Ready, Set, Connect: How to activate Verizon phone?

To activate verizon phone that you have purchased is quite simple. If you follow the correct steps, activating your Verizon phone will not take much time. Sign in to your My Verizon account at Select Devices from My Verizon Navigation after logging in, and then select Activate or Switch Device. If you own a verizon extender then , click here to know about its setup instructions.

How do you properly activate a Verizon phone?

You can easily activate a device if you already own a phone through Verizon. When you open the website, you can activate on an existing line or activate on a new line. 

  • Select the line you want to modify and click select device if you have multiple lines on your account. First, you’ll make sure you’re not replacing a device that was used on your account before. 
  • If you select “yes,” choose it from your past devices and click “Check Device.” Sometimes the device you used before won’t show up in your device history. Select “No” and then click “Next” if you are activating a device that has not been used with the account. 
  • The Device ID must then be entered. Select the device type if you are unable to locate the Device ID on your phone. The operating system will then provide instructions on how to locate the Device ID for the type you are activating. Enter the ID and click Check Device when you find it. A quick reminder, when entering the device ID, always use the number “0.” 
  • Note:-
  • You will be prompted to authorize the activation to ensure the safety of your account. Click Text me the code after choosing the device to which you want the code sent. Enter the code once you get it and click “confirm.” 
  • We will verify that your SIM card is compatible with your line during the Check SIM step. You will skip this step if your device does not require a SIM card or if the SIM card you have previously used is compatible. Select your device type to learn how to locate your SIM ID number. To obtain instructions, select the OS from the drop-down menu. Click Check SIM card after entering the SIM ID. You can order a SIM card online or pick one up at a store if you do not already have one. 
  • Assuming you decide to arrange one on the web, click add to the truck and follow the moves toward the checkout. You may need to come back and go through this process again once you get your new SIM card in the mail or from a store. If you bought it online, a button that says “Activate SIM” should be there. From the Activate or Switch Device start page, activate it here. 
  • Assuming you recently had gear insurance or have as of late updated. Click Confirm after selecting a protection option for your equipment. You will be asked to select a compatible plan if the device you are activating is not compatible with your current data plan. Click Confirm after you have made your changes. 
  • Before activating your new phone, we advise backing up your contacts to ensure that you do not lose any of them. To view instructions for backing up your contacts from your device, click, and after the backup is finished, click “Continue.” Shop other devices on Verizon, tap now


After inserting the SIM card and turning on your device, you will need to ensure that your phone is powered off to complete the activation. You can restore your contacts on your new device once it is active. To view your device’s, restore instructions, click the link on the screen. Just as you did when you backed up your contacts, follow the steps on the screen. By selecting the option to receive support, you can also obtain instructions on how to use your device. Click Send me a confirmation text message on my device to confirm that your new device is active. That’s it, now you are ready to start using your new device. For easier understanding, go through the video here