How to remove a website from Ezoic? The Right Method!

Well, let’s remove your website from Ezoic

You have come to the right place if you have recently joined the Ezoic network to monetize your website. But you must be having trouble or Ezoic has rejected your request to approve your website for monetization, and now you want to remove it from Without wasting time further, let’s jump into it. 

What are the reasons for removing a website from Ezoic? 

A website may be removed from Ezoic for a variety of reasons. After integrating Ezoic, your website is not functioning properly. The Javascript on your website isn’t working. CSS isn’t working right, or images won’t load properly. If your request for monetization has been rejected by Ezoic, or if third-party JS does not support Ezoic, etc. But the most important factor is how to immediately remove your website from Ezoic, regardless of the reason. 

How to remove a website from Ezoic?

  • Getting rid of Nameservers: You must have been asked to replace your hosting’s nameservers with Ezoic nameservers from the domain registrar when you first integrated your website with Ezoic. Therefore, all that remains now is to return to your domain registrar and switch the nameservers from Ezoic to your hosting provider. 

For instance, if you purchased the domain name for your website from NameCheap, you must return to your hosting provider to change the nameservers. In my case, I have purchased my hosting and domain names from Bluehost and Google Domains, respectively. I have been requested by the Ezoic team to switch the nameserver from Bluehost to theirs. Additionally, I simply changed my Google domains back. 

  • Disabling a plugin for WordPress: They also asked you to install the WordPress plugin as the next step to improve the site’s integration. Simply disable the plugin wherever you are. 
  • Taking Ezoic off the website: You should wait at least 24 hours after completing these steps. This is due to the fact that considering your changes will take time. Ezoic should notify you via email that your website is no longer integrated with the platform after this time. The same email reached me also. You can only access settings by logging into your Ezoic dashboard at this point. The “remove a site” option needs to be found there. That’s it, and you are done. 


Simply go to the Whois website and enter your domain to verify that it has been completed. From there, check the nameservers. Simply wait until you see the servers of Ezoic. Your hosting server will be displayed otherwise. 

There might come a time when you don’t want to continue working with Ezoic. Since there is no support article pertaining to that, removing the website from there is extremely challenging. Their website does not have a live chat feature. So, we decided to use this trick above, and it worked. Therefore, you can remove your website from Ezoic by simply deleting the WordPress plugin and the nameservers. 

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