How to see Starlink satellites? Via App and Telescope!

Nowadays, whoever has Starlink wishes to see Starlink Satellites. But mostly they don’t know the right way to view the satellites and are tired of reading fake articles about them. Not anymore, because in today’s writing, we help you view the Starlink satellites and show you how to find the chain.

Read till the end to spot them from your location and have a glance at the satellite train as well. Learn which Starlink is near your location and what’s the latest launch, through here

Have you ever seen a Starlink Satellite? If not, now you will

The Starlink satellites train looks like splendid spots in the night sky. If you know where to look and when you can see them with your naked eyes-

The first way for searching for Starlink is with the Satellite Tracker app

  • Start by tapping the satellite icon and then click on the All option. Select the mission you are most interested in from the “SpaceX’s Starlink” section (the launch number is the number after the letter “L”).  
  • To add a satellite or multiple satellites to your tracking list, tap the Track button next to them. Take note of the order in which the satellites on this list appear in the sky above you to determine their ranking. 
  • Tap on one of the satellites you are keen on to choose it and return to the main menu. The “Next pass” timer displays the remaining time until the selected satellite’s next flyby over your location. The list of upcoming passes visible from your location can be accessed by tapping the down arrow. Plan your observation time with this list. Now click on “All Passes” to view a list of all passes

You can toggle between the three modes on the app’s main screen by tapping the round icons at the bottom: 

  1. World view: This permits you to see a satellite’s direction around the 3D model of the Earth and on the World’s guide. 
  2. View from space: This shows the satellite in its current position above the Earth in a three-dimensional model. 
  3. Aerial sky view: This allows you to follow the arrow pointer to locate the satellite in the sky. To know when Starlink will launch their next satellite, follow us
The second method to see Starlink satellite train in the sky above you is to use Star Walk 2 application
  • Start the app and tap the satellite icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap the magnifier icon. The most recent Starlink satellites that have been launched can be found at the top of the “Main Satellites” list. 
  • Select the mission you want to follow by going to the section labelled “SpaceX’s Starlink” further down. Star Walk 2 will provide you with precise information regarding the position and trajectory of the satellite you are interested in. 
The third way is to use extra tools to see Starlink satellites. You can also view Starlink satellites with the assistance of several websites: 
  • In the Heavens-Above website specifically dedicated to these satellites, you can obtain predictions regarding Starlink passes. Set the date, choose the mission you are interested in, and learn about the next satellite’s pass. Or you can use the “Satellite Database” section to find Starlink satellites. 
  • Go to and there you can see the position and trajectory of a Starlink satellite by typing its name into the search field. In addition, it will assist you in tracking satellites of interest, providing predictions for the next ten days and important information about them. 
  • Tap the Menu icon and select the “Satellite catalogue” section. Then type the name of a satellite into the search field that appears in the lower part of the screen. This is to track satellites using CelesTrak and launch orbit visualization. Pick the comparing query output, and you will see the satellite’s direction and main data about it. To get a street view of your Starlink Satellite, click here

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