ViewSonic M1 LED Projector

The old time’s projectors are no longer the boring devices that are only made to be fitted into the ceiling walls. As we have the latest and modern generation ViewSonic M1 LED Projector. Also, they are portable projectors that simply add flexibility when and where to handle a presentation or watch your favorite movie. The design of 4 x 4 that you can measure in inches. Thus the LED projector comes with a smart WVGA resolution of (854x480p). Thus, it delivers complete entertainment anywhere around your house. Moreover, the LED projector has an integrated JBL Bluetooth speaker that provides high-scale sound; it means that you get everything in just a small package.

With the use of the ViewSonic M1 portable LED Projector, you can stream easily and enjoy the Live Stream sporting events and enjoy Netflix as well that comes staring to your room. The Viewsonic LED Projector has award-winning features; In other words, it has all the unique features that make it unique from other LED projectors.

Features of ViewSonic M1 portable Mini LED Projector

The ViewSonic M1 projector provides its users with a high-performance LED projection. Moreover, it is a very user-friendly device that seamlessly delivers high-quality reliability and ease of use. To get to know more about its features, read these points out.

  • It comes with a Lens cover function and also a 360-degree smart covering angle with a power on or off button.
  • Also, it has an auto keystone feature that is used to rectify the disfigured picture automatically.
  • The Eye protection feature is used to avoid those objects which may come across to the direct light of the optical engine and can cover thirty centimeters of distance with a thirty-degree angle.
  • Besides, the LED projector comes with excellent color modes that provide choices for the purpose of different projections.
  • Along with that, it has short throw lenses that are made to cover 1.5m of distance conveniently and it projects the 60” of screen-sized so that you can view everything perfectly.
  • Additionally, it has 15 GB of internal storage, and the maximum average storage is12 GB that is freely available to its users.
  • It is compatible with a 3D display and comes with an ultimate source life of 30,000 hours.

So these are ViewSonic M1 LED features which surely help you to get familiar with the LED projector.

Viewsonic M1+ ultra-portable LED projector – Installation

The installation of the LED projector starts with its unpacking. You need to carefully unpack the box of the ViewSonic LED projector and check that you have received all the items appropriately. In the box you will receive;

  • Smart LED Projector
  • An AC Power Cord
  • An AC Power Adapter
  • USB-C Cable
  • A Remote Control with its batteries
  • A Soft Carrying Bag
  • Last but not the least; its User Manual

These seven are important to install the LED projector. If you find any of them missing then immediately contact your dealer.

Steps to replace the batteries of the Viewsonic LED projector remote control

Before replacing the batteries of the LED projector, you need to make sure that it is functioning properly. It should be set at an angle of 30 degrees by covering the maximum distance of 8 m between the sensor and the projector. Sometimes, the need arises to change the batteries when the remote does not function properly and the reason is batteries or sometimes the batteries failed to cooperate with the settings of the remote control. Simply walk through the underneath steps to change or replace the remote control batteries.

  • First of all, turn over to see the back of the remote control and then open the cover towards an upward direction.
  • If necessary then remove the extensive and install two AAA batteries into the remote control.
  • Make sure that one base of the battery goes to the positive and the other one goes to the negative side.
  • Also, replace the trays of the battery to align with the base of the remote and then push back the cover to its actual position.

Make sure to install the batteries into the remote control in a proper way so that it can function steadily with the LED projector.

ViewSonic M1 pocket cinema projector Initial Setup

In this section, you will get the instructions to install the ViewSonic LED projector. It will start by choosing the location and device where to place the projector at its best location. Moreover, you need to consider some points in your mind before you start placing them.

  • You need to check the position and the size of the screen.
  • Also, check out the location that should be near the wall jack.
  • Make sure that the distance and the location between the LED projector and other equipment can be covered conveniently.

The precise location where the projector can place safely and properly & it can be;

  • The front table on which the LED projector can be placed close to the floor and in front of the screen.
  • Front ceiling in which the projector is in front of the screen. Also, make sure that it can be conveniently hung upside-down from the ceiling wall.
  • The rear table in which the projector is behind the screen will be placed closer to the floor.
  • The Rear ceiling in which it is also behind and screen and closer to the floor.

