Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router

The Xiaomi Mi wifi Router is the most advanced & fastest dual-band network wireless gigabit router. It completely supports 5GHz & 2.4GHz two network frequencies bands. The maximum wireless network speed is 1167Mbps that can reach a hard area of your home. The 2.4GHz dual-band frequency network delivers longer & better wireless networks as well superior network performance. Additionally, the 5GHz network uses 802.11AC technology that allows watching 4k UHD video, playing ultra-fast gaming, fast download from the web, & more. Although, the high gain antennas are built-in in the MI WiFi router that gives strong network signals. You can easily & securely access the MI router by using miwifi.com. The external antennas hugely enhance the transmission performance of this router.

Moreover, the 5dB external antenna is excellent & ideal to extend the coverage in your residence. More devices easily & seamlessly get the fast network at a time. Since the mi wifi router configuration is simple & secure in your Android & iOS device. The security encryption is built-in that positively delivers a secure network connection.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router login- miwifi.com

If you also want to access the network connectivity of the MI router, then the setting has to be configured for this. You necessity log in to the router before configuring the setting. Here are the steps to mi wifi router login, so that this router will be login quickly.

  • To login to the wifi router, you need to open the web interface on a wired or wireless device.
  • To ensure this device properly & surely connect to the WiFi network, otherwise not login to the router.
  • In the web interface that launches in the wired or wireless device, you type www.miwifi.com.
  • You will take this address directly to the login page of this mi router. You can also enter the default IP address in the web interface if the login page is not accessible.
  • On the login page of this router, you will view the username and password field so that you can log in to the router.
  • Enter the mi wifi router default password in the available field on the login page. The admin password is blank as well as the username is also blank.
  • To login to Mi Router, there will be a login option on the login page, click on it.

Finally! The login steps of the Xiaomi wireless dual-band router are thoroughly complete. After that, you can surely change the admin password & also configure settings.

Change Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router admin password- miwifi.com

Many times the network speed of the router becomes slow due to which the user is not able to play high-speed gaming with his friend. Because many devices are connected with this router, due to which the speed becomes slow. For this, you can change the login admin password of this router.

  • After login to Mi Router, you have to click on the Settings option which is on the homepage of the router.
  • In the settings of this router, you will get the option of Wi-Fi setting, which has to be clicked to change the admin password.
  • Under the Wi-Fi setting, there are many options here, but to select the password option to change the mifi router admin password.
  • In the password field, type a new password for this WiFi router.
  • Eventually, you have to click on the save button to save this new password.

Congratulations! The admin password of this router is successfully changed.

Change Xiaomi mi WiFi router network name(SSID) & enable network encryption

If the network name of the router is not showing on your Mac device, then you can change the network name for this. Additionally, to secure the network you have to enhance the security encryption. Here are some steps to change SSID & enable security encryption.

  • On a network-connected computer device, open the web interface that is installed on your computer device.
  • To change network name & enable security, you have to enter mi wifi router ip address.
  • By using, you have to reach login. Then, log in to this page with login credentials.
  • Under the Wi-Fi setting, choose the Network Name(SSID) option.
  • If you want to change the network name, then click on this field and write the new name in this field.
  • To secure the network of this router, you have to choose encryption as the drop-down security list.
  • Select the WPA/WPA2-personal security to properly secure the network.
  • To change reflect you have to click the save option.

Now, the SSID(network name) of this router has absolutely changed & security encryption is also enabled.

MiFiWiFi router setup steps via miwifi.com

To get stable network connectivity & stay connected device in the mi wireless you have to perform mi wifi router configuration. To maintain the wireless speed of this router, you have to configure various settings.

