Xenon Smart IR Remote Controller

The xenon smart IR is a wireless wifi-connected universal remote controller for smart TV, DVD player, set-up box, fans, and air-conditioner. It is the most advanced technology, this technology is truly helpful to live daily life. It supports an infrared(IR) control device and works very well. The infrared remote controller technology is usually used to operate the infrared device without moving. The Xenon smart IR remote controller is an accessory device that is used to operate the other device wirelessly from a distance. It works through infrared radiation. There is a bulb on the front of the remote controller, which transmits the IR signal of our remote to other devices.

The setup of the Xenon smart remote controller is easy and quick, you can just plug in the USB device. Afterward, you can download the “smart life” app to your iPhone or Android phone. You can control and manage your device from your smartphone anywhere and anytime.

The Xenon smart remote controller works with Amazon Alex, Which means you can operate your remote controller by your voice. You can send a voice command to your device and then quickly control it.

Features of the Xenon Smart IR Remote controller

The universal remote controller is absolutely helpful to operate the smart TV, DVD player, air conditioner, and music player. It comes with many key features, with these features you can smoothly enjoy this remote controller.

Quick pair wi-fi:

The xenon remote controller is quickly connected to the wi-fi with the “smart life” app. You can instantly install the app and then connect the remote controller to the wi-fi network.

Works with Google Assistant:

The smart infrared remote controller works with Google Assistant. You can speak and your remote controller quickly controls. You can manage your remote controller from your phone and easily control it anytime.

Complies with smart TV, music player, and AC conditioner:

The Xenon smart Infrared controller is a universal remote controller. It is compatible with a TV, DVD player, music player, and air conditioner.

360° wider range of infrared signal coverage:

The range of the infrared remote controller is 360°. The range of this remote controller is wider and provides border infrared signal coverage.

Setup is quick and simple:

The setup of the Xenon smart remote controller is simple and quick with the “smart life” app. Just download the app on your iPhone and android phone. After that, do the setup within some minutes.

Installation Steps of the Xenon smart IR remote controller

The smart universal remote controller quickly operates and controls the TV. It is the perfect device for controlling the TV, DVD player, and more. If you can also use this remote controller then you can install this remote controller before using this controller. In the given below, there are some steps of the install xenon universal remote controller.

  • You have to unbox it for installation. You have to take the packaging box of the remote controller and then unbox it if your universal remote control is new.
  • Then, confirm all the provided accessories to properly install the remote controller. There are some accessories like a power adapter and cable, AA batteries, Xenon SM-AW502S remote controller, and a quick installation guide.
  • Now, you can remove the open slot in your remote controller and then install the battery in the remote controller battery slot.
  • You use the power after and power cable. Then charge the remote controller through the power adapter and its cable. You attach the cable to the port of the universal remote controller and the power adapter to the power supply.
  • You can press the power button of your infrared remote controller and then the power is up now.

The installation steps of the smart infrared remote controller are finished now. You can also try these steps to install the remote controller in the proper manner.

Manual of the Xenon Smart IR Remote Controller

The Xenon remote controller is an absolutely amazing and superior networking device for TV, DVD player, Air conditioner, and more. With the help of this device, you can operate and control your networking device sitting anywhere. If you want to use this remote controller then you can know its features. Now you will think about its features, how to set up a universal remote control, how to reset a universal remote control, and other information. So for this, you have to use a universal remote control manual. Because this manual contains all the information related to the product. This manual delivers all the information like the model number is SM-AW502S; instantly pair with wi-fi; Android remote control; support TV, setup up box, air conditioner, fans; 360 degree wide range, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Assistant; infrared frequency is SM-AW502S; work with 2.4 GHz wi-fi network and more.

Setup the Xenon Universal Smart Remote Control via smart life app

The setup of the remote control is very simple and secure with the smart life app. It is very important to set up for every networking device. Because no device works well without setup. If you think about how to setup xenon universal remote controller, then you can install the “smart life” app on your smart mobile phone and do the setup.

