Why is my 5g not connecting to Linksys extender

The internet connection has two wireless channels- 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. For best internet performance and speed, you love to connect your Linksys extender to a router with 5 GHz channel. In my case, I try to connect the extender with a 5GHz network. But I don’t know why is my 5g not connecting to Linksys extender. I finally connected to the 5 GHz network following these solutions. Check if one of the solutions that I tried may work for you.

Why is my 5g not connecting to Linksys extender?

Your Linksys WiFi extender might not be connected to the 5 GHz network due to various reasons. Some of the reasons for an effective solution are as follows.

Check if the Router is configured with a 2.4 GHz network

In most cases, the extender is not connecting to the 5 GHz network because of the router. You need to check that the router is not configured with a 2.4 GHz network. To check whether the router is configured with a 2.4 GHz network, go after the following steps.

  • Launch a search portal(browser) and type your router’s official web address or IP address in the explore box. If you don’t know the IP address of the router, then open the command prompt and typewrite ipconfig in the command line. The router IP address will be revealed beside the gateway.
  • The router’s login interface reveals. Typewrite the router user ID and passphrase. If you don’t know, then check the router label.
  • Once you access the router management page, hit the wireless settings option under the wireless tab. Next, go to the advanced option and then find the channel. On the channel section, if it is showing 2.4 GHz, then change it to the 5 GHz network and apply the setting you made.
  • Once you change the router channel, you need to reset the Linksys extender and configure it with the 5 GHz network again.
Your Router Does not support 5 GHz channel

Check if the router supports the 5 GHz network. You can check it by completing the router login process. If you did not see a 5 GHz network on a channel, it means your router supports a 2.4 GHz network only. Change the WiFi router that is compatible to support a 5 GHz network.

Your Linksys Extender is configured with a 2.4 GHz Channel

If your Linksys extender is set up with a 2.4 GHz channel, then you need to change it to 5 GHz. To change it, go after these simple steps as given below.

  • Launch a search portal(browser) and typewrite extender.linksys.com or in the explore box.
  • Typewrite the Linksys extender login credentials and click OK. Once you access the login interface, go to the basic settings under the wireless option. Look for the wireless settings you are willing to change. On the 2.4 GHz wireless settings, if it shows connected then you need to change it to 5 GHz.
  • On the 2.4 GHz wireless settings, click the Same as router settings to uncheck. Type the network name and password. You can also change the channel width and security mode in the advanced section. On SSID broadcast, click enabled.
  • Next, go to the 5 GHz wireless settings and check the checkbox beside the Same as router settings. After hitting the save icon, the Linksys WiFi extender is ready to operate with a 5 GHz network.

Reset Your Extender and Router

Try disabling an inbuilt Windows firewall or other antivirus software you installed on your PC. Maybe there is an issue with the Linksys extender itself. In that case, you need to reset it. You can do the Linksys extender reset operation using two ways. The first way is to do it by extender itself. To do it, put the sharp-edge equipment into the reset hole for around 10 seconds. You will observe that the LED light illuminates and the device restarts by itself. Do the same for the router as well to do the reset.
The other way to reset the WiFi extender is by using the web interface. Once you chase the login page, click the Administration tab and then move to the factory defaults. Next, click the restore factory default option and then OK. The Linksys extender will swap all the settings you made to a factory one.

Contact Linksys Team

Maybe the router you are using is faulty. Try connecting the Linksys extender with a new router. Also, connect another extender to the router if you have one. If none of the above tips works, then apply the last solution. The final tip is to contact the Linksys team and ask for help. They will provide you with an effective solution.