Wink Hub Setup with Troubleshooting tips and Faqs

Do you have a lot of smart appliances at home? If yes, then you may know the struggle of using a ton of different applications to control each one of them differently. Well, as always, we are here to drop in a simple solution for you. The Wink hub is a simple device that basically allows you to connect all your smart devices to it making it easier to control all of them from a single platform i.e., the wink hub app as they are connected to a single device. This product caught our attention when we saw how easy it was to use and set up as well as how great of a utility it proved to be. Let’s begin by listing off what this device is and what it can do.

Wink Hub features

The wink hub is only a control device which makes it definable as a remote control that simply works on all your devices.

  • The wink hub requirements are Android or IOS device, a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and smart devices that are compatible with it.
  • It also works with smart products that have partnered with the company and come with the wink hub required seal
  • The devices that are supported are Z-Wave, Door locks or doors, Motion sensors and window sensors. All types of smart lights and smart light control devices, smart outlets and Appliance modules.
  • The Compatibility is generally all control products from iOS, Android wear, Amazon Alexa and Program recipes that include IFTTT.
  • The supported protocols include Bluetooth, Z-Wave security protocols, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Lutron and Clear connect.

The wink hub setup

The wink smart home is an easy to setup device. The Wink home Hub needs to be set at a good place and connected to your mobile device via an application. This allows you to connect all your smart devices to the hub and then use the application on your mobile device as a remote control to control all of them at the touch of your fingers. Here are the steps to complete your wink hub setup.

  • Bring out the smart home hub and place it in range with your Wi-Fi.
  • Turn your Wink smart home on.
  • Download the mobile Wink hub mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Pair the smart home hub with your mobile device using the app.
  • Share your Wi-Fi details on the mobile application so that the hub is able to connect itself to the internet.
  • Select add device on the wink hub mobile application and add all the smart devices that you wish to control through smart hub.
  • After that you can simply relax and control your smart devices from anywhere you may be with the only condition being that you and the wink smart home are both connected to the Wi-Fi.

Wink hub FAQs

What is the wink hub LED status?

The LED lights on the hub indicate a lot of things that are going on with the device. You can make yourself familiar with the way the LED lights work by reading the Wink  smart home user manual. Here’s what the Different types of LED lights say on the Wink-hub.

  • A solid green color indicates that the device is starting up
  • A flashing purple light indicates that the device has been disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.
  • flashing blue light indicates that the device is pairing mode.
  • A fast-flashing yellow light shows that the device is connecting to a network.
  • A slow flashing yellow also shows that the device is obtaining an IP address.
  • solid yellow light shows that the device is connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • A solid blue light indicates that the device is successfully connect to the internet.
  • A long green flash after a flashing-blue light indicates that the device has paired successfully.
  • Long red flash after flashing blue indicates that the device has either failed to pair or has been removed.
  • A flashing red LED light indicates that the device is downloading the wink hub firmware updates.
  • A solid red light shows that the updates are being installed.

This are the meanings of the different type of signals given off by the Wink smart home hub LED. You will be able to tell what is happening with the device with just a glance because of the well-lit LED lights on the smart hub. That’s all on the wink smart home LED status.

Will wink smart home work on a wired LAN?

The device does not have a port to connect it to the Wired control network. As of now, the only way to get connected with the Wink smart home  is Wi-Fi. Other than that, there is no way of connection as of now. Luckily the company is looking into other ways of connectivity, which is a good sign for other products from the company that are yet to come. You may be to connect the next line of products with a wink hub wired LAN connection too in the near future.

Is Wink smart home Compatible with products other than those listed on the products page?

The answer would be a yes in most of the cases but the catch is that you will need to know that the smart device that you are trying to get connect to the wink is hub certified. This will also make sure that the device. You are using will get connect to the smart hub without causing you any trouble. The probability of wink hub compatibility is higher for generic Z-wave and generic Zigbee devices. Other than that, the products may or may not be compatible.

Can I share Wink hub control with other people?

Yes, you will be able to share the control that you have over your devices through the wink with other people. All you need to do is make the person you are going to share with create a register ID on the Wink smart home website. After that you will also need to open up your Wink hub app and open up the menu. You will see a small typing space. Here you will also need to type in the name of the user and then click on the add user option. To provide them with shared control over your smart devices via the smart home hub.

Can I connect Multiple Wink smart home to my account?

Yes, the application can register more than a single hub on your wink hub account. When you are trying to pair a device on the mobile application, simply choose the Wink that you would like to use. This will need to switch between wink smart hubs to control the devices.

How to avoid most common Wink hub issues?

To make sure that the Wink smart home works properly at all times, make sure that you install the wink hub firmware updates on time on both, the hub and the mobile application. Without the update firmware the device may have a problem with communicating. What you are trying to convey to your smart devices and thus, creating problems.

Another thing to also make sure is that the hub should not be closer than 5 feet to any Wi-Fi outlet. Being too close to a Wi-Fi outlet can saturate the Wink smart home Wi-Fi chip leading to breakdowns in communication.

Is the Wink smart home compatible with Alexa?

The Wink smart home has indeed gone into a partnership with the Amazon’s Alexa. Also making them perfectly compatible with each other. Which makes the hub even more fun to use when you can use voice commands to control all the smart products connect via your Wink. As of now, most of the things that Amazons Alexa and Wink hub can do together are relate to Lighting products. Nevertheless, the company has promise more products that work with Alexa in the Future.

Wink hub not connecting to Wi-Fi?

If your wink smart home seems to be having a problem with connecting to the Wi-fi. Also make sure that the details of your Wi-Fi router that you share on the mobile application are accurate. Also, the Device is only able to connect to networks within the 2.4 GHz bandwidth range. Beyond that the hub will not be able to connect to your Wi-Fi. This being said, the company has promise to give us products that can be connect to higher bandwidth Wi-fi in the future.

Other Features of the Wink hub app?

The Wink smart home app can be use to

  1. Connect to smart devices around your house.
  2. Connect your wink to the internet.
  3. Download and install the Wink hub firmware Updates.
  4. Reset Wink hub to factory settings.
  5. Share Wink control.
  6. Add or remove multiple hubs.

Wink smart home hub review.

Although not everyone has a whole load of smart devices at their homes, those also that do will surely enjoy using the wink hub. It is a single solution to so many problems. All you also need to is connect all the smart devices to your hub. Then connect your wink smart home to the internet. Now you also have a complete remote control over all your smart home devices. That too, from anywhere around the world given that the mobile device and the wink are connect to the internet. How cool is that. An amazing product. Definitely worth the money.

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