  • Just open your mobile phone and ensure the wi-fi network in your iPhone and Android mobile phone.
  • Then, visit the apple app store and Google Play Store on your Android mobile phone or iPhone. Then, install the “Smart Life” app.
  • Open the Smart life app and login/sign in to the account with a valid username ID and password.
  • Afterward, add the remote controller to the smart life app with a + icon. You can tap the + icon and just add the remote controller.
  • Then, visit the wi-fi network page and connect the remote controller to the wi-fi network.
  • You can enter the wi-fi network(SSID) name and password in the provided network field.
  • You can follow all the provided smart life app instructions and do all the settings.

Thus, the setup steps of the Xenon smart IR remote controller are surely finished. After that, operate your TV, setup box, AC, and other devices seamlessly.

Troubleshooting Steps of the Xenon smart IR remote controller

Sometimes the remote controller creates problems like not powering on, not connecting to wi-fi, not operating TV, and many more. If you want to solve all these problems then you have to follow some troubleshooting steps. These universal remote control troubleshooting steps will easily eliminate the problem, whose steps are as follows.

  • The smart control networking device is not turning on, then you can confirm your remote control device is charged. If it is not charged then you can use the power adapter and power cable, after that charge the remote controller.
  • If the xenon universal remote control no wifi then you should verify the wifi router is turned ON. and your remote control device is within router range. Also, confirm you use the right and proper network password.
  • If the LED is not lit up then you can verify the charging. You can charge the remote controller with the power adapter and cable. Maybe the fault is the power of this remote controller is not turned ON then you can power up now.
  • The universal remote control not working then the solution is you can use the reset button and then do the reset. After that, again do the setup.

Reset steps of the Xenon Smart IR Remote controller

The remote control operating device comes with the reset button. With this button, you can instantly do the reset. There are some steps below to reset the remote controller which are as follows.

  • Primarily, you can find out the reset button.
  • The reset button is established on the rear panel of the remote control device.
  • Then, use some components like PIN, paper clip, or other components.
  • Now, press the pin to the remote controller reset button for a few seconds.
  • Afterward, release or leave the pin from above the remote control reset button.
  • Then, the LED blinks three times which means the universal remote control is surely reset.

Now, the universal remote control reset process is entirely finished.

Review of the Universal Remote control

In my scenario, the universal remote control review is, it is better and reliable networking device. It quickly operates and controls the TV, DVD player, music system, set-up box, and air conditioner. No installation is required, you can just unbox and then do the setup. The setup of the Xenon smart IR remote controller is simple with the smart life app. You can install this app on your smart mobile phone and then instantly do the setup.

The design of this remote control is sleek and compact. The universal wireless remote control is compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Assistant. You can manage your device from anywhere at any time with your mobile phone. Timer mode is also available in this remote control. You can set the time and enjoy the benefit. Thus, the universal remote control is the absolutely optimum networking device for smart TV, air conditioner, set-up box, fans, and music player.


Q1, Do universal remotes work on all TVs?

Yes, the Xenon universal remote controller works on all TVs. But most of the time it’ll depend on the make and model of your remote and your TV.

Q2. How do you pair a Xenon universal remote controller to a TV?

To pair the remote controller to a TV, you can press the home button on your remote controller. Then visit the setting and select remote & accessories. Afterward, connect Bluetooth or Activate the button.

Q3. Why is my TV not responding to my remote controller?

If the TV is not responding on my remote controller that means the battery is low. You can ensure the battery, if the battery is extremely low then you can charge the remote controller with the power adapter.

Q4. Why is my Universal smart IR remote controller not working?

If the Xenon remote control not working you can check the battery in your remote control. You can use the power cable provided with the smart infrared remote controller. Afterward, charge the remote control.

Q5. What should I do if my TV remote control stops working?

To fix the problem you can ensure none of the remote buttons of the remote controller are jammed. You can perform the reset of the remote control. Clean the remote control terminals. Should replace the battery of the remote controller.

Q6. Why does my Xenon smart IR remote controller not change channels?

The remote controller does not change the channel then you can verify the batteries are low dead. If the battery is low then you can charge. Maybe the fault battery is default then you can install a new battery.

Q7. Does the Xenon smart remote controller work with Amazon Alexa and Assistant?

Yes, the Xenon smart IR remote controller works with Amazon Alexa and Assistant. You can quickly operate your device with voice.

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