Xiaoniubenben WiFi Extender

The Xiaoniubenben WiFi Extender was formed by the Xiaoniubenben manufacturing company. It currently launches on the date of January 11, 2021. This product launched into the market due to fulfilling customer needs. It is a signal product that is right now most in use. On this product, customers ratings are 351 with the Xiaoniu benben WiFi repeater customer reviews 3.5 out of 5 stars. This wireless range extender includes among the best Wi-Fi 6 routers of 2021. The xiaoniubenben 1200Mbps WiFi Range Extender is formulated with the 4-band high-gain signal antennas. It is an ingenious US754 Signal Booster that encourages the network’s signal.

The M-1200DN Wireless range extender is exclusively not too extravagant in comparison to anyone else. You can take the benefit of this range extender to extend your main home router signal with the 1200 Mbps speed. Apart from this, this is approximately compatible with 802.11a/b/n/g/ac WiFi Extender. The configuration process of this range extender is also not too hard as compared to others, just one touch on the WPS function and it takes your router network to extend it. This supplies the 360-degree comprehensive coverage by the 5.0GHz and 2.4GHz dual-band frequency connection of this WIFI range extender.

Xiaoniubenben M-1200DN WiFi Extender – WiFi Repeater Installation

Following are the below-mentioned steps below to know how to install the Xiaoniubenben WiFi Extender. You have to emulate these steps.

  • In the beginning, take out the Xiaoniu benben 1200Mbps Dual Band WiFi Repeater from its packaging box.
  • Also, collect from its box further accessories like Xiaoniubenben WiFi extender manual, Ethernet cable, etc.
  • Place this Xiaoniubenben extender next or closer to your host network router.
  • Plugin it and wait for a second. The first power light of this wireless range extender is blinking yet to show its working status.
  • But it is shown when you have to push its power button.
  • So, press the M-1200DN power button, the signal light comes up on your extender gateway with green light.
  • After this, customize the network settings to pair it with your host router network.

Basic steps for the Xiaoniu benben WiFi repeater Setup by mobile phone

Below are the steps given to connect the Xiaoniu benben wireless range extender network with your smartphone after customizing the settings. So, let’s use the below instructions.

  • Make sure the Xiaoniu benben WiFi range extender is powered up.
  • Now, you have to visit your mobile phone’s wireless settings.
  • From here, you will find this M-1200DN extender network from the wireless network name showing list.
  • After a while, the WLAN network connection list presents on your screen, let’s see.
  • Find your device name or click one network from 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz and choose the repeater mode, click on next.
  • Essentially, this is a hidden network, so simply click on one network signal to extend your router signal. This extender can be added manually or connected with your router network through the (WPS) wireless setup function.

Initial Ways for the Xiaoniubenben range extender Repeater mode setup

Following are the steps to the Xiaoniubenben AC1200 WiFi extender repeater mode setup via the mobile phone.

  • When connecting your range extender with the router manually, it directly opens or moves on the login page, just enter your 2.4Ghz device SSID and click on the scan option.
  • It is scanning your activated access point now, so kindly wait for a minute.
  • Enter in the text field your host router password.
  • Enter the Xiaoniubenben WiFi repeater SSID and finally click on the next option.
  • Now, the repeater mode settings are successfully finished.
  • You can now use all these credentials to connect the internet of this range extender into your internet-enabling devices.
  • Surely, now your M-1200MN range extender signal indicators (power, internet, WPS) relay successfully.

Steps for the Xiaoniubenben AC1200 WiFi repeater AP mode Setup

Here are the steps for the Xiaoniu Benben M-1200DN WiFi extender access point mode setup via the PC. Let’s follow the steps below.

  • First of all, go under network settings and locate the XiaoniuBenben WiFi extender network name.
  • Similarly, in Access point mode, you have to click one from the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz frequency band network connection.
  • Click on the “NEXT” option and log in to the device by searching this Xiaoniubenben WiFi extender default IP address on the web page.
  • Locate the admin login page and log in with an admin username or password.
  • After this, you have to click on the settings and choose the app mode or click on the next option.
  • Enter the specific details and finish this process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • The Ap mode is generated while your extender is connected with your modem’s network via the internet cable connection.
  • Lastly, the Xiaoniubenben AC1200 WiFi repeater AP mode Setup is favourably complete.

Guide for the Xiaoniubenben 1200Mbps WiFi Booster WPS Setup

Here are the steps given for the Xiaoniubenben WiFi Extender WPS setup. Let’s use it.

