Ecolink Z-wave Door Tilt Sensor Setup, Installation & Troubleshooting

The Z-wave door tilt sensor from Ecolink is a leading industry product that arrives with gold-plated components. It is mainly designed to detect the opening of a door and assures reliability. The inbuilt sensors catch tampering and send you an alert in real-time whenever the cover has been removed. It can monitor, control, and catch the applications in homes and offices. The wireless device is easy to install and use. It runs with Z-wave products like HomeSeer, Vera, Vera Lite, Vera Edge, Piper NV, and D-Link staples connect. You can set it with an existing alarm sensor as it can be connected to an existing trigger.
It comes with a wide range of intelligent wireless security, home automation devices, and sensing. It is a compact device that operates with a frequency of around 908 MHz. If installed properly by viewing the line of sight, it can give the range of 100 feet. The CR123A 3V lithium battery runs for about 5 to 8 years depending upon the conditions you are operating. The Ecolink garage door tilt sensor works with a ring alarm security system too. The features of the door tilt sensor are as follows.

Garage Door Tilt Sensor Features

The Z-wave garage door sensor arrives with many great features. Some highlighted features are as follows.

  • It gives total peace of mind as it reports immediately when the door opens or closes. Besides opening or closing doors, it also sends another alert such as a low battery.
  • The door sensor is a cakewalk to install and use. Mounting hardware is included in the shipment box. Thereby, it saves the installation costs.
  • The Lithium battery runs for around five years. Therefore, it is a long-time device that can be installed in your home or office.
  • Compact, modern, and sleek design offers to place even in small areas. The Z-wave door tilt sensor installation is as follows.

Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor Installation

Unbox the cargo box and remove the equipment included in the box such as sensor, mounting bracket screws, sensor mounting bracket, battery, and adhesive tape piece. Carefully read the Z-wave door sensor user manual too. Now go after the simple instructions to install the door sensor.

Spot the Location for the Tilt Sensor

  • Initially, you have to pick the spot that suits perfectly for the garage door.
  • The tilt sensor must be installed at the top of the garage door.
  • It will be the first spot when the door is opened and the last will be the door closing spot.

Mount the Smartthings Ecolink Tilt Sensor

  • Confirm that the wall or place you are going to install the sensor should be sere.
  • The arrow available on the side of the device should be in the upward direction while placed in the mounting bracket.

Now, you have two choices. Whether to install the door sensor with adhesive tape or either with screws. If you are going to install the sensor on the garage door, it is suggested to use screws instead of adhesive tape if the screws are not longer than the thickness of the door. Otherwise, you can use adhesive tape too. Here are the instructions to install the sensor using adhesive tape.

Mount Using Adhesive Tape

  • Assure that the mounting wall or other spots you are placing the tape is dry and clean. The adhesive tape is designed in such a way that it can tackle humidity and temperature differences.
  • Pull off the outer layer of an adhesive tape
  • Now place the tape to the garage door and hold until it attaches accurately.
  • Now remove the outer layer of the adhesive tape too.
  • Take a mounting bracket and push slowly to the adhesive tape until it sticks perfectly. Now, look at the steps to mount the Z-wave garage door sensor using screws. Follow the below steps to mount the Ecolink door tilt sensor with screws.

Mount Using Screws

  • Pick the spot for the garage door and place the mounting bracket. You can use the mounting bracket as a template.
  • Now mark the spot for screws using a pen or pencil.
  • Use drilling equipment and make a hole where you have marked the spots for making holes.
  • Place the mounting bracket and fasten it with a screwdriver. That’s it, the door sensor has been installed successfully.
  • Now, look at the procedure to know the Ecolink Z-wave door tilt sensor pairing process. These are mentioned below.

Ecolink Tilt Sensor Pairing

  • Firstly, download the Vera app from the store for mobile phones. Launch the app and go to the menu page.
  • Now go to the device section and hit the plus icon. Go to the Z-wave generic and choose it.
  • When it is ready, hit next. Later the pairing operation initiates.
  • While the pairing is in process, the Z-wave door sensor light flashes. Remove the back panel of the Z-wave door sensor
  • Now pull the battery tab. This will detect the pairing device and connect to it by itself.
  • Look for the device that you had paired and name your door sensor.
  • Choose the location where the sensor has been installed. That’s it, the pairing is successful. Now you are apt to view whether the door is open or closed just with your mobile device.


If you have any of the problems you had faced while employing the door sensors, then these tips might help you to get rid of them. Here are the problems with solutions that users mostly faced.

Ecolink Tilt Sensor Reset
  • The Ecolink tilt sensor factory reset can be done in a few steps.
  • Put the device into the exclusion mode and then insert the battery.
  • The battery should be inserted into the sensor to ON the device.
  • However, you can use these tips only if the network primary controller is not available.
Z wave door tilt sensor not working
  • Assure that you had installed the sensor properly.
  • Confirm that you are using the Vera app to pair.
  • The battery should be properly inserted.
  • Remove the device from the app and pair again.
  • Reset the device by putting it into the exclusion mod and pulling the battery tab at the same time.
  • Contact the team support if none of the above solutions work.
Ecolink tilt sensor won’t pair
  • Get sure that the app is working properly. Otherwise, reboot the mobile phone.
  • The battery should be properly inserted into the door sensor and assure that the device is on.
  • Confirm that your device is in the range of the door sensor. Try to move close to the sensor and start pairing again.
  • If none of the tricks works for you, go ahead to reset the sensor and try to pair again.

Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor Review

Purchased this door sensor two months ago. The sensor is smaller than expected. Nevertheless, the device is great as it detects the opening or closing of doors. The installation is simple. No need for wiring to install it. You can attach the sensor with adhesive tape. Immediate notification whenever the door opens or closes is the biggest advantage. But sometimes, it gives false alarms too. In modern times, this sensor is a little bit outdated and requires modifications. The Lithium battery runs for around five years. Therefore, it is a long-term device that can be purchased at a pricing of around 22 dollars.


Q1. What does the range Z-wave door sensor offer?

It can give a range of 100 feet. if installed properly by considering the line of sight.

Q2. The battery is included in the shipment box or not?

Yes, the battery is included in the shipment box. You don’t need to purchase it separately.

Q3 What is the life of the battery?

The CR123A 3V lithium battery runs for about 5 to 8 years depending upon the conditions you are operating.

Q4. My door sensor is not working properly. What to do?

Get sure that you have installed the sensor properly. Affirm that you are employing the Vera app to pair. The battery should be correctly inserted. Expel the device from the app and pair similarly as you had done previously. Reset the device by setting it into the exclusion mode and pulling the battery tab at an identical time. Reach the team support if none of the above solutions work. Hope it helps.

Q5. Does the Ecolink door sensor work with Alexa?

Yes, the Ecolink door sensor works with Alexa. Get a hub first. You can control it by giving voice commands.

Q6. It seems the device is small. What are the measurements of the door sensor?

The door sensor is small and compact. It is designed and has a measurement of about 1.5”*3”.

Q7. Does it work with Nexia?

Yes, it works with Nexia. I had installed it in my garage.

Q8. Does it work with 319.5 MHz frequency?

No, it operates with a US frequency of around 908.42 MHz.

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