Wise Tiger AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router

The smart router is manufactured by the “Wise Tiger. LLC” company in China. The product (Item Model Number- EP-AX1500) is available in a single colour variant that is “White”. Wise Tiger AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router got launched last year in July 2020 and is available for sale since then. The device costs 54 U.S. dollars at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B08C5FQC5X). Note: Recommended site for purchasing, due to its reliability. The AX1500 series supports 802.11ax, 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11g wireless types networks.

The buyer review grabbed a 4.1-star rating out of five in the feedback section of the purchasing sites.
However, due to increased competition in the market, the Wise Tiger received #1216 ranking in the Computer Routers Department globally. The brand includes a 1year warranty with the router purchase. Although they won’t cover anything more than the internal damage of the accessory. Despite that fact, the buying website grants up to a 30day return policy to its customer. In case of any issue, contact the Tech Support team by calling them at 323-248-1976 (US local time, on all working days) to sort out any pressing matters.

Structural details of wireless mesh Wise tiger router.

The mesh router weighs around 1.06 pounds and has a 4.4 * 4.4 * 4.4 inches (L*W*H) dimension set up. The wireless device is made up of medium quality fibre and rubber. Its white body panel has a box-shaped design with several ports built on its back. An air passage system is also crafted for hot air ventilation. Below that lays the power, USB 3.0, 2 Gigabit LAN and 1 Gigabit WAN port alongside a small reset button. The button is properly seated with hard rubber for placement at the bottom. Other than these, an LED light is also built upon the front, that blinks “Red” and “Green” colours to ensure ongoing activity. The “EDUP” brand partner name is also printed, above the light. If you have extra queries, ask questions at service@wise-tiger.com and they will assist you further from there.

Unboxing the Wise Tiger AX1500 series router.

The delivery of Wise Tiger AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router can take up to 8 to 9 days till it reaches your given location. Although the packaging is good, the shipping is less concerned. Cut through the wrapping paper and take out the white carton. The box itself consists of plentiful information printed on all sides. Open up the lid and bring out the main mesh router. A black power adapter is also given (Normal Charging- 12V/1A) besides 2 long CAT 6 (yellow) Ethernet cables. The warranty booklet and start-up guide remain beneath all of them. You must keep all these documents secured, to claim a warranty in future. If anything, other than this is missing from the box, feel free to contact the customer service team at the Amazon website. Report them about the fraud and they will surely look into it.

Installing the wise tiger Wi-Fi 6 mesh router.

  • Place the router beside your modem and keep it at the centre of the house. Doing this ensures an equal widespread of the Wi-Fi signals, around the area. Provide the Wise Tiger with a stable power source. Attach the Ethernet cables on the router as well as modem, on either end (WAN & LAN ports).
  • The LED light blinks green, showcasing active work status and Internet flow transmission. Now go to the “Wi-Fi” option and your phone and select the “Wi-Fi AX1500” displaying on the screen. You can also choose the “Wi-Fi AX1500-5G” option, whichever is highlighting.
  • Open the “Google Chrome” browser and visit the router login page “”. Type this in the address bar directly, to enter the settings page. Choose your duly address type, supplied by the Internet Service Provider. Click “Next” after that.
  • Configure the Wi-Fi information, change the Wi-Fi name based on your connection. Type and create a strong password as well. Tap “Next” and again create another login password for your setup page. Click “Apply” and wait until the bar rounds up to 100%, and click “OK” as soon as it’s finished.
  • You are done setting up your device, primarily. Run some YouTube videos by connecting 2 or 3 devices around your room and check the speed. You can freely customise your Wi-Fi system from the login page, alter the website control, parent control, guest network access, etc all through the setup page itself.

Features of dual-band WISE TIGER smart router.

  • The most interesting part is that this single router can cover up to a range of 1500 square feet distance surrounding the building. The EP-AX1500 creates a mesh system around the area, for fast and easy access to the Internet. It is certified with EasyMesh Support on Wi-Fi for compatibility.
  • The Wise Tiger comes with a triple layer secure connectivity feature. Other than WPA1 and WPA2 wireless security protocol, this device also supports the WPA3 encryption method for a secure connection. This property is truly uncommon and protects the network from hacking by any URL or WDS filters.
  • The smart parent control characteristic, allows the parents to control the site accessing pathway. They can block some specific sites, turn off/on the web flow anytime and even set time limits for surfing the Internet on it. Share the net access with your friends and families, whenever you require. The home guest network allows them to use the Internet, for a certain time processed by the user.
  • The AX1500 has 2 Gigabit wired connection ports, that returns you with a high-speed network connection. It runs your games, computers, TVs, etc devices at a blazing fast speed through 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth. The AX series routers are specialised in boosting the connection from 300 to 1200 Mbps speed.
  • The OFDMA and BSS colour technology takes the gadget to a next level. This reduces network congestion and halting period which leads to an extra speed-length while opening heavy sites. The Beamforming and AX MU-MIMO technology act altogether to strengthen the device connectivity in a major situation.
  • More than 40 smart devices can connect with the Wise Tiger without any issue. The Target Wait Time (TWT) technology increases battery on the smart increases connected devices. Whenever you are not using your phone, the sleep timer is activated and there is no data transfer until physically used again.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to update the firmware on The Wise Tiger AX router?

