Victure Smart Lock

The Victure Smart Lock DL50 is one of the laudable wireless smart locks categories. It is launching into the market right now. You can easily buy Victure DL50 Lock from Amazon. If you would like to think of buying it then initially check the Victure DL50 Smart Lock W Touchpad review on amazon. It is connected with a stagnant internet connection without any issue. After connecting it with the internet connection, you can easily operate it and check its status anywhere using the app. The Victure wireless smart lock is built-in with all included features. To enter your home you might be using an app and using an entering password.

Along with this, it also notifies you at any time while anybody logs in and enters the home. So, instantly check your home status just remotely using a mobile app. It is the Best smart door lock for your home to keep secure your home and chiles while you are not available at home. Moreover, it is a keyless entry smart lock. Because it offers you a hands-free job. Through the app, you can effortlessly lock and unlock your home door from your iOS and Android phones. Also, it has a keyless touchpad. In case, you don’t use the mobile app to lock or unlock it then simply enter a password and enter your home.

Features of the Victure DL50 Smart Lock

Prior to using and buying the smart door lock, kindly know about its diverse features. It will be mentioned below, let’s know about its features through these checkpoints.

  • It has a smart wireless door lock. It offers you to unlock and lock your home in two ways. You can unlock or lock it through the app and use this door lock directly with the touchpad.
  • To enter in your home type a specified code and enter in your home.
  • Apart from this, the battery life of this wireless touchpad seems pretty good in comparison to other door locks. You can install the Victure DL50 lock batteries very easily without any issue.
  • The Victure DL50 Smart Lock setup is too simple. It is installed in two ways. One is with the adhesive tape and using the mounting process. To mount it read the Victure DL50 Smart lock manual conveniently and mount it. If you mount it with the screws, then it is installed permanently on your door with a permanent fixture.
  • Apart from this, it is a compatible wireless door lock. It is compatible widely with a lot of doors.

Step-by-Step guide for the Victure Smart Lock DL50 Installation

Would you know about “how to install the Victure DL50 Smart Lock”? Let’s follow the below-outlined points to install it very efficiently.

  • First of all, check what’s inside the Victure lock packaging box? It brings the Victure DL50 Smart Lock manual guide, Card that contains a QR code for the app installation, an accessory box, etc.
  • Also, it carries 3m adhesive tape, clamps for diverse kinds of locks, screws with a small Allen key, and a legit smart lock that also comes with 3m adhesive tape and metal bracket and a little on/off button, W Touchpad, etc.
  • Take it all out from the Victure DL50 wireless lock packaging box.

Mount the Victure smart lock W touchpad on the door

  • Take it from its box.
  • You don’t need to mount it using the skews. Just mount it by attaching the adhesive tape.
  • Kindly place it closer to your smart door lock.
  • Apart from this, you can also mount it anywhere because it is wireless. It communicates with your door lock at any location. Make sure it is connecting to the internet.

Install the Gimdow app on your iOS and Android phone

  • To operate this app, kindly install the Victure smart lock app using the QR code.
  • Scan this code and install it directly through the play store application.
  • Through the Gimdow app, you might easily control and manage your smart lock settings.
  • Once it’s installed, you will go ahead and create a Victure DL50 Smart Lock account.
  • Now, enter the Victure Smart Lock login credentials and create your account successfully.
  • After creating an account, kindly set a specific name for your SmartLock.
  • Then, succeed ahead and click on the install or add the smart device.
  • Choose your smart lock from the demonstrated list, it is Victure Smart Lock DL50 and go ahead.
  • Now, follow the Victure wireless smart lock installation tutorial to accomplish the Victure DL50 Smart Lock hardware installation process.

