The next generation Of Wifi Connectivity : Wifi 7

What is WiFi 7? The ultimate guide

Many individuals have only recently made the switch to Wi-Fi 6, and some may be considering making the switch to Wi-Fi 6E too. But wait, they should hold off until their successor is available. The next significant advancement is WiFi 7, which, like its predecessors, promises faster connections. Additionally, it has lower latency and the capacity to gracefully manage a greater number of connections than ever before. 

Wi-Fi 7 is not the answer right now if you want to improve your Wi-Fi because support will be less for some time. However, the announcement that the first batch of Wi-Fi 7 routers will arrive in early 2023 exciting early buyers. Realistically, most of us won’t have to think about switching for a long time. Before looking at our picks for the best mesh Wi-Fi systems and Wi-Fi routers, if you need to upgrade quickly, first think about learning how to buy a router.

What Excatly is Wi-Fi 7? Explained in Layman’s term

Wi-Fi 7 promises significant advancements over Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, with speeds up to four times faster. It also includes clever innovations to decrease latency, and boost capacity, stability, and effectiveness. In the previous naming convention, Wi-Fi 7 was called IEEE 802.11be. Wi-Fi 6 used IEEE 802.11ax, whereas Wi-Fi 5 used IEEE 802.11ac.

Wi-Fi 7 will be compatible with previous standards. However, you will need to upgrade your devices in order to take advantage of the promised new features and improved performance. This necessitates purchasing new smartphones, laptops, televisions, and other devices.

What advantages does WiFi 7 offer? 

For reliable low-latency performance, Wi-Fi 7 will be faster, support more connections, and be more adaptive. Improved cloud gaming and high-quality video will result from these advantages. They will also be used by augmented reality and virtual reality applications that need high throughput and low latency.

Congestion and interference are also addressed by Wi-Fi 7, providing areas with tangible benefits. Mainly those with a lot of devices or networks that overlap with one another. The latter is especially important for businesses and larger venues. 

When will WiFi 7 be available to the public?

Beginning in early 2023, the initial Wi-Fi 7 devices and routers will be released. However, before you have Wi-Fi 7 devices, you won’t see the benefits of a Wi-Fi 7 router.

This is because the brand-new Wi-Fi 7 routers are compatible with older models. They might make sense for people who are thinking about buying a costly Wi-Fi 6E system right now. So that they can accommodate 6E connections and provide some futureproofing. 

The most expensive quad-band Archer BE900 ($700) is part of TP-Link’s Wi-Fi 7 router line-up. It features a touchscreen, a customizable LED grid, and a sports-specific X-shaped design. It has four 2.5 Gbps ports and two 10 Gbps ports with a combined speed of up to 24 Gbps across all bands.

There is a 2.4-GHz band, two 5-GHz bands, and a 6-GHz band with speeds of up to 11 Gbps. The Archer GE800 Gaming router and three Deco mesh systems were also unveiled by the company. 


Qualcomm’s Networking Pro Series platform and Wi-Fi 7 chipset are used in devices. They allow up to 33 Gbps of quad-band connectivity over 16 streams. Its technologies are already being integrated into devices by partners. Wi-Fi 7 technologies have also been announced by Broadcom and MediaTek.

As the new standard is finalized and officially designated by the Wi-Fi Alliance, more vendors will undoubtedly announce their plans in the upcoming months. Even if Wi-Fi 7 does arrive, it will not overtake Wi-Fi 6. For many years to come, the two technologies are likely to coexist as complementary ones. 

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