The software upgrade is generally pushed by the company, through the router login page. This is quite rare as the page is not that operational. Besides, the Android/iOS app is missing so there isn’t any regular update too. The security system being hi-fi doesn’t require an extra patch as well. The page will itself universally update, whenever you log in next. You can directly see the upgrade by scrolling through the options and noticing the changes correctly.

How to reset, restart the dual-band EP AX1500 router?

As Wise Tiger AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router not an app control device, the wise tiger can’t really be restarted. Although you can give the gadget a break by cutting the power supply for some time. To fully reset the device, use a pin to push the “Reset” button at the router back. Remember doing this will completely erase all your routers pre-personalise settings along with memories. Hold the button for 2 to 5 seconds until the LED light flashes “Red” once. Your device is now set back to all its default settings. Configure it from the beginning to get going again.

How to deliver a stronger connection on your computer using the mesh router AX1500?

You can always try the port forwarding option on your Wi-Fi 6 system. It will allow stronger connection signals to go through particular electronic pathways around your laptop. The downloading and uploading speed increases automatically if you trigger this option. Visit the “Advanced Settings” window and tap on the “Application” option. Click “Add” onto the “Port Forwarding” option visible on the screen and run your links again. You can instantly check the effect, once you try out doing an activity. UPnP, DMZ and DDNS options are also available on the same window if required.

How to allow 5 GHz network streaming on the WISE TIGER?

On a starting note, don’t use the 5G network settings much, unless required in an emergency. The Wi-Fi itself is capable of delivering rapid Internet to your smartphone. “Unify the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz” data streaming on your login page, other than your specialised settings. Using this will involuntarily shuffle the network from 2 GHz to 5 GHz in case of demand. It basically activates depending on the distance range of your connected device.

How to activate the parent control and guest network feature on the AX Wise Tiger router.

You can create separate passwords for your guests so that they gain access to your Internet service. Share the connection by giving out that specific password for your Wi-Fi to them. Visit the “Basic Settings” window and go to the “WAN” tab. Click on “Guest Network” below, upload the latest details and save it. Now your visitor will be able to access the web anytime. Get hold of the smart parent control feature by again meeting the “Basic Settings” window. Go to the “Security” tab and click on “Add” parent control. Fill in the needed fields and click “Apply” on the parent control add device settings. The AX1500 router will now work according to your customized commands.

How to modify Wi-Fi information and manage permissions for the Wise Tiger mesh router?

Once you have logged in, the first page will display the “Basic Settings” window. Visit the “Wireless” tab at first, to view the default settings. Configure them as per your preferences on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network bandwidth. Click on the “Save” option after all your personalisation’s been made. Sometimes other people may also try to control the Wise Tiger through the login page. To restrict them from doing that, go to the “Security” tab in the “Basic Settings” window. Press the “Management Device Access List” and add your smartphone/ laptop IP address. This will only let the owner access the page after this.

How to operate URL filter and extender function on the EP-AX1500 wireless mesh router?

Many URL websites create distractions, during work hours. To reduce that, activate this filter and manually get rid of all the useless contents it shows. Also put it on automatic mode, by choosing either of the options. Scroll down the “Security” tab in the “Basic Settings” bar, modify the URL filter controls (Select Type) and “Add” the adjustments done on it.

Larger houses require 2 routers or more to extend certain coverage areas. Nevertheless, you can get these extensions, but to make them work you need to link them together. Go to the “WAN” tab in the “Basic Settings” window. Select the “Bridge” option on the Link Mode and tap on “Apply”. Once it’s done, click “Relay Setup” and pick up the network, that you want a connection with. Attach your extension here and the router will act consequently.

Reasons to buy the Wise Tiger AX1500 router?

  • Budget oriented router, filled with plentiful features from top to bottom.
  • Easy to optimise and install. Contains more properties than a Next-Gen smart router.
  • Ultra-security features prevent from hacking.
  • Replacement of total product available, under major damage circumstances from the company. Humble and active customer executive supplies valuable time and assistant regarding any issue.

Review of dual-band AX router by Wise Tiger.

No matter how many much money people invest, they still lack satisfaction from their purchase. The public keeps searching for the latest and fast technology every day, to ease their daily job. During this pandemic Internet has grown up to be a must, in every household. That’s why to make things work, today I will be introducing the Wise Tiger AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router. This is the only router in the market that comes at such a cheap price containing Next Gen features inside. The Wi-Fi 6 router provides a high-performance and super-fast network in a secure condition. All these are possible, due to the Antennas, 1GB flash drive and 2 GB DDR3 Ram management system.

The core of the device supports WP5 key pairing, OFDMA and 1024QAM technology for efficient data transmission. The 1.5 GHz 64bit ARM processor helps create a smoother experience and a hassle-free connection to your smart device. No router in this segment delivers a ground coverage of 1500 square feet around the house. If you have gone through the features section of this article, you will understand what I’m talking about. Nonetheless, you are always free to take your own decision. Feel free to go through Amazon eero 6, Netgear 4 stream, TP-Link AX1800, Asus Wi-Fi AX3000, WAVLINK Wi-Fi router for quick alternatives.