An Integrated Installation Instructions on the Echo Show 8 Camera

The Echo Show 8 Camera is a great example of a high-tech upgrade in today’s technology. Well, Amazon announced its first new Echo Show 8 during their launch event, onwards other new ring and Echo devices. Along with that, the Echo show 8 (1st generation) has an amazing sound quality with unbelievably good screen resolution. However, the physical camera shutter is a small and smart addition for privacy concern users. Moreover, it has an eight-inch screen so that you can watch movies, TV, or interact through video conferencing with your loved ones sans interruption.

Thus, the Echo Show 8 smart Camera has the most popular voice assistant which is Alexa. Moreover, Alexa has skills that can reach any area of your house that you couldn’t think of. It can be health, cooking, music, games, dance, motivational video, or any other. With the help of Amazon shopping, you can easily make orders from Amazon hands-free apps. Besides, it has the ability to make your work more convenient when you go somewhere.

Capabilities of the Echo Show 8 Security Camera

Are you looking for a smart home technical resource or thinking about adding a new smart display device to your collection. Well, you gave a great choice which is the Echo Show 8 Camera. It doesn’t matter where you are and what you want, to get the smart Echo show 8 is a high-tech option that provides you an 8-inch screen so that you can access over 40,000+ advanced skills. Let’s check out its capabilities in the underneath points.

  • With the Amazon Echo show 8, you will get the smart voice assistant Amazon Alexa that will get you more familiar with its functionality in a better way. It also helps you manage your routine work in a jiff.
  • It has Echo show 8 Adjustable band that helps to improve the Echo show 8 camera angle. Moreover, you can easily adjust it by tilting it to a forward or backward angle.
  • Always be entertained. Whenever you want to light up your mood then ask Alexa to play your favorite song, play videos, movies or listen to podcasts, radio stations, and audiobooks.
  • Besides, it lets you monitor with Echo show 8 with blink outdoor camera mini 1080 HD screen. Just plug into the wall jack and then capture or record all-day activities inside of your home. Whether it’s day or not, it works conveniently.
  • Last but not least, it is easily set up in minutes. You need to plug the smart camera into the wall outlet and then connect to the stable home wifi connection. You can add it to the Blink mobile app.

So these are the capabilities of the Echo first generation show camera. If you want to know more about the device then read further.

How to use the camera on Echo show 8?

To use the Echo show 8 first-generation devices, you need to go through step-by-step to this article. First, you need to start by observing the buttons on its rear panel.

  • Volume down button
  • Volume up button
  • Mic/camera (on/off) button
  • Camera shutter button (on/off)
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • You can also include the power adapter along with the security smart camera.

As you know that the Echo smart camera is compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa which is specially designed to protect your privacy concerns. This is how to turn on the camera on echo show 8. Moreover, if you want to enable other settings then keep reading.

How to access the Echo show 8 cameras remotely with Alexa?

Undoubtedly, Alexa is designed to protect you from online threats or hackings. Thus, there are three ways to use Alexa to activate the security mode with Echi show 8 smart camera devices.

It indicates when you speak Wake word

When the Echo smart camera detects the Wake word then Alexa will begin listening or understanding your words. Moreover, Alexa will begin indicating a blue light that lets you know when the audio is being sent to the secure cloud folder of Amazon.

Can control the Echo show 8 camera settings and microphone settings

Alexa can electronically disconnect the camera and the mics settings with the press of the button. If you also want to change these mentioned settings then slightly slide the built-in shutter to cover the Echo show 8 camera quality.

Check the voice command history

If you want to know what exactly Alexa heard then you can easily view it into the Alexa app. Moreover, if you want to delete the recording into the Alexa app then you can do it any time.

These are the settings of Alexa which simply helps you to secure your account in an appropriate manner.

How to set up the Echo show 8 camera?

Check out the steps to set up the Echo first-generation device in your home ecosystem.

Start by a plug-in- the Echo show 8
  • The first step starts with a very basic function.
  • You need to plug the included power adapter into Echo and then plug them into the electrical outlet.
  • When you plug the Echo then a blue light ring will start spinning around the top of the device.
  • Within a minute, the light ring will change its color from blue to orange.
  • It will greet you with an opening voice command.
Install the Echo app
  • Firstly, install the Echo free app on your mobile device or tablet.
  • When you click on the download button, the app will start its downloading process.
  • If you don’t know how to install the app, then free;y open any safe browser into mobile phone or tablet.
  • Enter and the Echo app will automatically open.
  • Thus, it will immediately start the setup process.
  • When the setup of the Echo show 8 is in the process then you need to connect the Echo device to the internet connection.
  • For that, you should have the wifi password as well.