  • Set up a Mi Router, you have to power this device through the power cord and then power it on by pressing the router power button.
  • Ensure your computer device surely connects to the network. Then, open any web browser that is properly installed on your computer device.
  • By using a web browser, you can access the MI router login page through visit www.miwifi.com or “
  • You can input an administrative password on the login page that you are accessing and log in to the account.
  • After successfully completing the login operating, just visit the router setting.
  • Under the Xiaomi Wifi router setting, you have to configure the internet connection to a stable & fastest network. In the following internet connection, you have to choose a PPPoE internet connection.
  • Also, choose the optimum wireless channel to maintain the network range.
  • In the advanced setting under the router setting, you have also configured Subnet mask & Default IP address. If you want to change this address then you can click the address option and accurately change it.
  • After configuring all settings, you have to click on the Apply / Save option to complete the miwifi router setup.

Eventually! The setup of the MI wireless dual-band router is completely done.

Troubleshooting steps of Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router about common issues

Sometimes there are some common issues while accessing network connectivity with the MI WiFi router so that the user cannot access the network in your client device. For such common issues, here are some mi wifi router troubleshooting steps.

Mi WiFi router not connecting:

Sometimes, the mi wifi router not connecting to the clients’ device, then the user cannot access the network.

  • To resolve the issue, you have to examine the range of your client’s device. If it does not place under the router range then you instantly place it.
  • Make sure the password that you are using is correct.
Xiaomi router won’t turn ON:

If mi wifi not turning on, here are some solutions.

  • Make sure the power cord that plugs into the power connector of this router is tightly plugged.
  • Ensure the power cord is not broken & correctly plugs into the AC power outlet.
Miwifi not working:

Sometimes the miwifi not working, then the user cannot access the login page.

  • Check the network connectivity is constant in that device in which you are obtaining this router login page.
  • Clean the cache & history of the browser in which entering miwifi.
LED light solid red of MI router:

The LED light is possible on the router front panel. Sometimes this light red solid & issue comes.

  • To resolve the red light issue, you have to examine miwifi router update.
  • Make sure the place where you install your wireless router. If your router is placed near heating devices like a refrigerator & microwave. Then, you have to promptly reposition the router.
Restart the Xiaomi router:

If the mi wifi router not working then there are some resolutions.

  • To fix the issue, you have to examine the status of your router. If many devices connect then change the admin password.
  • You can also restart your device, unplug the cord into the power connector of this router. Then, smoothly the power button that is built-in on the back surface of your wireless router.

Upgrade Xiaomi miwifi firmware version & auto-update- miwifi.com

If the status of the LED light of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router is solid red then it means that a new firmware version is available. To upgrade to the new firmware version, understand some steps given below.

  • To upgrade to the new version of the firmware, you have to open the Install and Fully Update web browser.
  • By using the default login ip, reach into the mi router login page.
  • Then, log in to the account of this router through mi wifi router login default password.
  • Under the settings of the router, you will find the upgrade option again, for this you have to click on the setting menu.
  • On the firmware page, you will see the version. To auto-update the firmware, enable the auto-update option.
  • To upgrade miwifi router firmware you have to upload the new & latest firmware files in the available column on the firmware page.
  • In the end, click the upgrade option that is available on the below side of this page.

miwifi router reset with miwifi.com

You can easily perform the reset of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router with a web interface.

  • To reset the router, you need to make sure that the router is powered ON, if it is not ON then turn ON through the power button.
  • Insert miwifi.com in the web interface & type the administrative password in the presented password column.
  • Visit the common setting of the Xiaomi router & click the system status option.
  • To perform miwifi router reset, click the restart option to properly restore the configure setting.
  • Now, click the reset option here on this page and your device is booting up.

Mi WiFi router review

In my point of view, the mi wifi router review is a stupendous & high-range wireless router. The dual-band is equipped in this router that usually enhances or extends the wireless network connectivity. The dual-band network of this router is high & most advanced that completely amplifies the network range. With this network, the range of this router is reached in all corners that are available in your home. This networking router absolutely delivers new & high-range signals because the antennas are established. The high-gain antennas accurately catch new & fastest networks.

The configuration of the miwifi router is simple & fast by using miwifi.com. By using this you can quickly & efficiently perform a wireless setup. The MI router accurately supports all client devices & delivers a speedy network. Thus, the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router is optimum & ideal for all devices as well as your home.