About Us

Bought that wireless printer and do not know how to connect it to the network? Or have a device malfunction/breakdown and hassled about setting it right? Be it product installation or troubleshooting – Devicessetup.com is here to bail you out!

As compared to the stationary Internet of the early 2000s, people across the globe today are connected to the world of digital information on the go. Due to ever-evolving technology, choosing a perfect product can be a cumbersome task for most of consumers. Further, the installation and setup involved in getting the device started to make the situation worse. Not to mention the troubleshooting queries post buying a device.

Devicessetup.com is the one-stop solution that makes shopping easier than ever for consumers and businesses to purchase a product. We provide information on a broad range of electronic devices, such as printers, cameras, laptops, and so on. With systematic analysis, we have earned the reputation of being the most trusted name for setup guides and reviews of electronic devices. We put our hearts into giving you the most helpful how-to guides on our site.

Why Choose Devicessetup.com?

All our articles are original, objective, and, to the best of our knowledge, accurate. We are constantly improving what you see on Devicessetup. We monitor the feedback left by the readers on each article. If an article does not meet the desired standards set by us, we rewrite it.
If you encounter an article that you think is missing information or you would like to suggest an alternative solution to the problem being discussed, please email us at [email protected] or comment on the article itself. We would love to hear from you!

Our Vision

Founded, with the vision of offering setup and troubleshooting guides, Devicessetup has become a leading Digital Consulting company. We have been helping consumers as well as businesses, both in India and internationally, driven by our aim to seamlessly create the maximum impact with minimal disruption.

Our Mission

Our mission has been propelled by utilizing decades of experience in creating how-to guides and troubleshooting manuals for various electronic devices. We pride ourselves on identifying our customers’ challenges quickly and aligning start-ups to address them.

Our Goal

Our goal at Devicessetup.com is to deliver trustworthy articles that engage our readers and meet their informational and emotional needs. Today, we are uniquely providing our readers with the best how-to guides on the Internet.

Collaborating with experts

For many topics, we bring in subject matter experts to review our articles to ensure that the information in them is accurate, comprehensive, and up to date. We have worked with around 100+ experts to enhance articles in a variety of ways. Experts have reviewed over 500 articles and answered over 2000 user questions.

Meeting the needs of readers

We train our writers and editors to research, organize, and write articles that address readers’ needs directly and help them achieve their goals. As people search the Internet for increasingly specific information, we have created how-to articles to match these queries. We provide them accurate information with simple and effective solutions.

Principles that create trustworthy content

  • Authoritative: Our writers and editors carefully research each topic. Our highly trained in-house project managers review every article before publication. We also work with industry-leading professionals to add expert advice and answer reader questions. We track the feedback of the readers on all articles and try our best to implement them.
  • Comprehensive: We provide in-depth guides so that readers can install or troubleshoot a product with confidence. For many topics, technologysetup.com offers multiple methods, so readers can complete the task or tackle a problem in the best way for them. If a product has a lengthy how-to procedure, our writers break the process into logical parts, making it extremely easy for the readers to understand all the details they need.
  • Relatable: We train our writers to consider the emotional state of the reader and aim to keep them at ease through our empathetic tone. We cover almost all the queries that a consumer might face while installing or troubleshooting a product.
  • Step-by-Step: We care deeply about helping people learn. Our step-by-step structure is easy to follow and helps readers get the detailed information they need.