When will I receive my starlink? How much time will it take?

In case if you have just ordered a starlink kit and are wondering when will you receive your starlink it then let us help you with this information. First of all you will get your starlink kit within 2-4 weeks. In order to check the latest update about your starlink order, get onto your starlink account page. 

Once your starlink order is ready to be shipped they will contact you to complete the order via email. So, you need to check your email for starlink mail, there you will need to complete the order within 7 days, or else your order will be canceled automatically and they will give you a full refund.

Within any region or area the orders are fulfilled by first come, first serve basis. So, it is requested to you all to book your slots asap.

As per current scenario Starlink have limited stock. So, at locations where the demand is high the waiting period might also defer. This is expected to improve as company will send more additional satellites into low earth orbit. Also if someone cancels starlink order in these full areas, then it is replaced by next person in line.

We know how excited you must be about your new starlink router. And you must be wondering while looking out the window oh god!! when will I receive my starlink?? well the wait is gonna end soon and you will get high speed internet.

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