X-Sense C2 Wireless Doorbell

The X-Sense C2 Wireless Doorbell is manufactured by the company “X-Sense Technology Co. Ltd” in China. The product (Part Number- WD1C2NA-2) costs around 26 U.S. dollars at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B07K2W2H97). The double receiver variant will cost you this match, although the single receiver variant costs 18 U.S. dollars on sale. The X-Sense (Model Number- C2) is available in a single colour variant that is “Black” since November 2018. The doorbell consists of a review rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 at the purchasing sites worldwide. Surprisingly the C2 was awarded #22 ranking in the Doorbell Kits department throughout the globe.

Describing the mandatory specs of the devices is easy. The X-sense transmitter runs on a battery (CR2032 3V) and the company provides a 3year warranty on its battery life. The plug-in format is A- US style, and the design is like a regular push button. A sound level of 0 to 115 decibels is up heard and a temperature of -4 to 140degree Fahrenheit can be tolerated on the device itself. For more information contact the company service department, by mailing them at [email protected].

Unboxing the C2 X- sense doorbell kit.

Sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks, for the product to arrive at your place. It depends on your pinned delivery location in this big world. Opening up the small package is quite fun actually. Rip apart the white box to take out the items, covered in plastic slowly. The body of the box is covered with images and quick specs, all together for you to take a quick glance upon. The doorbell transmitter comes out first along with its battery (1 lithium-ion).

The receiver quantity depends upon the user purchase, either 1 or 2. 1 key, 1 additive tape, 2 screws and 2 anchors are also bundled in, for product mounting. A user manual and warranty booklet come in one piece, are kept beneath all of them. The warranty period is of 1 year on the internal damage of the product. To claim help in future, keep the billing document safe too, as the company asks for verification before providing any kind of service. For queries related to order and delivery, go through this article before making any decision.

Structural design of Wireless Doorbell Kit C2.

The C2 doorbell weighs around 10.1 ounces and has a 7.8 * 4 * 2.2 inches dimensions structure. The body of the doorbell is built in a compact design. The sturdy material has a matt finish and a cuboid body panel around its surface. Although, being black both the transmitter and the receiver has a blue line finish on them. The wireless transmitter has a button on his body for pressing, a bell symbol is drawn over it. The back is openable for the battery insertion (3 volts) and replacement, the front also has an LED light indicator. It flashes the colour “Blue” while being tapped and used.

The wireless receiver also has a bell symbol drawn over it with the “X-Sense” branding printed below. The bell symbol here showcases the colour blue while the transmitter is tapped. The back consists of a 3pin plug (power prong depends upon your based country) with an air tunnel constructed below for hot air ventilation. 2 screw attachments are also given if someone wants to open its back completely. On the receiver side, 2 buttons are given for changing melody sounds and controlling the volume (next and previous). Visit the company official website www.xsense.com to gather more details about the X-Sense C2 Wireless Doorbell.

Installing the wireless X- Sense chime and receiver.

  • Making the X-Sense work is quite simple. All you need to do, is figure out a location, pick up a spot outside your house for attaching the chime. First, you need to remove the transmitter back cover and peel off the insulating film beyond the battery. Fix it in the wall using the adhesive tape or bolt it with screws given in the box.
  • Find a spot for your receiver to get placed. Remember the location is never permanent for the receiver. You can change the room location anytime you feel like it. Attach the X- Sense to a switchboard (AC 110-260 V, power output). After it’s on, the blue light will blink indicating the active work status. Change the sound note by pressing the first side button on the C2’s left side. Adjust the volume control as well according to your preferences.
  • Repeat the same with the second receiver as well, if you have a bigger house. The transmission range is 2000 to 3200 feet, so it suffices the owner’s in-home distance basically. I will suggest you, place one receiver in the last room and one in the middle hall. If the house is small, fix the single receiver in the centre of the house.
  • Pair the chime with the receiver, to start its destined work. Push and hold the volume button for 2 to 5 seconds until the LED starts blinking on the receiver. Now, push the single button on the transmitter, and a “Ding” sound will emerge, ensuring the successful pairing status. You can return the device to its specific locations, for it to resume its job.

Features of Wireless X-Sense C2 kit.

  • The qualities that the X-Sense C2 Wireless Doorbell possesses are quite handy and special. The X-sense has equipped the doorbell with 56 changeable melodies. The sound notes are quite suitable for a homely environment and also satisfies your ears too. The ringtones contain traditional, cultural and rock music from top to bottom.
  • The volume notes are adjustable as well. The range can be controlled via the given buttons. Fix a certain noise limit that suits your senses. The range moves forward from 0 decibel> 55 decibels> 75 decibels> 95 decibels> 115 decibels max volume.
  • A silent mode is also provided if you don’t want to be disturbed. Push the volume button constantly to change the noise level settings adequately.
  • The battery given with the transmitter runs for 3 years without stoppage on a regular utilization. It works on low power mode whenever used frequently. They are also replaceable and you can get them changed by purchasing the original battery from the company itself.

