Zenbooster wifi extender

The Zenbooster wifi extender is often used to acquire a reliable signal that supplies powerful penetrability via two walls. It is a wireless booster that transmits your wireless home router internet between your bigger home. You can easily access through this device up to 300Mbps data internet connection. It has the ability to stretch this wireless router network up to wider locations. This is formed or released on the date of February 6, 2021. The WAYAYA 2.4Ghz Dual Band WiFi Extender is not too spendthrift, it is an ingenious Zen Booster.

Moreover, this wireless range extender also works with the access point mode and wireless repeater/extender mode. That means you have to take from this range extender both modes (wireless or wired) connection. Apart from this, it is a compatible device that universally works with IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, and IEEE 802.11n standards. The Zenbooster wifi 4 setup exclusively is not too hard, it is too simple and easier in comparison to anyone else. You can easily establish the internet of your router through the WPS mode. The size and design of this wireless booster are very elegant and its condensed appearance is appreciated.

Zenbooster wifi extender Installation

Following are the steps mentioned below, which describe “How to install the WAYAYA Zenbooster Router Signal Booster?”. Let’s use these all Zenbooster installation instructions to stretch your home router internet.

  • First of all, you should unpack this WiFi 4 booster, if this is bought recently.
  • Collect all the WiFi booster accessories from its box that presents into the box.
  • It comes with the Zenbooster WiFi 4 manual, Ethernet cable, or other necessary contents.
  • Now, you should read all the mentioned things from its user manual, which supports you in installing the WiFi booster.
  • Now, you can install the Zen booster, first plug it into the power plug.
  • After this, just wait for infrequent seconds until the power signal lights and WiFi lights do not flash with colour light.
  • Now, finish the Zen Booster WiFi setup, it will be established between your router and range extender using the WPS or Ethernet connection.
  • Lastly, the WAYAYA Zen booster range extender installation process is finished in a well-mannered.

Zenbooster WiFi setup using the Mobile phone

Here in the below steps for the WiFi 4 Setup between your Android phone. Let’s follow these steps.

  • First and foremost, go into the WLAN settings on your mobile phone.
  • Locate on your mobile phone network settings page, this wireless device network name.
  • Designate the Zen Booster SSID: FW-AC300-XXXX and Enter the ZenBooster WiFi default password: 12345678.
  • Now, navigate the on-screen instructions and click on the connect option.
  • If its internet is connecting to your mobile phone successfully then, launch the Zenbooster management page and log in to the device.

Quick steps for the Zenbooster wifi extender Login

Following are the steps, describe “How to log in the ZenBooster wireless range extender?”. Let’s use these steps to log in to the wireless booster effortlessly.

  • Launch the web page on your mobile phone and explore the Zenbooster WiFi signal booster default IP, which is, either you can use http://www.zen-booster.com.
  • The Zen booster admin page appears on your mobile screen after searching the one address from both of them.
  • So, let’s explore the Zenbooster default IP address to directly go on its admin page.
  • The admin page is launched on your web page, so, let’s designate the admin field and in which type this wireless extender username or in another field insert this booster password.
  • Finally, observe that you have to type up all the Zenbooster login credentials correctly.
  • If all the mentioned instructions are correct then move ahead and click on the “login” option.

Steps for the Zenbooster wifi range extender setup

In the below, there are specified steps describing the Zenbooster – wifi range extender 1200mbps Novitec setup. Let’s use it and set it up.

  • To the Zen booster WiFi setup, kindly locate the admin page of this range booster first.
  • Once login directly succeeds into the Zenbooster – wifi range extender 1200mbps setup page.
  • First of all, locate and unite your current router account to manage the settings impeccably.
  • If the main’s router network connects with the home page favourably then go ahead.
  • Now, set up the password and account for this Zen WiFi 4 range booster.
  • So, enter all details and remember all the entering credentials to again connect with this network using this new password.
  • After that, the internet light of the extender on your WiFi 4 signal range booster flashes with a yellow light.
  • This is symbolising that the actual home’s router internet connection is formed-up in your Zen booster range extender.
  • Ultimately, the Zenbooster wifi extender setup is completely well-mannered.

Some information regarding the Zenbooster wifi extender signal lights

Let’s know about the Zenbooster – WiFi range extender 1200mbps lights:

(i) The Zen booster orange light flashing to indicate

This is blinks to indicate that kindly set or adjust this wireless repeater in an adequate location of your home.

(ii) The Zenbooster wifi extender red lights blink to indicate

This is flashing to indicate that your wireless repeater is too far away from your home router. In this case, the wireless repeater is still blinking red with a signal light. So, reposition the wireless range extender to fix this issue.

(iii) WAYAYA 2.4Ghz Dual Band WiFi Extender Zen Booster green light

When your wireless signal range extender blinks well green while this is positioned in an impeccable location.

(iv) Zenboster WiFi repeater yellow lights

When this wireless repeater, power signal light, extender light, WiFi light, and LAN light is blinking the yellow signal light that means that is working pretty well now.

Steps for the Zenbooster wifi extender Troubleshooting

Use the below-mentioned steps to resolve this wireless range extender different occurring issue.

  • When the Zenbooster is not working and its signal lights also are not flashing. Then, in this case, you should only restart or reconfigure your wireless range extender. This occurring issue will be resolved after this.
  • To solve the Zenbooster wifi repeater won’t connect to the internet issue, you just readjust your wireless networking router. After that, surely your internet device issue is definitely solved.
  • Many times, the Zenbooster wifi repeater won’t reset. This means this networking router is not connected with the power plug precisely. Just, again plug it and reset the device.
  • If the laptop won’t connect to the wifi of the Zenbooster WiFi 4 extender. Then, in this case, you just reset your wireless signal range extender and solve this occurring issue.
  • Reconfigure the internet connection of the Zenbooster WiFi extender to fix the windows 10 won’t connect to the wifi extender issue. Surely, after this occurring issue will be resolved.

Zenbooster wifi reviews

Are you thinking about buying the new wireless router signal range extender for your actual home wifi router? If this is really true, then you have to try to stretch your home router signal with the Zenbooste WiFi range extender. Exclusively good normally to eliminate your home dead zones with the powerful range of this extender. It arrives with too many available latest-generation technologies. It also makes this range extender signal more improved and more trustworthy. The Zenbooster dual external antennas deliver the wall as thin as paper. SO, let’s access or stretch your home router’s internet with this wireless range extender. It is a booster that delivers the internet range up to your home all networking zones. The installation process of this wireless range booster is also too easy in comparison to others. This Zen booster best buy platform is Amazon, wifi booster Walmart, eBay, etc.

Why is it necessary to follow the instructions of the Zen booster manual?

You should read all the user manual instructions of the Zen WiFi 4 booster to know the specific details, which are mostly querying by you. Let’s know some questions answered through this router signal range booster user manual guide, which is specified below.

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