How to set up Starlink router (residential)?

Set up your Starlink router in the right way! Know how

You have probably noticed that there are no additional connections if you have looked at your Starlink router. There is only one place to plug in the dish connection and one for the power cable.

Compared to wi-fi routers, which may provide as many as eight Ethernet ports, this is a far cry. Printers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives can’t be connected to this. The Starlink router won’t give you a wired connection if you need one. So, lets begin the starlink router setup right away.

How to set up the Starlink wifi router?

You can setup the Starlink router with the help of the app (iOS Android). So, first mount the dish at the top of your building. Then connect the cables from dish to the router. Now connect the router to the power and open the app. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the setup. You can also setup the starlink router in bridge mode incase you own another router too. To put the starlink router in bridge mode read below.

Open the Starlink App after connecting to your Starlink wi-fi. Navigate to Wi-Fi Configuration in Settings and select Advanced. Press Save after selecting Bypass Starlink Router. After this, the Starlink router will reboot and enter Bridge mode. You may want to use the Starlink connection with a different router. Including this, you need to modify the network settings in the Starlink app and enable Bypass Mode.  

Put the Starlink into Bridge mode. If you plugged it directly into the router, you would see that it worked. Due to Starlink’s dual role as a router, your network may experience issues due to double NAT. Gamers face this issue a lot. By putting the Starlink into Bridge mode, you can disable the router’s functionality and prevent double NAT. 

What are the things required for setting up a Starlink router?

  • The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is the first accessory to take into consideration. The Starlink dish cable and the Wi-Fi router can relate to this $25 accessory, which also adds a single wired internet connection that can be used to connect other devices to your Starlink service. As a result, it is the ideal accessory for connecting printers and other networked devices. Additionally, it makes it an excellent choice for pairing your Starlink internet connection with a separate router or mesh system.
  • Using your Wi-Fi mesh system or router and the Ethernet Adapter. For the price of a few cups of coffee, you can also get coverage throughout your entire house and advanced router features. Due to its plug-and-play construction, it is also simple to set up. Avoid directly connecting your dish cable to the Starlink router. Instead, connect it to the Ethernet Adapter, which connects to the router.
  • There are neither power cables nor system settings to adjust. You’ll have an Ethernet port right next to your Starlink router in a matter of seconds. The Starlink router makes it tempting to upgrade by adding a faster or wi-fi 6E router because it uses an older wireless standard (Wi-Fi 5). The additional performance offered by a fast router will not be available for the time being, with anticipated download speeds reaching 200 Mbps. The same applies to securing your network for the foreseeable future.


Additionally, you might be wondering how to connect your Starlink system to a router. The one that has more advanced features or a mesh system that provides Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire house.

You will need to purchase accessories from the Starlink shop, which is only open to Starlink customers, to solve these issues. The company store offers accessories for networking your entire home, including dish mounts and new cables. You can also add wired devices or use a compatible third-party router to get more Wi-Fi coverage.

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