Apart from being easily installable, the doorbell suits various environments. People can buy it to utilise the gadget in home, office, garage hall, hospitals, etc places. With a certain wireless range of 600 metres, it can almost cover the general distance across the area, inside the rooms.

The chime on the C2 is quite durable as well. It can work in any temperature ranging from minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is amazing considering the price. Not only that, but the company also provides an IP55 waterproof and resistance certification to protect it from snowfall and rainfall.

Faqs and Troubleshooting

How to reset, restart the X- sense C2?

There is no actual way to restart the X-Sense C2 Wireless Doorbell. You can unplug the receiver for some time to give it a bit of rest. Although, you don’t need to re-sync it back again, after that. This trick is often applied by people before they leave the house for a trip. On the other hand, to reset the device fully, push the previous and next buttons together for 10 seconds. This will unpair the transmitter from the receiver and delete all the pre-customized settings from it too. You will need to pair it once again from the beginning as usual.

How to maintain safety guidelines on the C2 doorbell kit?

Go through the following notes written below, to stay out of any trouble. Fixing the doorbell chime near any metal object can cause transmitting problems. The signal pathway can be hampered by metallic objects. Also, to ensure quick response between the X-sense kit, make sure you place them between plain sight. Too much obstruction can create slow connectivity between the two operators. Lastly, ignore repairing the device on your own. If you are facing problems with the C2, either claim the warranty and get the product replaced or sent it to the company authority for checking.

LED light indicator flashing issues on the X- sense C2?

There can be 3 reasons, due to which such issues can be displayed on the device. All of them are related to the transmitter’s battery, if the battery power is low get it changed with a new one. The fitting of the battery can also create trouble (Note: The rounded side goes in first). Keep an eye out, whether their contact grips have properly merged on the battery or not, before closing the back. A silly mistake can also create such alterations. Remember, you need to peel off the plastic that blocks the AV contact ports, before inserting the battery. If you meet all these requirements mentioned here, you have nothing to worry about.

Is the doorbell C2 transmitter is not responding to the receiver?

The most possible reason can be the distance between them. Follow up with the wireless range coverage on the X-Sense, to understand the distance. Place then closer, to create a perfect bond between the receiver and the chime. If you have too many walls inside your house, the issue will keep occurring on a daily basis. The C2 may work slower or may not work even due to this. With time it will unpair, and then you will have trouble re-syncing it back again. As said earlier, metal objects can also create disturbance in connectivity. It’s better off to place it in a concrete or wooden wall. Steer clear of these obstructions, to provide stronger connectivity.

Having problems fitting the X-sense chime?

There are 2 ways to patch the transmitter into the wall. You can opt for both depending on your wall segment and comfortableness. Using the double-sided 3M adhesive tape, the chime can quickly be installed on the wall. It just requires a neat flat surface that is cleaned. Once you fix the location on the tape, press and hold the chime for more than 1 minute to attach it permanently.
You can also choose the screw bolting option on the X-sense. The transmitter comes with 2 certain marks on the rear cover. Drill holes in them, gently and attach the cover by hammering screws on the wall. After you are done, check it’s fitting and reattach the upper transmitter portion on it. Extra: Protect the C2 chime from dust and water, by covering the leftover hole portion with silicon.

Review of the X-Sense waterproof doorbell C2

In today’s generation, people are always trying to impress other people. When visitors arrive at their home, even from the entrance the owner wants to surprise them as they hear the beautiful music by pressing the doorbell. To help the public gain popularity on the matter, today we are introducing the X-Sense C2 wireless doorbell kit. This wonderful device comes in quite cheap and is handy for the users to operate. The response timing between the chime and the receiver is quick and efficient. As soon as someone taps the button outside, you will be able to hear the sound inside your room. Your favourite music alerts you, as someone arrives at your doorstep. Don’t worry as you can adjust the volume according to your hearing ability.

Simply install it attaching the transmitter to the outside door and the receiver to an active power supply board. There is more than one reason for you to purchase the X-sense. The C2 is the only doorbell available in the market that arrives with 56 different musical notes on its memory. The system server memorises the personalization, that you have pre-set on the device, and acts accordingly. The musical notes and the receiver placement, both can be changed anytime duly your needs. The water-resistant feature and temperature tolerance feature can suffice all your requirements for a lifetime. However, you can always have second thoughts on such things. So, don’t forget to go through the SadoTech Model C, Aventek Mini, Amicson, Bo Ying doorbell, TECHNET Wireless, GE chime and receiver, etc for quick alternatives.

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