Steps for the Victure DL50 Smart Lock hardware installation

  • First of all, insert the double-a batteries in the battery compartment of the Victure DL50 Smart Lock if required.
  • It has a little switch on the rear panel.
  • Press this button and install the 4 AA batteries into its battery box.
  • Make sure your door locks smoothly unlock and lock. If anyone sang and wished to pull or push your door then at that time surely caused the “Victure Smart Lock not working” issue.
  • Now, align the holder into the card and mount it into the door using adhesive tape. Kindly keep pressing it for about 30 seconds. Ensure that it is attached to the door adequately.
  • Now, you have to take the plate and lock itself and fix it on the door.
  • Align the center of the doorknob by the crossed red line. Fix the holder with the door and remove the card.
  • Keep following the installation tutorial instructions and install it.
  • In the end, close the Victure battery cover and accomplish the Victure Smart Lock DL50 setup process. Kindly turn the knob of the door to trigger the pairing process. It is recognizing now your door lock name. Open the door and ensure that you might see the door lock. It’s precisely locked or unlocked now.

Note: In case, the Victure Smart Lock does not move on normally. Kindly pair it again. In spite of this, reinstall your smart door lock to cope with the issue.

How to lock or unlock the Victure DL50 Smart Lock with the app?

Following are the steps to lock or unlock the Victure DL smart lock. These points are mentioned below.

  • Open the Gimdow app and click on the login option.
  • Enter your lock name and pair your door with this app.
  • After this, move on to its home page and click on the lock or unlock option.
  • When you have to click on the lock option then it will close your door.
  • Apart from this, if you click on the unlock option then it unlocks your door.
  • It works beautifully without any issue.

How to set a password or code for the Victure DL50 Smart Lock?

If you would like to set the code to entering or going outside in your home into this lock then follow these steps to setting up a password.

  • Launch a lock app and visit the administrator settings to set a home key.
  • You might also set another key to share key to anybody.
  • Let’s type your Email address and then set the password.
  • After setting up a password, you might close or open your door.
  • Through this app, you could be able to check entry logs. It shows the accurate time at when it’s open and close.
  • Apart from this, through the accessory option, you might add your W keypad.

How to add the Victure DL50 Smart Lock W keypad with the app?

If you wish to install and add the W keypad with the app then use the below-outlined points.

  • Launch an app and install the batteries into the W keypad which is included in the box.
  • Click on the accessory option through your app home screen and let’s pair it by following the installation tutorial guide.
  • Stick the keypad on your home door closer to the Victure Smart Lock.
  • Now, the Victure lock W keypad installation process has been accomplished.
  • You should use your finger to wake up the Victure W keypad.
  • Put your keypad and mobile phone near your keypad to lock it. It is recognised with the accessory and binding with the app.
  • Subsequently, set the password up to 16 numbers and save it. Now, you might use it to lock and unlock the door.

How to upgrade the Victure DL50 Smart Lock firmware?

There are the following steps to upgrade the firmware of the Victure wireless smart lock. It is as follows:

  • If it demonstrates the latest software then update it with its latest version.
  • First of all, enter the password for your lock because it does not allow you to update it prior to entering the password. Type it and go into the home settings.
  • Under the settings, you can calibrate it. Here have Victure lock settings for special situations.
  • So, click on the firmware upgrade option and update its firmware by following the on-screen instructions. It also helps you to troubleshoot various issues with the lock.
  • Through the settings, you might also connect it with the internet and also change its further settings. In case, if the Victure wireless Smart Lock does not connect with the internet connection then you will have to fix your internet device network first. Surely, your router network is too weak. After this, connect it with the internet connection again and use this door lock again.

Victure Smart Lock DL50 Review

The Victure DL50 Smart Lock is an ingenious wireless lock. It is designed with amazing quality features. You can use this smart lock very easily and resolve its issue very easily. Apart from this, it notifies you instantly when you need to update and further settings. The Victure wireless Smart Lock setup is too simple. You can install it by following the mobile app installation tutorial instructions. It instructs you very nicely with a proper step-by-step guide. Through these steps, you can install it very easily without any frustration.