Why does my starlink order status say preparing order?

So, you have recently ordered starlink and you are excited about its delivery. But, there is a long wait. And when today you check your starlink order status, it say preparing order. Let’s Understand Why?

Why does my starlink order status say preparing order?

To answer your question it simply means that starlink has received your order. They are just packaging it and making it ready for shipment. It usually takes around 2-4 weeks for your starlink kit to be shipped. Also once your order is ready to be shipped they will email you also. 

The total time taken for packaging your order is directly dependent on your region. If your region has higher demand than your starlink order status will say preparing order for longer than usual.

Also starlink ships items separately. So, if you have ordered multiple items they will get shipped as soon as they are packed. So, it will make sure one item will not delay the other.

Once your Starlink item is shipped you will receive an email along with your tracking ID. Now, your status which was earlier preparing the order will change to shipped. You can check the status in your starlink account.

So, now you can check the delivery status of your order through Fedx and DHL website. This is what it means when your starlink status  says getting order ready. So, you can just relax and come back later until the status says shipped.

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