Get the most useful steps to operate your Weeken WiFi extender

The Weeken WiFi extender is fitted with four exterior high gain antennas that banish the dead zone of your home or workplace. It is designed to repeat the coverage by pairing with a prevalent router. Readily runs with any conventional router and gives a throughout of 1200 MBps. A dual band booster provides a 360-degree connection to stream HD videos and online games. No matter where you are, it will supply an internet connection sans any drop-off.

The booster has wide congruent as it can bear up to 35 different devices. It is a plug and play repeater that fulfills the internet connection needed at the dead zone. Except that, some of the highlighted features that you should know about this repeater

Weeken Wireless Signal Repeater Features

  • Wide Compatibility- It efficiently runs with 99 percent of routers available in the market. It is congruent with modern devices such as android, iOS, Alexa, playstation, smart plugs, and many more.
  • Dual Band Repeater- It is equipped with a 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency band that proffers a brisk speed of 1200 MBps. It can spread the range up to 3500 square feet with four antennas if installed appropriately.
  • Multimode Application- The setup barely takes 3 minutes to finish. The multimode application authorizes you to configure WiFi as well as a wired connection. For the meticulous setup guide, review the below info.

Steps for Weeken WiFi Extender Setup(Hardware)

The Weeken booster supports the multimode application to set it up. You can utilize WiFi or a coaxial cord for setup. Before that, you are required to uncover the Weeken unit box by lifting the wraps and strips. Take off the booster, Weaken WiFi extender manual, and other add-ons from your package box. Put all the add-ons in the cool area(room temperature).

  • Apply electrical power to your extender first. For that, put the repeater to your electrical receptacle or surge protector in proximity to the prevalent router.
  • Now stay for approximately 30 seconds.
  • The three LED indicators on the right side will glow, except the extender light. These three lights are Power, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz. Now it’s time to connect your cell phone or desktop with an extender. You can connect the booster using the wire and wireless method.
Wireless Connection

Pair your wireless device to the repeater network. For that, chase the WiFi settings on your device and discover the extender network. You can inspect the Weeken WiFi extender default SSID on its back. Once you spot the WiFi network of your booster, click it.

Wired Connection.

Take an internet cord and fix one side of it to the extender ethernet port. The other end should be joined to your desktop ethernet port. The ethernet cable is connected to your desktop. Once you join the booster network, go ahead to set it up. You can employ the web browser or WPS method for setup.

Weeken WiFi Repeater Setup Via Web Browser(Software)

It is the most favored method to set up the extender. Maximum users prefer this method because by employing the web browser, you can manually set up the extender as per your need. You ought to have a smart device with a WiFi function to conclude the setup. Following are the steps for the web browser setup.

  • On your cell phone, tablet, or PC, launch a search portal(web browser) and enroll the Weeken WiFi extender default IP address
  • The Weeken WiFi extender login page presents. Now pick the language you prefer.
  • Typewrite the Weeken WiFi extender default password as admin. Next, click the login symbol. The scanning process initiates and bears roughly a minute to finish. If you did not spot the prevalent network of your router, scan one more time.
  • Once the prevalent network presents, click it to repeat. On the next interface, you ought to typewrite the router security key. Click next to set up the fresh SSID and security key for your extender. It relies upon you to make over the new SSID and password or to keep it as it is. Click next and remember the extender SSID and security key.
  • A timer of around 80 to 90 seconds will present which indicates that the extender is trying to repeat the network. Observe the signal indicator on the booster. If the connection is accomplished, the Extender LED indicator on the very left side will light up.
  • Resume with the device WiFi settings and join with the network you set it up. Just type the security key to join the network.

Steps For Weeken WiFi Booster Setup Via WPS Button

The WPS method for setting up the booster is too brisk as compared to a web browser. It is worthwhile if your router does not have a WPS button. Follow the info to finalize the WPS setup for your booster.

  • Power ON your Extender first. For that, put the repeater to your electrical receptacle or surge protector in proximity to the prevalent router.
  • Stay for a while until the Weeken power LED light becomes solid.
  • Thumb down the WPS button on the router. Within 2 minutes of pushing the WPS button on the router, thumb down the Weeken device WPS button as well. Assure that the WPS LED light is illuminating.
  • Wait for a while and chase the WiFi settings to join the extender network. Next, follow the info stated above to execute the setup. If you are getting a feeble signal, then translocate the booster following the below instructions.

Translocate your Weeken WiFi Range Extender

Following are the tips and keys to spot the best zone of your extender to experience a brisk internet connection.

  • Before translocating the extender placement, get sure that the repeater is equidistant from the WiFi device and the host router.
  • Put the Weeken device in an open ventilated place. If there is external influence such as thick concrete walls, electronic devices, and glass, then evade executing the extender at that spot.
  • When the Extender light is orange, it denotes the signal is shaky or feeble. You ought to translocate the position of the repeater considering the Extender indicator.
  • The red light on the extender demonstrates that there is no signal.
  • If you spot the green indicator on the Extender light, it signifies the connection is good enough and you are ready to surf the internet.

Tips and Keys For Weeken WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting tips will help you to rectify the extender issues at the instant. Check it from here.

  • Your WiFi extender may not work due to several issues. To tackle this issue, inspect the physical connection first. You ought to ascertain that the extender is plugged into the electrical receptacle or surge protector and is receiving current. Inspect the power LED light of the repeater. It should be unchanging. Shut off the extender from the electrical receptacle and put it again.
  • If it is not connecting to the WiFi, then signal issues occur. Affirm the extender signal LED light is green. Get sure the router is switched ON. Otherwise, it will not pair with the booster. Inspect that you have not joined the other network mistakenly.
  • The login issue may also arise. Maybe your interment service provider is not delivering the connection. Sometimes, you mistakenly typed the incorrect password. In the extender password admin, a should be in lower case. Inspect that the browser is not outdated. If it is, then update to the latest version or move to a new one.
  • If nothing works, locate the reset button and use a sharp object to reset the booster. Initially, you have to put the thin sharp equipment into the reset hole for a few seconds. When the power LED becomes solid after blinking. The reset operation is concluded. Your custom-made settings will swap to factory one.
Weeken Dual Band WiFi Extender Review

When shopping for an extender, it is mandatory to spot the one that matches your router. I have a dual band router, so I purchased a dual band repeater. The Weeken WiFi extender looks cheaper with features as compared to other extenders. Installed it in my lobby and it is delivering a tremendous range. It is working very fine till now. It’s a good deal to buy. Highly recommended.

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