Why Won’t My Zumimall Security Camera Connect With My Router?

To view the Zumimall camera recording and do live streaming, you have to set it up with the app. The hardware installation and setup are easy. The CloudEdge app proffers you to do the setup as mentioned by the Zumimall team. I followed the instructions in the manual for setup but don’t know why won’t my Zumimall security camera connect with my router. I got frustrated about it. Then I tried to ferret out the reasons why my WiFi box is not connecting to the camera. These are the following reasons I am going to tell you why the Zumimall camera is not connecting to the router.

Reasons Why won’t my Zumimall Security Camera Connect with my Router

These are some feasible reasons why the Zumimall smart home camera is not connecting to the router.

  • If the WiFi signal is feeble, then the Zumimall camera will not connect to the router. The camera should be in the range of the WiFi routers.
  • The Zumimall camera must have an adequate electric current supply. It assumes more current than the standard IP camera.
  • View the power supply of the WiFi box. All the cords should be firmly fixed to the jack and should not be loose.
  • You may have set up your Wifi connection of the WiFi box with the 5 GHz channel. The Zumimall camera is congruent to support only a 2.4 GHz channel in spite of 5 GHz.
  • Probe the antennas of your WiFi box, if it has one. If the antennas are not vertically inclined and in the opposite direction, it may be the cause of the feeble WiFi signal.
  • If you typify the incorrect security PIN of your WiFi box, then the Zumimall camera will not connect.
  • You may have set the inaccurate IP address for your camera.
  • The outdated firmware of your Zumimall camera may be the biggest cause.
  • Due to feeble internet connection or down internet, the camera won’t connect to the WiFi router.
  • The inbuilt router firewall will not allow connecting with the Zumimall camera.

Solutions to Connect Zumimall security camera with router

The Zuminall security camera is a motion detection camera that is certified with IP65 waterproof ratings. You can manage and view the cloud recordings for 7 days without any monthly subscription. You can pair it with the router to see recordings. If the Zumimall camera won’t connect to the WiFi router, then here is the feasible solution that you need to try. Hope one of them may work for you.

Connect the Camera with the 2.4 GHz WiFi channel

The Zumimall camera is congruent to support the WiFi channel having a 2.4 GHz frequency. If your WiFi box is configured with a 5 GHz channel, switch it to the 5 GHz as soon as possible. To switch the WiFi channel of the WiFi box, obey the given info.
Get into any search portal(web browser) and chase the WiFi box login interface. Typify the login credentials such as username and password and authenticate it. Once validated, chase the wireless settings and later, the channel section. Later, switch the channel from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz and save it. Once done, try connecting the Zumimall smart camera to the 2.4Ghz WiFi channel one more time.

Inspect the Power supply of the Zumimall security camera

Probe the camera is getting electric current. Inspect the current to confirm the camera is in ON condition. Note that all the cords are firmly fixed to the Zumimall camera. If the camera is battery operated, then fix it to the compartment exquisitely. Some of the Zumimall cameras required high electric power to operate. Get sure your electric current and cord are congruent to deliver the required current. Adjust all the antennas of the router to the vertical inclined direction, if it has one. This will spread the coverage of the WiFi box in a wide area.

Typify the Correct WiFi Box Password

Before going to typify the PIN of the WiFi box, get assured that you are connecting with your own home network in spite of others. Most of the users typed the incorrect security PIN of the WiFi box network and wonder why it was not connecting. Get assured that you have typified the accurate PIN. Typify the PIN slowly and evade adding space. If you forget the WiFi box PIN, then you can chase the management page of the WiFi box and see it there.

Assure the internet supply for your router

You can inspect the internet status of the home network on the web management page. If the internet service provider is not furnishing the internet, then ask for them and demand the speed as you purchase the plan. Bypass installing the WiFi box with too many interfaces such as metal objects, glasses, and thick concrete walls. The space between the Zumimall camera and the WiFi box should not be far. Translocate the WiFi box spot from the camera or vice versa, if possible. The wrong IP address may create a cause. Set the correct IP address to your Zumimall camera.

Reset The Zumimall Security Camera and Router

Before going to reset, upgrade the Zumimall camera firmware. A final solution is to reset the camera or WiFi box. To reset the Zumimall camera, you can remove it from the app. Otherwise use a stick or an identical tool to force into the hole for 10 seconds. Use the same procedure to reset the WiFi box as well. Once done, try to connect the Zumimalll camera to the router one more time.

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