Vivint Home Security System

The Vivint Home Security System is the smart gadgets pack. This device is used to control outdoor or indoor cameras, doorbells, door locks, lights, AC, fans, and more. You can manage this device through the app. When something happens or changes in your home. So, this device sends the notification on your mobile through the app. You can talk with anyone on your phone. You can also access this home security system far away from the device location via the app. This home security system is not the cheapest, but it makes life easy and the security of your home lifts on your finger. This device also saves your home from fire. The Vivint smart security system works 24/7 day. This vivint device compatible works with Alexa and google assistant.

You just need to give the command and it acts in less than a second. The device also sends the notification on your phone like your front and window is opened, anyone is standing at the front door.

Fundamental Vivint Home Security System features

There are multifarious characteristics of the wireless smart security system.

Voice Control

You need to connect the vivint security system with Alexa or google assistant. The Alexa is always working and you can speak at any time to the Alexa, Alexa opens the front door and Alexa turns ON the lights.

Remote Access

For the remote of your device, install the mobile vivint app on your smartphone and sign in to the account. Thus, you can modify any setting with the app.

Emergency Alert and Dispatch

If something has happened in your home. So, this device alerts you from anything like smoke, fire. It automatically contacts the fire department, police, and emergency medical care for help.

Easy to install

This device starts working or protecting your home in about 30 minutes. You just plug the base at the right location and place sensors anywhere.

Best Method of the Vivint Home Security System Installation

Read these ways to install your vivint security system and follow all ways line by line without missing any step from the process.

  • Initially, choose the location of the vivint device in your home.
  • Place your device on the wall and fix it with the screw.
  • Also, locate all vivint security system sensors in your home where you want the security.
  • After that, connect the security system with the power adapter and then, plug it into the power socket.
  • After that, turn ON the security system or all other sensors.
  • Next, check if the sensor is working or not.
  • Then, when the device blinks green the installation process of your security system will be completed.

These are the installation steps of the wireless home security system.

Simple Ways of Vivint Home Security System Login

Login your home security system with these below-line vivint login steps in the smart home app.

  • Scan the QR code from the label of the device to download the app on your phone.
  • You can also install an app from the apple store or google store.
  • And use this to install the app and open it on your phone.
  • Then, text the security key and network name of your device.
  • Take the username and password of the security system from the label and you can contact customer care for login details.
  • After entering the name and key, the app automatically login the account.
  • When the main menu has appeared on the screen.
  • Thus, login will be successful. You can also log in your device in the web browser with this link

These are the steps to login to the best security system.

Vivint Home Security System manual

To trigger this, this manual will talk about the user’s questions regarding this device. Can it work with Alexa? Does this device move? Can I see the whole thing when I am away from home? What is the coverage of this system? Does it work with smart fans? Can I talk to an outsider with the app? Is it a waterproof security system? Is it needed to connect to the internet with this device? Does it open the window? Can I see live footage? How many devices can connect with this system? Does it need to subscribe to cloud storage? If any information is not present in this manual. So, take more instructions and information from here.

Steps of the Vivint Home Security System Setup

The setup process is mandatory for the perfect functioning of the device. So, follow these steps.

Wifi setup
  • Install the app in your phone.
  • After that, open the app and come into the settings.
  • Click on the wifi connection option.
  • Then, enter the device name and password.
  • Next, click on the connection.
  • When the configuration will complete. So, your device is connected to the vivint home security system app, and if the configuration is failed. Reset your device.
  • Again, follow the steps.
User code setup
  • Open the home screen of the device and press on the security.
  • Then, open the menu and toolbox.
  • Next, text the master user code
  • After that, press the user management option and scroll down the user’s list.
Adding new user </h5
  • Tap on the add user option to add the new user.
  • Text the new user code of four-digit and press OK.
  • Next, enter the code again to confirm and click OK.
  • Then, the device accesses the user code. If the user code is valid, the option will appear.
  • Choose one option from the Always, Never, By Schedule

Read these setup steps of this vivint wireless security system.

Common Vivint Home Security System troubleshooting tips for solving problems

My home security system is not working. What can I do?

If you’re stopped working, suddenly because maybe your device is working with the old version. So, check the firmware version of your security system on the vivint login app. To update the firmware, log in to your device on the web browser and open the settings. Click on the firmware option, then the process will start and after completing. You see new functions and features in your device.

Restart the device

If your device display is not working or the display was changed. To restart your security system, unplug the device from the electric outlet and wait for 5-10 seconds. Then, plug it in again and turn ON the button. Thus, you display everything.

Use the reset option

If your device shows errors while adding or login the device and does not change any setting. So, reset your device to solve this issue. To reset the device, find the reset hole and press the pin into the reset hole for 3-4 seconds. When the lights stopped blinking on your device, the reset process started. Thus, the device works well and you got your device as new.
If you have any problem. So, contact the vivint customer service.

Vivint Home Security System Review

Two months ago, I saw this device at my friend’s home. Then, I planned to purchase this. Before buying this device I read more vivint security system reviews. After one week, I ordered this device. When it was delivered to my home I was so happy. Then, the service boy installed the sensors and all materials related to this device. He also guided me on how to control this security system. Now, I manage this device from anywhere with the app. It is a very wonderful, outstanding device to secure the whole home.

Wireless security system features:

The features of this security system are remote access, easy to install, emergency alert and dispatch, voice control.

Vivint wireless security system design:

This is a wonderful device for and it works with the touch screen. It is full of very plastic bodies. You can fix this system on the wall.

Price of the wireless vivint security system:

The latest vivint home security system price is $49.99


Does it work with smart fans?

Yes, it works with all smart gadgets.

Is it a waterproof security system?

No, it is not a waterproof device.

Does it open the window?

Yes, it also opens the door or window.

Can I see live footage?

Yes, via the app.

What is the coverage of this system?

I work in the full home.

Does this device move?


How many devices can connect with this system?

Each smart device.

Can I talk to an outsider with the app?


Can I see the whole thing when I am away from home?

Yes, you can do the whole thing on the app.

Can it work with Alexa?

Yes, its reliability works.

Does it need to subscribe to cloud storage?

No. it is free.