  • In this WPS Setup mode, the repeater network name is +ext or ist router name and its password is the same which is used for your host router network.
  • But it is possible when you have to set up the WPS mode or Xiaoniubenben WiFi repeater relay mode by default and this extender will systematically extend your router’s network.
  • So, keep pressing one by one WPS button and pair both devices with each other and let’s ready it to extend its network signal.
  • Click on the device name or simply enter your router password or enjoy from this range extender simultaneous network connection.
  • Make sure the transmission rate between your devices and router from this range extender is the same.
  • If the range extender blinks the yellow light, then kindly keep your range extender nearby your router to move its signal light.

Tips for the M-1200DN Xiaoniubenben WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

Following are the below-mentioned tips given to resolving the issues of the Xiaoniu benben AC1200 WiFi Range Extender. Let’s emulate these guides.

(i) Xiaoniu Benben WiFi Booster not working

Here are the ways to fix these Ac1200 wireless booster issues, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • When the Xiaoniu benben Wireless WiFi booster does not work then you have an option to resolve it that reconnects it.
  • Kindly restart your networking range extender.
  • Also, try to reset if it is not solved yet.
  • Make sure this issue will resolve after this.
(ii) Xiaoniubenben WiFi repeater not connecting

Following are the ways to settle the AC1200 dual-band wireless extender, not connecting issues.

  • First of all, turn off the power of this range extender.
  • Now, plug it in again and connect it with your internet router.
  • Use the repeater mode or access point mode, by replacing the settings.
  • Apply the settings of this range extender correctly and save it lastly to connect your range extender with the router network precisely.
  • Surely, after this WiFi range extender not connecting issue is solved accurately.
(iii) Xiaoniu Benben AC1200 WiFi Range extender blinks yellow light

Here are the steps  to fix the Ac1200 range extender yellow light issues.

After the setup, the internet signal light has a blinking green light.
But it instantly moves into the yellow light due to a slow or weaker connection.
To move this signal light into green light then kindly keep closer this range extender of your existing router.
After using this step, surely, your device has been resolved automatically.

(iv) Xiaoniu Benben range extender no internet or no light
Below are the mentioned steps are given to settle the no light or no internet connection issue.

  • To solve this issue, you have to go into the settings section.
  • After that, apply the settings for the network connection again.
  • Now, connect the internet of this networking extender with the power and ensure that the no internet connection issue is resolved now.
  • If it is fixed, then you should use its network accordingly.
(v) Xiaoniubenben WiFi repeater keeps disconnecting

Below mentioned steps are delivered to fix the Xiaoniubenben wireless extender that keeps disconnecting.

  • To fix it, just press on the power button and let the device rest if it keeps disconnecting.
  • Press or push the reset button of this range extender, just for three to five seconds.
  • Release the Xiaoniubenben WiFi repeater reset button when its signal light is blinking precisely.

Xiaoniu Benben AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Review

The Xiaoniu M-1200DC WiFi Extender – WiFi Repeater is newly launched into the market with lower prices. The cost of this range extender is not too spendthrift. It is a pocket-friendly range extender. That delivers the wireless networking services very perfectly in comparison to others. This WiFi Booster approximately Covers Up to your home 2500 Sq.ft locations by connecting ist network up to 30 Devices.

It supplies the internet with up to 1200 Mbps connection via the Dual Band WiFi Repeater by its smart Ethernet Port connection. It is a great Wireless Signal Booster for Home that is almost Compatible with 99% of routers. In addition, this range extender works with each standard router or gateway. This range extender extends the network to any devices like laptops, iOS, Android devices, Echo/Alexa devices, PCs, PlayStation, Samsung devices, smart plugs furthermore infinitely countless devices. This is ideal for HD streaming and also superior for the gaming experience.

Why Do I read the Xiaoniu benben M1200DN wifi extender manual instructions?

You have to just follow the instructions of the Xiaoniu benben AC1200 wifi extender manual. Because it almost takes the user queries to answer. By using the user manual instructions, you have to install this range extender very precisely. Let’s know about some queries from the user manual guide:

  • Will the M-1200DN WiFi booster signal enter masonry walls?
  • How will this M-1200DN signal range extender boost my wifi signal through a hotspot in an RV?
  • Is the Xiaoniu benben M1200DN range extender Ethernet port best for Ethernet input or Ethernet output?
  • Will this M-1200DN Wireless range booster work with Fios?
  • What should I do if the computer has no wifi ability, can I join this computer to this R-1200DN range extender device with an ethernet cable and get wifi that way?