How do I factory reset my Starlink Router?

There can be lot of reasons why you would want to reset your starlink router. Be it that you want to change its network name or password or any other reason. In this article today we will teach you the correct method to reset starlink router that includes (standard, circular) or (strandard, rectangular) or even the mesh router too.

After successful reset the network name will appear as “Stinky” or “Starlink” in your wife list.

So lets first learn about the Circular one-

Reset Standard (Circular) Dish Router:

Make sure while you try the reset on this router it should be plugged in to the wall. Locate the reset button at the bottom of the router and press and hold it until the light on it turns blue. You can release the button after this. This is all you need to do in order to reset the router.

Reset Standard (Rectangular) and High Performance Dish router:

In case your router doesn’t have a reset button then you must be having the newer rectangular or high performace starlink units. In order to reset these you just need to power cycle the starlink.
So, unplug the router from its power socket with the time interval of 2-3 secs each with 3 times in a row. This will reset your starlink router and it will take few minutes to reboot properly.
Now, you will need to set up the router again in order to use the internet. Click here to learn how to setup starlink router.
The light at the bottom of the router will be illuminted when this is complete. Moreoever you won’t find any light at the front of the router.

How to reset Starlink Mesh Router:

This unit will need you to be patient the reason why we say this is beacuse you will beed to power cycle it 6 times in a row. So, unplug it from the power wait for 2-3 secs and then plug it back in. Do this 6 times consecutively.

Moreover make sure you connect to primary starlink router’s network name when repairing he node. Do not connect to “Stinky” or “Starlink” network names. These are also the default starlink network names.

So, in your starlink app you will get the notification or prompt of “Pair Mesh Node”. So, open the app and wait for 1-2 minutes.

With this you can reset the starlink router to factory default settings.

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