Wavlink AP Extender

The setting up of the Wavlink wireless extender by using web-based utility then can only be accessed by ap.setup. In other words, you can easily connect other extenders as well by using the web URL. As a user, if you also want to access Wavlink AP Extender in a casual or normal way then the page will not open instantly. The page will show an error. So you need to open the page in a proper sequence or step-by-step.

Well, some of the home routers and the extenders enable the setup as a wireless access point. It will also help to increase wireless coverage. If you are trying to set up the router and the extender by using the web URL or the default IP address then make sure to connect the wifi-enabled device via an Ethernet cable and wifi connection. Simply enter http://ap.setup/ into the address bar. But sometimes the URL does not work. To get things done appropriately read the whole article.

Wavlink AP Extender Installation Via Ap.setup

As you are already familiar with your Wavlink extender features. But you are here to find out the right way to install the device by using ap.setup. Well, ap.setup is an offline page that helps to extend the services of the Wavlink extender by connecting to devices using a wired or wireless connection. If you want to set up an even easier way then you can also configure the device by using a WPS method. To install the Wavlink normal extender, check out the further steps.

  • Before all else, plug the normal extender into the wall jack.
  • After that, visit Ap.setup through a safe internet browser.
  • Thereafter, type the default username and the wifi password so that you can access the Ap.setup page.
  • When you are logged into the extender then it will be more clear for you to manage and configure the settings of the wifi range extender.

In case, if these steps still do not work then read the next section.

Steps to configure Wavlink AP Extender by using ap.setup

Well, ap.setup can only be accessed by using a secure internet browser and it can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or any other. Along with that, you need to make sure it should be grappled with the extender. For that, you need to connect with http://ap.setup sans any trouble. Besides, is the default IP address which can be used as an alternate option for the Ap setup page. By reading the above section, if you are still there then you have two options: either reach out to the Ap support team who are specially trained to troubleshoot the issue or read the under-discussed steps to carefully tackle the problem.

  • Foremost, turn on the power of the repeater by plugging it into the power socket.
  • Thereafter, connect the wireless device to wireless_N or you can also connect to the wireless_AC network.
  • After doing so, launch a web browser similar to Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Into the address bar, now type Ap.setup or https://ap.setup.
  • When you access the ap.setup page, the dashboard will ask you to complete the login process.

Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions for any further change or setup into the repeater.

Wavlink AP Extender Login Instructions

  • Primarily, plug the Wavlink wireless repeater into a power socket.
  • Thereafter, hold on until the power LED turns solid on.
  • Now take any wifi-enabled device and access the setup page of the Wavlink repeater.
  • However, connect the device to the wireless_N network to restart the Ap setup process.
  • If you don’t want to use the web URL Ap setup then you can also use wifi.wavlink.com.
  • Now navigate the curse to the search and enter https://ap.setup into any secure browser.
  • Now the extender setup screen will be asking you to complete the login process with your default credentials.
  • Now begin with the login process for the management and the configuration of the repeater.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen going prompts and complete the setup of the repeater by using the Ap setup.

    Why is ap.setup not working? How to troubleshoot this valid problem?

    Not only the Wavlink but you can connect a whole range of wifi repeaters that can be set up via ap setup. After following the manual instructions for the setup of the extender if you get any issue with the repeater. Perhaps, there is a simple reason behind this, it fails when you try to access the web URL via an ethernet or wifi.

    • It all starts with simple troubleshooting in which you need to unplug the extender for more than sixty seconds.
    • Before you move towards the setup then ensure that it should be properly connected to the cell phone or computer device.
    • Thereafter, connect the PC directly via an Ethernet cable to the repeater and then access ap.setup URL by using your preferred browser.
    • Now go to the wifi list and then connect the extender to the default network which was written on the bottom of the extender and then try with the URL.
    • Also, observe the URL while typing into the address and make sure to enter it correctly and rightly work on http://ap.setup/.

    If the above steps don’t help you out then you can reset the repeater and complete the login steps appropriately. Also, if it is difficult for you to remember the URL then you use the default IP address Moreover, you can also try to upgrade the firmware of the Wavlink AP extender. The update can solve half of the issues with the device.