Video Doorbell V5 Camera

The Video Doorbell V5 camera protects your home 24 hours. The device also has night vision. The night vision of this camera automatically starts in the night. This device is a device fixed on the doorbell place. You can attach this camera to the wall side of the door. You can see any who comes to your home. The app of this camera sends the notification with the video or audio in your phone when any stranger comes to your house gate. This device records the full clear audio from the two ways. This device is working with battery power. Device has lifetime free cloud storage. This camera detects only humans, not any animals. The doorbell V5 camera captures video at a 166° wide angle. It is very easy to manage and install this device. We can change any setting of the device through the mobile.

The battery cell type of this camera is lithium polymer. You can set up this device with 5 steps. This device has a sensor alert and it provides HD video quality. Also, this is a waterproof device.

Features of the ‎Video Doorbell V5 camera

To begin with, there are numerous features of the wireless doorbell camera.

Human detection

That is the incredible feature of this camera. The doorbell camera’s sensor only detects humans. If any animals stay on your home door. Thus, the device does not send any notification on your phone.

Cloud storage

This camera has free lifelong cloud storage without any memory card. There is no need to subscribe to the long-life cloud storage of the wireless camera.

Motion detection notification

When any come at your home door then, this camera sends the alert message on your phone through the doorbell app.

Provide friendly connection

For the friendly connection, you need to download the app and press the button on the camera button for 5 seconds. Then, connect your mobile to the available network, and last, scan the QR code building connection.

Easy to operate

You can operate your camera with four steps. You need to insert the battery of the device and press the power button. Fix it at the right location.
These are important features of the wireless doorbell camera.

Installation of the ‎wireless Video Doorbell V5 camera

To commence with, follow the steps of video doorbell v5 installation and if you missed any steps from this process. Thus, the whole process would be halved.

  • Choose the perfect palace for fixing this camera away from any circuit connection.
  • Remove the battery cover from the back of the device.
  • Next, insert the batteries in this according to the + or – sign.
  • After that, charge the battery of this camera.
  • For charging it, connect the USB cable to the device and power adapter.
  • Plug it into the electric switch.
  • After full charging, the full charging battery works for 12 hours.
  • Next, connect the wire which is coming out from the wall. That fix with the camera backside two screws.
  • Close the backside cover of the camera.
  • Then, make the four holes with the drill and enter the arches, and fix the doorbell. Then, tight the screws.

You can install your video doorbell camera with these steps.

‎Video Doorbell V5 Camera manual

To trigger this, I will discuss the questions of the consumers related to this wireless camera in this video doorbell v5 manual. Can it support both wireless frequencies? It is working with the 5GHz frequency? How’s the long warranty of this device? Can it connect to the router? Can multiple users control this? What is the video storage capacity? Is it important to insert an SD card? Do I need to subscribe to cloud storage? How is the sound quality? Does it provide HD quality videos? If any information is not given in this manual. So, you can take extra guidelines from there.

Setup steps of the ‎Video Doorbell V5 Camera

If you want to set up your device without any problem. So, follow these video doorbell v5 instructions which are written in the beneath lines, and do not leave any steps from the setup process.

Before the setup
  • Install the Tosee app from the google store or apple store.
  • And you can also install this app by scanning the QR code from the configuration card of the device.
  • After downloading, log in to the Tosee account on the app.
Setup of the video doorbell camera
  • Login to the account in the video doorbell v5 app.
  • When the dashboard will open on the mobile screen.
  • Click on the + sign for adding the device.
  • After that, open the back battery cover and take the insulation tap from there.
  • Tap on the red light is the flashing option.
  • Next, click on the enter configuration interface option.
  • Then, to connect the mobile with the app, open the wifi setting of your phone and connect with the Tosee wifi.
  • After this, choose your device name of wifi and enter the security
  • Tap on the next.
  • Then, text the administrator key of the camera and click on the next.
  • Also, text the name of the device and model number.
  • Next, click on the live view option, and see the live footage.
  • Thus, your setup process will be completed.

These are the steps of the video doorbell v5 setup.

Video Doorbell V5 Camera troubleshooting

If you are facing any problem related to this camera. So, please take a solution from the
video doorbell v5 troubleshooting with simple any easy ways.

Restart the device

If you are not able to manage your device with the mobile app. So, try to restart your device by disconnecting all the connections with the camera. Plug out the power adapter of the camera and disconnect from the wifi and wait for 5 seconds. Plug it again and connect it to the wifi. Thus, you can control your device with the Tosee app.

My device does not turn ON. What should I do?

If your device does not turn ON or does not show any light. So, check the power of the video doorbell v5 batteries. For recording, put your device on the charging with the electric wire or power adapter. After completing the charging, your device stats show light.

Reset your device

The reset process refreshes all the settings of your device. It makes us new to your device. After finishing the process, you need to set it up again and work perfectly.
These are steps to solve your problem and do not miss any steps from this process.

For more solutions, you can contact the video doorbell v5 customer service.

‎Video Doorbell V5 Camera Review

This device is fixed near the door on the wall and it looks like a doorbell. I purchased this camera from the online shop. After 5 days it was delivered to my home. I read all the instruction pages of this camera. I set up this device themselves with the help of an envelope. And before purchasing this device, I read more video doorbell v5 reviews from amazon. Now, I control this device with my mobile. Suggested this device to my friends and relatives and people buy after my advice.

Video doorbell camera features:

The features of this security camera are cloud storage, providing friendly connection, easy to operate, motion detection notification, human detection.

V5 doorbell camera design:

The design of this camera is very nice. It looks the same as the doorbell. This device is made to know the environmental conditions.

Dimensions of the V5 video camera:

The dimensions of this doorbell camera are ‎5.71 x 3.15 x 1.38 inches.

Specifications of the doorbell wireless V5 camera:

3 Lithium-ion batteries are required for the battery and for 12 hours continue working. 15.5ounces is the item weight and 0000 is the part number. B08XQ6PR5S is the ASIN and 1 march, 2021 is the first delivery date in the market.

Price of the doorbell V5 camera:

The video doorbell v5 price is almost $29.77


Can it connect to the router?

I do not have any information about this.

Is it important to insert an SD card?

No, because the device already has free lifetime cloud storage.

Do I need to subscribe to cloud storage?


Does it provide HD quality videos?


Can it support both wireless frequencies?

No, it supports only 4.5GHz frequency.

What is mah power of the battery?

The power of the video doorbell v5 batteries 2600mah.

How is the sound quality?

The sound quality of this device is very clear and fluent.

It is working with the 5GHz frequency?


How’s the long warranty of this device?

I do not know about this.

What is the video storage capacity?

According to me, it is unlimited, after 7 days the previous recording is deleted automatically.