Why doesn’t My Alexa update? Lets Fix it in 2 Mins

In most cases, Alexa releases an update every six months. However, updating your Alexa might be challenging for some reason. You might be wondering if the voice assistant you are using is the most recent version. If you don’t, there is an easy way to see if there have been any updates. Before proceeding, ensure that your smartphone or computer is also up to date. 

How can you tell if your Alexa is up to date? 

The good news is that the Alexa app and devices typically update on their own. As a result, you won’t have to constantly check by hand. However, not all automatic updates work. They may not be enabled at all, or you may need to push the updates a little bit to get them to work. In the following section, we explain how to check for alexa updates. 

Why is my Alexa app not updating? 

You will have to manually check because your device probably isn’t set up to update the app. Visit the App Store on an iOS device. Scroll down to Available updates by selecting your Account profile in the upper right. Either check to see if Alexa is present or select “Update all” to complete all your updates at once. 

If you use Android and access the Google Play Store. Select Manage apps and devices from your Profile in the upper right. Check to see if an update is available for the Alexa app. 

Does Alexa automatically update?

When we talk about Alexa, we might be referring to two distinct things. One is the Alexa app, which can be found on your computer, smartphone, etc. You can manage settings, connect devices, search for skills, and do a lot more with this app. Control how the voice assistant generally functions behind the scenes and ensure that you have the appropriate music account. It can also listen to voice commands and provide all the usual voice-assistant services by using the microphone on your device. 

There is also a physical Alexa that can be found in things like Echos, compatible watches, speaker bars, and so forth. For the device itself, separate software updates are required for this version of Alexa. This describes how an operating system like iOS or Android would be upgraded. Since the Alexa app contains all the essential controls, we will begin with it. Then, explain how to check for updates on Alexa devices. 

How do you check for updates on Alexa-enabled devices like Echos? 

You don’t need to worry about any other updates if you only use an Alexa app on a phone, computer, or watch. Nonetheless, these to the operating system are excluded. But things get more complicated if you have a separate device with Alexa built in. Let’s take a look at Alexa’s second section. The software that is installed on your particular device, such as an Echo, Sonos smart speaker, EcoBee thermostat, and so forth. 

  • Verify that your Alexa device is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network. The majority of devices should update automatically when connected to the internet. During an update, the indicator light or ring on Echo devices will glow blue. 
  • Try saying “Alexa, check for software updates,”. Alexa will check to see if that device has any uninstalled updates. If there is anything new, start updating. If you’re interested, here’s a list of the most recent software versions and updates for each Echo device. Naturally, older gadgets can’t update as much as they used to. Anyhow, if you want Alexa to call 911, click here

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