How do I get a human at Verizon customer service?

When it comes to contacting a company’s customer service, it seems like we all have stories about how difficult it is to speak with a real person. Fortunately for Verizon customers, it is simple to speak with a real person rather than chatbots or pre-recorded messages. Through the My Verizon app, online chat, or over the phone, you can talk to a Human at Verizon customer service. Continue reading to find out how Verizon makes it simple to talk to a real person. 

Saying Goodbye to Robo-Representative: A Guide To Reaching A Human At Verizon

When calling Verizon’s customer service, you will always receive a pre-recorded message. However, you can quickly connect with a person by following these simple steps. 

The first way is to call Verizon customer service
  • at 800-922-0204 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Press “0” when asked why you are calling. Press “0” once more when you are asked to explain why you are calling. The verizon customer service system will connect you with a Verizon human representative. It is best to call from your Verizon phone for the quickest service. Your number will be recognized by the system, which will prepare your data. However, representatives of customer service will still need to confirm your identity. 
Schedule a call is the second option.
  • You can schedule a call from Verizon instead of waiting on hold. Fill out the form on Verizon’s online call scheduler and select a date and time. You won’t have to worry about anything else until you get the call. 
The third choice is to talk to a real person online.
  • Verizon says that the quickest way to get help is through its online chat. You might see a chat popup in the bottom right corner of the Verizon website when you visit it. By clicking the popup, you can start the chat. If you do not receive that option, you can select the chat option on the Verizon “Contact Us” page. Signing in might be necessary first. A chatbot initiates each conversation; However, the system will connect you to a human rep if you simply type “human” into the chat window once it is open. 
Chatting with a real person on the My Verizon App is the fourth option.
  • Another way to talk to a real person is to start a chat in the My Verizon app (iOS, Android). Tap the wheel above More after logging in to the My Verizon app. Choose “chat with us” after selecting “Contact us”. To ask a question, select or tap this option, and then enter “Human” into the chat box that appears. Please allow some time for this.

What should you do if none of the above options work and you still can’t get human rep at verizon customer support

  • Take the help of social media. Twitter and Facebook social media accounts are managed by Verizon Wireless. You can get in touch with the representatives using these. Here is the twitter handle of Verizon customer support. And this is the facebook handle. According to this amazing article it has been observed that 75% of the customers get quick response on twitter within 15 mins. It can be used to keep track of any promises that Verizon representatives make to solve your questions or problems. 
  • Alternatively, you can seek assistance from community boards and forums. Use Verizon’s Forums and Community Boards to ask a question or get a response. Relatively, if you want to switch to another Internet service provider then we recinnebd Starlink. Click here to know more about it.

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