What is Starlink For Rv? $2,500 For In-Motion Internet Service

Starlink for RV is a new revolution in the field of mobile connectivity. Now you can be on go while streaming your favorite show in your RV or Van. Initially the starlink for RV was not equipped to work while in motion. 

But with elon musk’s latest announcement, now the new flat high performance starlink can work seamlessly while in motion too. You can click here to check if starlink for RV service is available at your location.

Models of Starlink Available For RV?

There are two models of starlink rv that are available on their website. The first one is standard and the second one is starlink flat high performance. Both of these have their own pros and cons. Let’s learn it so that you can choose the best one.

Standard Starlink For Rv:-

This starlink is a portable device that you can use at any location while at rest. That’s why it is quite popular for residential use. It is useful only at locations where starlink has coverage. Once you order this model you get the delivery immediately with all components required to get online. 

Flat High Performance Starlink:-

This unit allows users to enjoy high speed internet while they are moving or in motion. Since it is attached permanently on top of your vehicle and it is flat. That’s why it gets a better field of view which in turn helps it to connect to more starlink satellites for faster internet access. This hardware is resilient in bad weather and harsh conditions. 

Important:- If you use your starlink flat higher performance without the wedge mount then it will void the warranty of your device. 

Difference Between Starlink Standard and Flat High Performance?

Although both of these units perform best in their domains. And they both have their equal shares of pros and cons. Standard while being affordable, flat high performance is quite expensive. Standard doesn’t offer in motion internet but Flat does. Let’s check out a few more technical differences.

What’s In The Box

Standard:- It includes Starlink, Base, Router, Starlink cable(22.9m or 75ft) AC cable (1.8m or 6ft)

Flat Higher Performance:- It includes Starlink, Power supply, Power supply mount, Router, Router mount, Starlink cable (8m or 26.2ft), Ethernet cable (5m or 16.5ft), Router cable (2m or 6.5ft), AC Cable/power supply (1.8m or 6ft), AC cable/router (1.8m or 6ft).

Technical Specifications


Antenna- Electronic phased array

Orientation- Motorised self orientation

Environmental Rating- IP54 (water resistant, and dust resistant)

Snow Melting Capacity- Upto 40mm/hour (1.5in/ hour)

Operating Temperature- -30 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius (-22 degree F to 122 degree F)

Field of View- 100 degree

Average Power Usage- (50-75 W)

Flat Higher Performance:-

Antenna- Electronic phased array

Orientation- Fixed

Environmental Rating- IP54 (Protection from dust and strong water jets)

Snow Melting Capacity- Upto 75mm/hour (3in/ hour)

Field of View- 140 degree

Average Power Usage- (110-150 W)

Wind Rating- Survivable 280 kph+ (174 mph+)

Mounting- Wedge mount kit included

What is the cost of Starlink for Rvs?

The price for standard Starlink for RVs is $599. And if you want to order Starlink Flat High Performance that is capable of working while in motion then its price is a whopping $2,500Plus there will be extra $50 for shipping. 

The monthly Internet charges for both Spacex Starlink RV models will be same $135. Moreover, European customers can get the standard starlink for  €634, €71 in shipping, and €124 a month for the service. 


So before ordering the Starlink for RV you can check the coverage map here. Also there are certain rules like you can use the RV starlink within the same continent as registered shipping address. Suppose if you use starlink in foreign land for more than 2 months then you will need to move your account to a new location. Else you can buy new starlink to maintain services.

So, with high speed internet and easy setup spacex starlink RV is a major revolution in internet connectivity. And in the near future they will be sending more satellites in space which will improve their services to 100 fold. So, you can definitely rely on them.

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