Verizon WiFi Extender

The Verizon wifi extender is a wireless tri-band wi-fi range extender that boosts the current network signal without using any cable connection. It comes with 802.11ac wireless network standard wave, this standard is the most advanced that automatically expands the network coverage. This extender comes with package content such as Fios extender, power adapter, open-source software(OSS) software, Yellow Ethernet cable, cable clip. With the package content, you can quickly install the Verizon extender wifi, wired or wirelessly.

This extender utilizes mesh network technology, the mesh technology smoothly covers the entire home with a steady network connection. The Fios tri-band extender is compatible with the Fios wifi router. This wi-fi extender utilizes 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz. It is radio frequency, this band is absolutely helpful to expand the network speed.

The Verizon wifi extender supports LAN Networking devices such as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax and Gigabit Ethernet and MoCA 2.5 interfaces. The speeds of the Ethernet up to 1000 Mbps and apart from this, it supports MoCA 2.5 LAN and the speed up to 2500 Mbps of this MoCA above on the coaxial cable.

Installation of the Verizon WiFi extender

The Verizon Fios extender is compatible with mesh wi-fi system technology. This technology is superior for delivering border network coverage. If you want to get a steady and boost wifi network you can install this extender. There are two ways of the Verizon Fios wifi extender installation such as wired or wi-fi.

Wired Verizon Extender Installation

The Verizon Fios extender comes with 2 LAN ports that quickly make the connection with the current wifi router in a wired way.

  • Unbox the extender device and monitor the package content. Without package content, you can’t install the extender because in the package content many components come such as Ethernet cable, cable clip, OSS, power adapter, etc.
  • Then decide the optimum position of the Verizon Fios extender. This extender is placed near the Verizon router.
  • Presently, use the proper power adapter and its power cable, then join the power cable to the Fios extender power DC port and the proper power adapter to the Electric outlet.
  • To get a steady network, connect the current router to the Verizon wi-fi extender. In this connection, you can use a coax cable or yellow Ethernet cable. Utilize both ends of this cable and join the end to the coax port or LAN ports of the current wi-fi router and Fios tri-band extender.
  • Now, utilize the power ON/OFF on both the networking devices( wifi router and extender), then turn ON the power.
Wi-Fi Verizon extender installation

The Verizon wi-fi extender is quickly connected to the router and any networking device with wi-fi. There are several steps for Verizon wireless network extender installation.

  • To install the Fios extender, you can place the wi-fi tri-band extender closer to the Verizon Fios router.
  • With the Ethernet cable connect the current Fios router to the tri-band extender. Utilize both ends of the yellow ethernet cable and then join to the LAN port of both networking devices such as Fios router and extender.
  • Now, join the power cable and adapter, the proper power cable attached to the extender, and the power adapter into the power outlet.
  • After some minutes, the LED light of the Verizon wi-fi extender turns solid white. That means the connection is successful between both networking devices.
  • With the Wi-Fi network password of the range extender your networking devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, and more to the Fios extender.

Thus, the Verizon wifi extender installation process is fully done in a wired or wi-fi way. After that simply access the login page of this extender.

Login steps of the Verizon Wifi extender

After connecting your networking device to the range extender you can quickly get the login page. But for this, you have the correct IP and web address of this router. There are several useful Verizon range extender login steps, with this, you quickly get the page.

  • To get the login page, ensure the wi-fi network in your networking devices.
  • Then, use the updated and latest technology web browser. Several types of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, opera, safari, and bing.
  • In this browser, use the URL or address bar, and then locate the Verizon network extender default IP address. The IP address of this extender is located in the Verizon wireless network extender manual.
  • The Default IP is, after inputting this address the login page is automatically prompted.
  • Then, you can use Verizon wireless network extender default password, the default password of the Fios extender is admin.
  • Type admin in the provided login password field and log in to the extender account.

Eventually, the steps of the Verizon wifi extender login are complete. After that, hassle-free setup the extender within some minutes.

Manual of the Verizon Range Extender

The Verizon Fios wifi range extender absolutely expands the range to the current Fios wifi router. This extender has many networking features and technologies. With these features, you can simply enlarge the range without any CD or cable connection. But the question arises, how to get its features, how to connect to Verizon network extender, how to reset Verizon network extender, and more so the answer is you can use Verizon wifi extender manual. This manual is the answer to all questions.

This manual provides all the features such as LAN interfaces 802.11 a, 802.11b, g, n, ac, ax, and Gigabit Ethernet and MoCA 2.5 interfaces; the ethernet speed of up to 1000 Mbps, backward compatible with 802.11a/b/ac/g/n, supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, enable wireless security encryption WPA2 and WPA3, supports wi-fi mesh networking technology, and more networking features of the Verizon wifi extender.

