Wodgreat WiFi extender setup, installation, troubleshooting

We all have gone through the trials of having a bad connection due to the skimpy range on wireless routers these days. There would be two legible solutions to this problem. You need to go out of your way and buy yourself an upgraded router with the better specifications or just use a Wodgreat Wi-Fi extender. We are mainly provide Wodgreat WiFi extender setup.
Obviously, you would choose the latter. When it comes to extenders, the market is full of a humongous variety of these products. Don’t get confused since we are about to recommend an amazing device to pull you out of your miseries. Let’s take a look into what the Wodgreat extender is all about.

The Wodgreat extender is a wireless router range extender with speeds reaching up to 300 Mbps. It also features 2*3 dbi external antennae to give you the best range extension for your wireless router. Apart from that, it supports three different interchangeable working modes. These are the router mode , the repeater mode and the AP mode all of which you can change to suit your needs. It also has two fast LAN/WAN ports that you can use to connect to a device such as a gaming console etc.

It is universally compatible and you can use it along with any other wireless router of any company whatsoever within the IEEE 802.11n/g/b standards. This makes it a better choice than many other products as it may not give you compatibility issues like other products in the market. The design of the device also makes it stand a tad bit out of the crowd as it can fit in any environment and blend. Its intricate design makes it easy to be mounted on places which is ideal for aesthetic purposes.

Wodgreat extender LED light meaning

Let’s talk about the LED indications on the device and their meanings. The device has four different LED indicators which are, the WAN LED , the LAN LED, the Link LED and the WiFi LED. These LEDs light up for different purposes which we shall look into shortly.

The WAN LED indicates the connection on the WAN ports and it lights up when a successful connection has been made. It remains off when there is no connection on either ports. The same also applied for the LAN LED which indicates the same for local area network connections. Now these connections are wired and are indicated as such.

The next one is the Link LED which indicates the connection of the device in the repeated mode with the wireless router. The wireless router needs to be setup with the device after which it connects to it and lights up the Link LED.

The last one is the WiFi LED which is used when the device is in the WiFi mode. In this mode the device can be used as a router and then plugged in directly to the ISPs LAN connection. Now check Wodgreat WiFi extender setup below.

How to Setup wodgreat wifi extender?

The procedure of the Wodgreat WiFi extender setup is quite simple and very similar to any other repeater device. Follow these simple steps to get your device setup and ready to use.

Steps for Wodgreat WiFi extender setup

  • Connect your Wodgreat extender to a power source and wait for it to turn on and stabilize.
  • Then connect it to your setup device using a wired or a wireless connection depending on your preference.
  • After you connect your device, open your browser on your device and log in to the setup site i.e. This site can be accessed using the IP address of your device which is underneath it. Or you could just type in the offline setup link.
  • After that, login to the site using the default credentials which can be found in the wodgreat user manual. This will take you to the wodgreat setup interface.
  • Enter all the details of your router and make sure they are accurate so that the repeater does not face a problem in connecting with your router.
  • Your setup is complete. Disconnect your repeater and plug it into any place where you want the range of wifi. Keep in mind that the extender needs to be in the range of the wifi router. Your Wodgreat WiFi extender setup is complete.

Issues and their resolution.

You may face a few issues while using the device but the solutions to them are quite simple.

  • If you have a problem connecting your repeater to your router, reset the repeater and setup again
  • If you face bad connection from your repeater, try bringing it a bit more closer in range to the Router so that the network is balanced
  • In case the setup link doesn’t load on your device try changing the browser as a few tend to disallow setup links to open.
  • In most cases , resetting the repeater to it’s factory settings and running the setup again will solve a lot of the small time issues. If any issues persist you may check the FAQ section of the user manual. For most of the complex ones, the answer is always a click away.

Apart from a few small-time issues, the device will not give you any troubles that may make you change your device preference. You may never know unless you try.

Resetting the device to factory settings and it’s firmware upgrades.

Let’s go through these two one after the other. If you ever needed to reset the device back to its factory settings there will be two ways to do so. Either you could go and manually press and hold the button on the device. This will make it reset itself to it’s factory settings. Other than that you could also visit the setup link wherein you will be able to find the reset to factory settings option which will also do the same job.

Keep in mind that whenever the device is reset to it’s factory settings, the firmware upgrades that were installed are deleted therefore will be needed to be installed again.
With regards to firmware upgrades, you can visit the setup link and you will be able to find an option to search for firmware upgrades. This will show you a list of the released firmware updates which you will be able to download and install. Firmware updates are crucial for the optimal performance of the device and will be needed to be installed time and time again.

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