So these are the preferable or precise locations where you can place it securely and make sure about one thing is that to run the smart LED projector you need to have a rear projection screen.

Setting up a connection of ViewSonic M1 portable projector with Harman Kardon speakers

Well, in this section you will get instructions to establish a safe connection and be familiar with how to connect the ViewSonic projector with other equipment.

  • Initially, connect the main power cord to the power adapter.
  • After that, fix a connection between the power adapter and the side IN jack of the projector.
  • Afterward, connect the power cord plug to the main power source.
  • When the connection between two sources is established successfully then the LED will turn red.
  • To power the LED projector, connect the USB-C port projector with the help of a USB Type-C cable.
  • Also, connect the other end of the cable to the power bank.

How to start the ViewSonic M1 mini plus pocket LED smart projector?

Here are the steps to start the projector in the right way.

  • Make sure that the LED projector’s battery has enough range and is properly connected to the main power outlet.
  • Now remove the smart stand from its moving lens to cover it down.
  • Afterward, move the smart stand to its demanded angle of viewing.
  • Then adjust the projected image and check on the screen.
  • To adjust the image, you need to adjust the height and the projection angle.
  • Deliberately adjust the settings so as to catch the fine-tune image with its position.
  • Also, adjust the focus of the on-screen image by steadily moving the rings into an upward and downward direction.

So these are the settings that you need to make while setting up the connection with the LED projector. Also, while activating the projector for the first time then you need to select the desired language from the given options. Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions by using the remote control buttons. If you need more information then refer to the ViewSonic M1 manual.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Troubleshooting

As a ViewSonic M1 portable projector with a Harman Kardon audio user, you might have faced some common problems while using the LED projector.

Why is the ViewSonic M1 LED projector not working?

You need to check some of the basic points so that it can function effectively.

  • Make sure that the power cord is inserted or attached properly and also to the wall jack.
  • Ensure that the cooling process has been completed successfully and let it be. After that, restart the projector again.
  • You can also change the power outlet and try with another electrical device if the above steps don’t work.
  • Also, recheck that the battery has the remaining power or it needs external power.
What are the steps for the ViewSonic M1 LED projector firmware update?

Here are the steps to install the new version of the ViewSonic projector with the below-mentioned points.

  • First of all, install the up-to-date version from the ViewSonic projector site and copy the latest version file and save it to the USB storage device.
  • For that, you need to plug the USB storage device into the LED projector.
  • After doing so, the system will automatically detect the new version of the projector and start showing you the dialogue message box.
  • After that, click on the yes icon and then it will start updating the process.
  • When the progress bar will reach up to 100% then the device will restart.
  • Additionally, this process will hardly take 10-15 minutes to complete the firmware of the projector.
  • When the firmware update is successfully completed then the projector will take a couple of minutes to restart it.
Why is there no picture or video on the screen? How to resolve it?

Try these ideas to troubleshoot this uncertain problem.

  • You need to make sure that the video source is properly connected to the power outlet.
  • Make sure that the video should be turned on
  • Sometimes the input is selected as default then in that case you need to choose the correct source either by using the remote control or the projector.
The remote control does not work appropriately. Resolve it now!

These ideas will surely troubleshoot your problem, just try them out.

  • Make sure that while using the remote control there should be no obstacles between the projector and the remote control.
  • Make sure that they should be within 26 feet of each other.
  • Sometimes the batteries might go out of power so make sure that they are in a good condition. If required then replace it.

These are the troubleshooting tips when you experience problems with the Viewsonic projector then read this for help.

ViewSonic M1 Portable Mini Portable LED Projector Review

The ViewSonic M1 mini plus LED projector has a simple and elegant design that is portable as well. At its first look, you can easily acknowledge that it is a projector that has a big screen. Along with that, the Viewsonic projector has a very sleek design that can be carried easily. The ViewSonic M1 with JBL speaker emerges with great sound which is sufficient for small rooms in your homes. Now you can run a show with good sound quality with a cinematic sound effect. Therefore, it also has no control panel on the ViewSonic Projector that implies you misplace the remote, and then you will not be able to use it. It is the best projector if you want to buy then you can check its price and review it at any selling platform.