Do you know when to replace your ring doorbells battery! If not read this…

If you are not sure when to replace your ring doorbells, then you are at the right place. Read this entire article till the end to know in detail. The standard 2020 model, Doorbells 3 and 4, and a few other Video Doorbell models from Ring are all wireless. The battery packs in these smart doorbells must be periodically removed and recharged.
The advantage is that its DIY project, you can easily position the Doorbell so that you can get the best view of your porch. You won’t have to worry about wiring. However, buyers frequently want to know how frequently they will be expected to recharge those battery packs. Also, whether there will be any costs associated with replacing them in the long run. This is because they require a little bit more upkeep (you will receive alerts when they require recharging).

What’s the battery life of ring doorbell battery and when to replace it?

The official lifespan of Ring Doorbell batteries after a full charge, ranges from six to twelve months (Model-specific ratings vary). Ratings of 10 to 12 months, for example, are typically higher for newer models. You must understand that video doorbells, such as Ring’s, are activated by motion sensors. They activate the video camera and record the currently viewed footage until the motion stops, typically for a few seconds. Ring claims that its ratings are intended for typical usage, or three to four “events” per day. After 1,000 activations, their batteries typically need to be recharged. Know can a Ring doorbell can record you 24/7.
On the other hand, most video doorbells are aimed away from the house, toward the street or sidewalk. This means that they can be sparked by things like dogs being walked or cars passing a house. Although AI technology can, to some extent, avoid turning on the camera and identify things like cars. It is not always reliable and may even differ depending on the subscription plan you select. Take help from the Ring official site and ask question if you are confused.
As a result, it’s possible that video doorbells like Ring’s won’t last as long as the manual claims. Like the other video doorbells we tested, a Ring Video Doorbell frequently requires recharging every three to six months. Mostly happens, if the doorbell keeps detecting cars passing on a busier street. Some people have discovered that their Ring batteries run out in a matter of weeks as well. The battery should last at least a few years without completely dying or losing its ability to hold a charge. You can find replacement packs on Amazon and other similar websites, if it fails completely. Just make sure you get the right battery for your model because they can be different between different video doorbells. A free battery replacement is usually covered by the Ring warranty if the battery fails within the first year.

How to remove your battery and replace it with a new one?

This guide will demonstrate how to remove the battery from the Ring Doorbell and replace it. This only applies to the first generation of Ring doorbells because later models lack a battery and require continuous power.

  • Removing the face plate: Remove the four screws holding the aluminium faceplate in place.
  • Replacing the Ring doorbell battery: Using a plastic spadger and gentle pressure, carefully pry the aluminium faceplate apart. The four black screws that are underneath will come to light because of this. To remove these very small screws, you will need a micro screwdriver.
  • Replace the Ring doorbell battery: To get the insert out, carefully pry the plastic cover with a pick. Keep an eye on the micro-USB port that sticks out.
  • Replacing the Ring doorbell battery: Gently pry the battery out from under the connector in the first step. The plate may still have the battery attached to it.
  • Replacing the Ring doorbell battery: Parallel connections between two lithium polymer batteries and the regulator are made in image 1. Each battery has a rating of 9.47 watts at 3.75 volts. For more reference, watch this video.
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