Wemo Smart Lights Switch

The smart light is manufactured by the “Wemo” company, in China. The product (Item Model Number- GTY), was available for sale since May 2019. You can directly buy this unit at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B07RT8H9WH) at a 29 U.S. Dollars price. Don’t bother looking at other sites, as many reports have been filed due to fraud cases. More than 3000 people have reviewed this product online. The customers are genuinely satisfied by this Wemo Smart Lights Switch, resulting in a 4.5-star rating out of 5 in the comments below. There is only a single colour variant available on this Wemo device, which is “White”. Other than that, the brand provides a warranty of 1 year on the whole switch. You will receive full coverage if something happens to the light system. Seek extra help, by asking any questions at www.wemo.com/support/.

Structural design of GTV light switch.

The smart switch weighs around 9.1 ounces and has a dimension set of 4.1 * 1.72 * 1.64 inches. The quadrilateral shaped product is made up of hard fibre. The white body panel has a switch installed at its front, with the “WEMO” branding printed below. The cover plate comes in separately, for attachment to the wall (hides the screw bolting in the wall). Apart from this, 2 screw holes are also given for mounting the Wi-Fi switch, one at the top and one at the bottom. The wires for connection are given at the back. Reach out for connecting the wires, by identifying them through the “Black”, “Green”, “White” and “Red” colour segments. If you are facing trouble understanding this, visit the Wemo YouTube channel and scroll through their videos.

Unboxing the GTY wireless switch by Wemo.

The shipment will take up to 10day interval before it reaches your delivery location. The packaging is not up to the mark, which is totally unexpected from a big company like this. Moreover, the import charges and taxes are extra for transporting the unit (depending on your based country). Open up the package (from the nearest warehouse), and pierce into the green box to take the things out.

The smart light switch comes out first along with the pre-attached screws and cover plate to its body. Some screw nuts are also given in the box, for attaching the wires together. Only the quick start guide is given with the box to help you install the product. Apart from that, keep the billing document safe, as it’s the only way to claim a warranty in future. If anything, leaving these are missing contact the Amazon customer service, in the support section. Chat with them and report to them about the missing part as well.

Installing the Wemo GTY Wi-Fi smart switch.

  • On a starting note kill the main power of the house or the nearest circuit board. Go to the switchboard placement area nearby, and pull out this existing switch leaving the wires. The switch to the light which you want to operate is the place where you will be fixing the Wemo light switch.
  • Now, you need to attach the wires properly using the wire nuts. The white is the neutral wire, the black one is the lead wire and the green one is the ground wire. They ensure that the neighbouring circuit is off, the power line is off (from the existing switch), and the go through wires are off too.
  • After you detach them from the previous switch, remove the cover plate from the Wemo switch and place it in the fixing spot. Attach the black and red Wemo wires with the black load wires, white neutral wire with the white Wemo wire. Also link the green ground wire with the green Wemo wire, to finish the task fully. Utilise the wire nuts, to pull this work off quickly. Now fix the switch again, using screws and hammer on the wall, and place the cover plate above it as well.
  • Switch the light on, physically to ensure it’s working or not. Download the Wemo app, from your common Android or IOS store (available on your phone). Install it, using your primary email ID and password. Open your Wi-Fi settings, find the active Wemo Wi-Fi server and connect to it. Add the device to your smartphone simultaneously, by following the on-screen instructions correctly. You will be able to operate your smart lights through the app now. Run basic errands like on and off to check its order receiving function.

Features of smart Wi-Fi second-generation Wemo light switch.

  • As the Wemo app doesn’t need any kind of subscription purchase, you can download it for free. The app has quite a user-friendly interface and is easy to set up as well. The switches run on your wireless home network which lets you operate the light, from anywhere outside the house. The lights will function anytime if the Internet connection isn’t hampered.
  • Besides, you can also utilize the Wemo, from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Connect your Wemo switch via the IFTTT feature, attach these home gadgets and operate it via your voice commands. Although their basic job is to switch on and off the light at a single spot. Speak out the order “Alexa turn on/off the light” and the gadget will follow adequately. Surprisingly, it works with all Amazon and Google gadgets.
  • The group control feature is quite unique as well, it helps you gain control over multiple Wemo devices. Push the button for some time (5 seconds or more), to connect all the Wemo switches, which is installed around your house. With one tap, all the switches will go off and on together. They work similarly on the app as well, after that. To reverse it, repeat the same process again.
  • The time scheduling feature is nowadays common on all devices. If they are smart, Wi-Fi app-controlled then you can adjust your weekly routine accordingly. Most people set the light on, when the sun goes down (depending on country GMT time zone). Put the light off at a particular time, before you go to sleep daily if you are a punctual man.
  • The best uncommon feature among all of them is the “Away Mode” property. It forms illusions inside your room, so that when you are away the visitor won’t know if you are home or not from outside. The light switches on and switches off randomly, confusing the thief on his motive. A great feature to avoid robbery at your place, in my opinion.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

Basic electrical equipment required for installing the GTY Wemo switch?

If you are freshly installing the light switch, you will need a neutral wire. As is not compatible with multi- connectors, placing it near a switchboard can be helpful. Use the given wire nuts, to attach the wires together instead of sellotape. Short wire can create an issue, so keep an extra copper wire handy, for further usage. Keep in mind that the GTY only works with 1 light spot, don’t mix it with too many connectors.

