantly charge the battery with the provided power cable.

Rolling brush:

The Veavobn v8 vacuum cleaner comes with a rolling brush. In the bottom panel of this cleaner, the rolling brush is there. It is extremely useful to clean the carpet & pet hair from the hard floors.

Smart APP control:

The vacuum cleaner is promptly controlled with the smart App. The Veavon app provides the facility to connect your smart mobile phone to the vacuum cleaner. With the mobile phone, you control the vacuum cleaner anytime, anywhere.

Hardware Installation of the Veavon V8 robot vacuum cleaner

The installation of a vacuum cleaner is the main step. Without vacuum cleaner installation you cannot use this device. It comes with many accessories, with this accessory you securely install the vacuum cleaner. If you are wondering how to install Veavon v8 vacuum cleaner, then follow the below steps and install it comfortably.

  • To install the robot vacuum cleaner, you can take the packaging box of the vacuum cleaner and then unbox this box with the scissor.
  • Then, confirm all the provided veavon v8 robot vacuum accessories. In the vacuum cleaner, the packaging box comes with some accessories like a charging home base, power adapter, water tank, mop cloth, cleaning tool, remote control, extra side brush×2, high affective filter.
  • Then, open the flap of the vacuum cleaner and then turn ON the wi-fi button.
  • Now, you can install the dustbin and vacuum filter in the inner side of the Veavon v8 vacuum cleaner. Along with this, a small cleaning brush is also installed that has a mini blade to cut tangled hair from the roller brush.
  • The back panel of the robot has a 220 ml water tank, you can install it. It is wet mopping around the perimeter. We have an infrared sensor to help avoid a collision.
  • The front panel of the robot vacuum cleaner has a collision bumper.
  • Then, you can check the wheel, whether it is properly installed. If it is not properly installed then you can install it.
  • Also, check the rolling brush. Verify the rolling brush is properly rolled.
  • The two side brush is also installed in the back panel of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Presently, install the map. For this, you can take a mapping rug and rug holder, and then aligning stickers. With the two clips on each side, you can snap into holes and then install the map.
  • Then, take the power cable and apply the cable to the vacuum cleaner. The power adapter is also applied to the power circuit.

Congratulations, the installation steps of the robotic vacuum cleaner are surely finished.

Manual of the Veavon V8 vacuum cleaner

The Veavon vacuum cleaner smoothly moves around the entire home and throws the dust out of the home. It is a perfect and optimum device for cleaning the home. This vacuum cleans has 4000PA suction power that smoothly draws the dust from the carpet and as well as hard floors.

This vacuum cleaner cleans the surface edge-to-edge and corner of the home. If you want to know about its technology and features. Then you can use the Veavon V8 robot vacuum cleaner manual. Because this manual is the solution to all the questions about the robot and along with it delivers all the information related to the robot vacuum cleaner.

It delivers the information the weight of the vacuum cleaner is 7.7lbs; input voltage of this cleaner is 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 38W; operate with Veavon app with 2.4 GHz network; dustbin is 0.45L; water tank of the robot vacuum cleaner is 0.22L; charging time of the Veavon v8 is 110-180min; cleaning area of this vacuum cleaner is 3500 square feet; silent, gentle, standard, max cleaning mode; comes with 1 robot vacuum, 1 charging dock supporting 110-240V voltage, 1 power cord, 1 mopping rug, 1 cleaning brush, 1 extra carpet roll brush, 1 extra HEPA filter, user manual.

Setup the Veavon V8 robot vacuum cleaner via the Veavon app

The setup of the veavon v8 is necessary to perform better. The Veavon app is greatly valuable to do the setup in minutes. If you can’t do the setup of the robot then it does not work well. For this, you can install the Veavon app and then perform the setup.

  • Once you can perform an accurate setup of the Veavon v8 cleaner you can press the power button and then power it up now.
  • Just visit the Apple app store or Google Play Store on your iPhone or android mobile phone. Then, you can search the app and install the Veavon app.
  • Once the app is installed you can press “add device” or “+” and then connect the vacuum cleaner to the Veavon app.
  • Afterward, follow on-screen instructions.
  • The initial step, connect the vacuum cleaner to the 2.4 GHz wi-fi network. You can enter SSID & network password in the network field and press “next”.
  • Then, press the wifi button and the app will show connect to the wi-fi network.
  • While using the app, it will show many options. You can select the scheduling cleaning option and then set the schedule.
  • Then, press the option “accessory lifetime” and then verify the power.
  • Also, press the option “manual control”. And then set the direction and street it anywhere you want.

Thus, the Veavon V8 vacuum cleaner setup process is entirely complete. After that, seamlessly take the benefits of this robot vacuum cleaner.

