When is the next starlink satellite launch?

Spacex is planning to launch next gen satellites to meet its growing high speed Internet demands. The latest launch of Starlink satellites was on 17th Dec. MoreoveThe next Starlink satellite launch is expected on Dec 28th as per the reports. Let’s check the upcoming few Starlink launches of 2023-

Spacex Starlink Satellite Next Launch?

STARLINK 5-1, FALCON 9 :- Dec 28/29 2022 | 0819 GMT (3:19 AM EST) | SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

SPACEX STARLINK 2-4, FALCON 9 :- To Be Determined | SLC-4E, Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

STARLINK 2-2, FALCON 9 :- To Be Determined | SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

You can watch the live Starlink launch on the Spacex Offical Youtube Account here. 

Importance of these upcoming starlink launches

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As per official Spacex website, they have got the final approval from US Federal Communications Commission to send the next Gen 2 Satellites in orbit. Under this they will be able to deploy 7200 Satellites in orbit.

Spacex is looking forward to get approval for 30,000 Satellites in Low Earth Orbit. With new latest gen 2 satellite Starlink’s median internet speed is expected to increase tremendously. 

There are 3,300 Starlink Satellites in orbit. So once all the Satellites are deployed it will make Spacex’s vision of a Global internet communication satellite constellation a true miracle.

The initial Starlink Gen 2 Satellites are expected to be launched with the help of Falcon 9 Rocket. Which in later months will be done by the more bigger and heavier Starship rocket which is currently under development.

What Critics say About these launches.

First in the line are astronomers who are not happy at all. Starlink is expected to launch around 30,000 Satellites which is gonna mess up the view of astronomers. 

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Second comes the list of customers who are not happy with the price of these services. Even after paying a hefty amount the internet speed is not remarkable. So, no peace of mind even now. Plus it is self Installation which makes it difficult for specially abled people.

Starlink has been hacked with simple $25 tool. This can be fitted into your starlink and can launch a fault injection attack.

Final words-

Love them or hate them Starlink has come up as the emerging new technical advance in the field of space flights. They are constantly improving their services and are doing way better than their counterparts. So, with the next satellite starlink launch their services are going to get better and better. 

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