Safety precautions needed you to need to take while installing the wireless Wemo switch?

Firstly, you need to make sure if the whole house circuit is off and not. Do that manually, before touching the switchboard. Secondly, wear all the safety gear necessary, put on rubberised gloves, shoes and white sunglasses. They will keep you safe from electrical tweaks and shocks. It’s better to call an electrician expert over, to do the job for you. Thirdly, used cutters to slit the wire mouths, instead of hands and keep away any electrical appliances while attaching the switch. Lastly, remember to resume the job in the morning, when you don’t require light to visualise the work. Keep these notes on track, to avoid any kind of involving risk during the procedure.

How to update firmware on the Wemo app?

To update the software version on the app, visit the “Settings” option on the Wemo app and go to the “About” section. The latest version will be displayed and an update (if available), will be showing. Usually, after downloading the app, the firmware update asks for an upgrade once. Due to various modes and features, the Wemo company pushes the updates via the downloading stores. If they are connected to the Internet all the time, the app will automatically update itself to the newest version. However, the security patch gets a new layer every 4 months.

How to reset, restart of Wemo smart light switch?

Unfortunately, this Wemo variant doesn’t have a restart or reset button to manually run the operation. Rather than that, finish the job by visiting the Wemo app. Click on the “Edit” option at the right top corner of the app and select the 3dot option appearing below. Click “Reset Options” and press onto the function you want to examine. You can either change the Wi-Fi, clear personalised info or do a full factory restore. All your customized adjustments will be deleted and the Wemo will be back to its default settings.

Solve Wemo app reconnection issue with third-party apps?

Simply select the “Reconnect” option appearing on the screen. if you require connecting all your Wemo switches to the server. Click the “I will do it later” option, if you don’t require the specific connection. Third-party applications such as Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT apps always pops up on the screen if you are previously using such appliances around the house. Such notifications always arrive when you clear your settings and start up fresh. The app might not remember the connection but the supporting devices do. After the connection, third party partners will again provide that service, making a job easy.

How to resolve problems while connecting the Wemo app to the switch on an Apple device?

Since the 9th version, IOS device provides the “Wi-Fi assist” option on their gadgets. View the “Settings” option on your mobile and tap on the “Mobile data” tab. Roll down to the last portion of the display, click on the “Wi-Fi assist” button and switch it off. Go ahead with connecting the Wi-Fi to your Apple iPhone again to the Wemo server. Whenever you have poor connectivity, the Wi-Fi assist on your iOS device, switches your Wi-Fi to mobile data robotically. Now when you connect to the Wemo server they might not be a strong connection leading to this issue.

Solve the device finding issue on the Wemo app?

There might be a couple of reasons, due to which this issue is being displayed. See to that, if the router is connected with a proper power supply. The web flow should stay uninterruptible, throughout the process. Unplugging or removing the Wemo device from his based area can show such hassle as well. If everything is maintained notably, delete the app and reinstall it back again. Doing this generally, fixes all the issues instantly. Also, don’t forget to grant the location access, it mainly helps in finding your light on the global server.

First Wemo light setup conveying disturbance?

Go through the instructions below, to avoid these disturbances completely. Takedown the rest of the applications running in the background, while using the Wemo app. Reinstall the app after erasing it from the mobile, mostly solves the issue. If the situation gets out of hand, reset the device fully to ensure the ongoing work status. As the LED status indicator is missing in this Wemo device, there is no other way you will understand the switches behaviour. Use the app daily to cover its working ability thoroughly.

Reasons to Buy the Wemo second-generation switch?
  • Quick, easy to install, configure and set up.
  • Less trouble creating the switch, in the market although being smart.
  • All thanks to multiple app control support. Every Alexa echoes and hub, IFTTT featuring devices helps connect to various third-party applications as well.
  • Home Away and schedule creating feature is what makes the Wemo unique and most uncommon item, among its competitor.
  • Fabulous customer service from the company. You can chat with the customer executive in your local language through the “Live Chat” option on the www.belkin.com website.

Review of the Wemo GTY second-generation switch.

Are you tired of switching lights on/off, by your own hands? The product that I am introducing today, will get you out of this misery at once. Meet the Wemo smart wireless light, this second-generation light comes at an economic price on the online website. The wireless Wemo delivers, a hands-free connection to your whole household lights. After installing the light, accurately on your wall, operate it using the app. Better provide orders using a smart hub, through voice instructions. The app is quite responsive and easily customizable as well. The smart light itself is quite futuristic and demonstrates the non-needing factor of hands, in the upcoming years.

I can assure you that this small purchase, will be a lifesaver to you at times. Connect multiple Wemo lights on your single Wemo app, configured them one-by-one, and you will be able to control all your Wemo lights around your house. This mid-range device when compared to other switches in the market, has more features and value in its segment. Anyways you are free to look out for options. I will suggest you, go through Kasa Smart Dimmer, Leviton D215S-2RW, Kasa Smart 3way, Lutron Caseta Smart, Enbrighten Z-wave, Meross Smart Light, Smartyum Wi-Fi Light, etc for quick purchasing alternatives. Visit the official website www.wemo.com and glance upon, all the Wemo products steadily to understand their true worth.