After completing these steps follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the Echo device setup process. Also, check out the below-mentioned steps that you can do after installing the app.

  • You can easily select the preferred language by tapping on the screen.
  • To connect to the internet connection, identify your wifi network name from the displayed list of the wifi connections.
  • After doing so, type the wifi password of your wifi network and then click on the done button.
  • Then, open the Amazon app and then enter your email and password to sign in to the app.
  • No worries, if you don’t have an account. Just visit on your computer or mobile browser and then simply create the account.
  • To access or to Echo Show 8 Camera use, you need to have an Amazon account.
  • Now accept the time zone and click on continue.
  • Lastly, complete the leftover on-screen prompts to complete the settings of the Echo show device.

This is the accurate way to use or how to use echo show 8 camera. If still in doubt then it is advised to refer to the user manual of the Echo device at least once.

Quick Fix tips for Echo Show 8 device

No doubt that the Echo Show camera is a smart device that adds advanced display to your home. But unfortunately, the Echo Show 8 Camera keeps rebooting or starts causing unwanted errors in the device. Well, we have a smart troubleshooting guide that will help you to resolve the Echo show camera-related issues. It is only advised to walk through step-by-step as mentioned in this guide.

Why is the Echo Show 8 Camera not working?

Sometimes it happens when the Alexa echo show 8 camera not working appropriately or sometimes the Echo Show 8 Camera keeps turning off. When this happens then the situation becomes problematic. Therefore, many Echo camera users have experienced complete loss during these sessions. If you are a new user, then be sure that the camera shutter should not be engaged. To resolve it, you can try with the hard reset of the Echo show camera.

  • Unplug the Echo device from the wall jack and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • After waiting, replug the connection.
  • If the hard reset doesn’t work then you need to do the factory reset of the Echo show.
  • First, you need to push and hold the volume down + mute button simultaneously.
  • Hold those buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  • When you see the Amazon boot screen then release those buttons immediately.

These tricks will definitely work to get rid of the Echo Show 8 surveillance Camera problems.

Why does the Echo Show 8 Camera keep going black?

Sometimes the Echo Show 8 outdoor Camera screen goes black and this mainly happens due to incorrect power or faulty cables that supply the flow to the device. Thus, it can be caused by software malfunctions or hardware that damages the device.

  • If the power of the Echo Show is interrupted then there might be power outages. Thus, these will result in a black screen or other bugs in the device. You need to resolve this problem with a power cycling step.
  • Sometimes the “do not disturb” feature is enabled then it also starts showing you a black screen. So make sure that the “do not disturb” feature is disabled.
  • You might have enabled the night clock and then it happens to be a black screen. This will make the device sleep during the night and display out a small clock screen.
  • The broken display you will find constantly glimmering or randomly Echo show 8 turn off the camera. The only way to revert this loss is to fix or repair it instantly.

Why is the Echo Show 8 Camera live view not working?

The Echo Show 8 first-generation allows you to make video calls and provide information on everything. But sometimes the Echo Show 8 Camera video not working properly due to some uncertain reasons. You need to make sure that the screen should not be bound up. If so then keep some points in your mind while turning on the screen.

  • Wipe the screen of the Echo show before or after touching it with oily or dirty hands, especially its edges.
  • Make sure that the main infrared sensors are properly located.
  • Also, ensure that the sensors should not be blocked. If it is blocked then it may affect the performance of the camera.
  • Besides, you can also relocate the Echo show camera to spot the actual hindrance with real estate.

How to turn on the camera on echo show 8?

With the help of the camera, you can do a lot of interesting things which are discussed below.

  • You can take pictures with the Echo show camera. Simply need to say “Alexa take a picture” and the app will immediately load the screen to take your picture.
  • You also have the drop-in option. Can access the device with the permission of other users or vice-versa. Moreover, you can also customize the drop-in section.
  • Make video calls with your friends or loved ones. If you have the Echo device or an installed Alexa app then you can easily manage the settings as well with a quick voice command.

These points define the use of the camera when you want to turn it on. If you want to get more information in detail then read its manual for more help.

Echo Show 8 Camera Review

The Echo Show 8 Camera review is just far from an impressive word. It works functionally as it has high technology with great modernized features. Undoubtedly, it is affordable and offers an effective value for its price. It is very easy to install with its camera. You have several options with the Echo show 8 so don’t depend only on the alarm clock or Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, it also allows you to add real-time video from its smart security system. You can do video calls to your family or friends with the help of its drop-in feature.

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