What is Subaru Starlink? Is it a must for vehicals?

If you are looking for more information on Subaru Starlink, then Congrats! You have just landed at the right place. In today’s article we will describe “what is Subaru Starlink“, its specifics, features and many more. However, if you want to know what is Starlink or if it’s available in your area, then click given links.

What is Subaru Starlink? Why is it so important

Most automakers now offer in-vehicle telematics platforms that enhance the car driving experience by providing connectivity, entertainment, and safety features. These features are collectively referred to as connected services. As a result, Subaru Starlink is a service that requires a subscription and offers drivers and passengers one-touch access to real-time assistance. 

Starlink has two main categories of functionalities, both of which are powered by 4G LTE capability. Multimedia services and safety and security are the two of them. Together, these functions offer a variety of innovations and that’s what makes driving a Subaru more pleasant and fun-loving. 

Roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and automatic collision notification are among the famous safety and security features. News, weather, music, and other content can be accessed through Starlink’s Multimedia features. Find a retailer nearby, by visiting the official Subaru webpage

What are the features of Subaru In Vehicle Technology?

  • Starlink brings interactive media content, a cell phone network, consistent route, additional security, and regular comfort to Subaru vehicles. Every drive is made more entertaining, confident, and enjoyable by the assistance of this onboard technology. 
  • Starlink security and safety: Whether you are driving, working at a computer, or using a mobile device, it helps keep you and your Subaru safe. Remote Services, enhanced roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and automatic collision notification are examples of safety and security services. 
  • Starlink multimedia: It links you and your Subaru to podcasts, music, news, navigation, and other services. Remote Bluetooth connection and hands-free cell phone activity allow for safe and easy access to your favourite apps and content. 
  • Subaru-specific apps: These mobile apps help you and your family stay safe whether you are driving or away from your Subaru. They also use STARLINK in-vehicle technology to keep you entertained and connected. Please be aware that Android 8.0 or newer and Apple iOS 11.0 or newer are required for the MySubaru app. The new MySubaru app lets you use every feature of MySubaru on your phone. Subaru Starlink allows you to access service reminders for subscribed vehicles. Simply swipe and tap to keep up with Subaru events. 
  • Report on Vehicle Health: Through the provision of a Vehicle Health Report each month, the Starlink system actively informs the owner about the vehicle’s condition. Every month, this comprehensive diagnostic summary is sent to the owner automatically via email at the same time. Additionally, the system notifies the owner when scheduled maintenance is necessary. A link to schedule a service appointment at a nearby Subaru dealership is also included. 

How much does Subaru Starlink charge for these concierge services?

The Starlink concierge package offers real-time assistance for those who want a little bit more than individualized service. They begin by making reservations at a restaurant, or a hotel, or purchasing tickets for sporting or theatrical events. Additionally, a Starlink advisor will direct locations to the vehicle’s navigation system and assist the driver in finding points of interest. 

Subaru Starlink is a powerful telematics system that provides a variety of data and communication features as well as enhanced vehicle security services. The annual fee of $99 or $149 may be well worth it for those who want more vivid ownership and driving experience.