Regular Maintenance steps of the Veavon V8 vacuum cleaner

If you want to use the vacuum cleaner in the proper manner then you can regularly maintain the vacuum cleaner. If you want to regularly maintain the vacuum cleaner then you can follow some maintenance steps.

  • Before maintaining the cleaner you can turn off the vacuum cleaner with the power button and then remove the power cord.
  • Firstly, clean the side brush of the vacuum cleaner and also clean the suction inlet when they are dirty and dust. If it is useless then you can replace it.
  • Then, clean the Dustin and filter the vacuum cleaner. You can remove the dustbin and then verify the dust is there. If the dust is there then you can remove it.
  • You should wash the filter within the water in 15-20 days. Then you can place the filter in a dry and ventilated area.
  • The next step is cleaning the water tank. You also clean the mop cloth, after removing the mopping cloth you can also remove the water tank. Then clean with water.
  • You can use a dry cloth and then clean the sensor and cleaning point of the Veavon V8 robot vacuum cleaner.

Troubleshooting steps of the Veavon V8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Many times the robot cleaner creates problems like not cleaning the floor, the rolling brush does not roll, the power LED is not lit up, and some other problem. For this, there are some vacuum cleaner troubleshooting steps to fix the problems.

  • If the Veavon V8 vacuum cleaner won’t turn ON, then you should confirm the robot cleaner is charged. If the charging power is low then it is not turned ON. Maybe the power cord is not properly attached to the vacuum cleaner.
  • If the Veavon v8 vacuum cleaner does not clean the floors then you monitor if the side brush is properly installed. If the side brush is not installed then you can install it. Maybe the dustbin is dirty, you can remove the dust.
  • If the bumper is stuck, you can tap the bumper and then clean the bumper. For this, remove the bumper and wash with water.
  • The main brush of the vacuum cleaner is tangled up then you can remove the main brush. Afterward, clean the main brush and bearing.
  • If the vacuum cleaner is not working properly then the problem is the battery is too low. To fix the vacuum cleaner you can charge the vacuum cleaner with a charging cable.
  • To fix vacuum cleaner you can find out the reset button and then perform the reset of this vacuum cleaner.

Review of the Veavon V8 vacuum cleaner

In my scenario, the Veavon V8 robot vacuum cleaner review is, it is a better and reliable networking device for large homes as well as small homes. It works with 4000PA suction power and then throws out the dust. The design of the Veavon v8 is compact and sleek. It comes with many accessories. With these accessories the installation process is simple. It moves around all the area of the home, especially it moves edge-to-edge from the home and then cleans the dirty floors.

The veavon V8 vacuum cleaner is absolutely useful to clean the pet hair from the blanket and carpet. The power is established on the top panel that is extremely beneficial to turn ON the power. The setup of the robot vacuum cleaner is secure with the Veavon app. With this app, this vacuum cleaner promptly connects to the wi-fi network. Thus, the Veavon V8 vacuum cleaner is the ultimate device for cleaning the hard floor of the home.

FAQs(Frequently asked questions)

Q1. What should I do if the Veavon V8 vacuum stops working?

If the Veavon vacuum cleaner stops working then you can monitor the battery power. Maybe the battery is low and it is not working. You can use the power cord and then charge the vacuum cleaner.

Q2. Why do Veavon V8 vacuum cleaners lose suction?

If the Veavon vacuum cleaner loses the suction power then you verify hairball or dust restricting the airflow. You can empty the bag of the chamber and then check the filter or rolling brush of the vacuum cleaner.

Q3. How do I connect my Veavon V8 robot vacuum cleaner to Alexa?

The veavon V8 is compatible with the Amazon Alexa. If you want to connect the vacuum cleaner to the Alexa. Launch the Veavon app and then press the setting on the top right corner. And then tap smart home and then work the amazon Alexa with the robot vacuum cleaner.

Q4. How do I fix the robot vacuum cleaner overheating problem?

To fix the vacuum cleaner overheating problem you can empty the dust bag. Sometimes the dust bag is not empty then the vacuum cleaner overheats and then it does not work well.

Q5. Why does my Veavon vacuum cleaner blink red?

If the vacuum cleaner blinking red light that means your vacuum cleaner needs repair. Maybe the fault is that the battery level is too low. Then it blinks red, you can also verify the battery power.

Q6. How do I reset the Veavon V8 Robot vacuum cleaner?

To perform the Veavon vacuum cleaner reset, you can open the flap of the robot vacuum cleaner. Inside the vacuum cleaner has a reset button, just press this button and then leave. Afterward, the robot vacuum cleaner is reset.

Q7. Why is the power LED of the robot vacuum cleaner not lit?

If the power LED is not lit up then the problem is the battery level is too low. You can carefully apply the power cord and then the battery is charged. During the charging process, you cannot use this vacuum cleaner.