Setup of the Verizon wifi extender with the web browser

The setup of the Verizon wifi extender is secure and every networking device has a need to set up the extender. After login into the extender, you can quickly do the Verizon range extender setup within minutes.

  • To set up the extender, you make sure whether to properly login the extender. If it is not logged in then you can log in to the range extender with the mentioned steps below.
  • To login to the extender, you can use an IP address, default login credentials. This information input in the provided login credentials.
  • Afterward, it redirects the setup wizard. In this wizard, there are many setting pages such as status, wi-fi, advanced, and network.
  • On the status page, there are two options: the wi-fi status option and product information. You can check the wifi status in the wi-fi status option and also find the information in the product information.
  • On the wi-fi setting page, you can modify the frequency band, wireless encryption, channel bandwidth, internet connection, and others.
  • On the network setting page, you can view the Verizon extender status.
  • You can change the admin password, and do the factory reset, and system logging in to the advanced setting page.
  • After doing all the settings up Verizon extender in the end click save/apply. After clicking the save option all the settings are saved.

Now, the Verizon wifi extender setup is strongly finished. After that, you seamlessly take the benefits of this wi-fi tri-band extender in long-lasting areas as well as smaller areas.

Troubleshooting steps of the Verizon Fios wi-fi range extender

If the Verizon range tri-band extender does not deliver a steady network connection, won’t turn ON, the Verizon network extender blinking yellow, and other various problems. Then the troubleshooting tips are really helpful to solve all the problems.

  • If the Verizon extender is unable to connect to the internet, to fix this problem first check the tri-band extender is powered and turned ON. Also, verify it is connected to the Verizon wifi router, if it is not connected then you can make the connection. Apart from this, monitor the LEDs of the extender.
  • If the Verizon wifi extender blinks yellow light, then there is no internet connection. Maybe the fault is that your Fios extender is far from the current wi-fi router. To fix this problem, you place the router closer to the wi-fi range extender.
  • The Verizon network extender won’t connect to the router and networking devices, then you can monitor the network connection. Maybe the fault of the network connection is a failure. You can again make the network connection between the current wifi router and Fios extender.
  • Occasionally the LAN connection is the failure of the Fios wifi range extender. Then you can check if your extender is properly installed. Also, check the LAN ports of the extender are working in condition. The Ethernet cable is properly and then it correctly connects to the LAN ports of the router and extender.
  • The Verizon network extender, not working then the answer to this problem is you can factory reset the extender through the extender’s reset button.

Thus, the Verizon network extender troubleshooting is finished with the Verizon Fios wifi extender.

Verizon wi-fi extender review

In my scenario, the Verizon wifi extender review is a better and amazing wi-fi networking device. Because I install this extender on the first floor and then the wi-fi network range goes to the third floor. I enjoy surfing 4K videos, surfing the web, and lag-free blu ray player, etc. The wi-fi network performance is very strong and stable. It is an extraordinary solution to the Fios wifi router.

It absolutely removes the interrupted range and weak signal. There are 2 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, and a power DC port. With this ports, I quickly attach the wired networking devices blu re-player, smart TV, printer, PC, and others. The handles capacity of the Verizon wifi extender is optimum, it handles more than +20 networking devices without any interrupted network. The Verizon network extender setup is simple with the web browser. Eventually, it is the best choice for the long-lasting area and many users preferred this networking device.


Can I manually modify the admin password of the Verizon network extender?

If the Fios wifi extender does not deliver a stable wifi range then the solution is you can modify the admin password. Because the admin password is easy and everyone knows. Then visit the setting and quickly modify the settings.

What should I do to extend the range of Verizon wi-fi network extender?

If you want to get a high-speed wifi network or extend the range then you can modify the position of the extender. You must place the Fios extender near the Fios router. Avoid overheating and dirty areas.

How do I fix the Verizon extender blinking yellow?

If the Verizon wifi extender blinks yellow that means no internet connection is there in this extender. Verify the connection between both the networking devices such as the wifi router and Fios extender. Maybe the connection is loose, you can again make the connection.

How do I update firmware on my Verizon extender?

If your Fios wifi extender all LEDs blinking that means your need to upgrade the firmware. To Verizon network extender firmware update you can visit After that, choose the option of the firmware upgrade and then quickly upgrade the firmware.

What should I do if my Verizon Fios extender is not working?

If the Verizon extender not working then you can monitor the cable and network connection. Maybe the cable connection between the router and your Fios range extender is loose, you can establish a strong and proper connection.

Verizon extender blinking blue what should I do?

If the Verizon network extender blinks blue that means your extender is connected to the other devices. When the other networking device connects to the extender then the extender blinks blue light.

Can I factory reset the Vizion network extender with the Reset button?

The reset process of the Verizon Fios extender is simple via the reset button. This button is situated on the extender’s backside. To factory reset, you can press and hold the Verizon wifi extender reset button and wait till the flashing light stops.