ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Gaming Router

The Asus GT-AC5300 is a tri-band & latest 802.11ac wireless network standard gaming router. It offers maximum coverage throughout your house. This router is completely powered by a 5GHz or 2.4GHz network that provides the Wi-Fi range up to 5334Mbps. Additionally, the maximum coverage of the gaming router is up to 5,000 sq. ft. Moreover, the 1.8GHz 64bit Quad-Core processor is built-in in the Asus Rog Rapture GT-AC5300 router that absolutely & quickly maximizes the internet data around your residence. The 8 LAN port is equipped on this router that offers to establish the wired connection in multiple devices. Moreover, the USB 3.0 port for the Asus gt-ac5300 rog rapture gaming router thoroughly optimizes the network traffic & also enhances the Wi-Fi range.

Beside, the asus gt-ac5300 gaming router works with AiMesh network that is very powerful. It is a very flexible way to solve the internet connectivity issue. The 4 × 4 MU-MIMO features are equipped that enable various devices to approach the high-seed network connectivity. Multiple internet connections are there in this router such as static IP, dynamic, Automatic IP, PPPoE, & L2TP.

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 installation steps

The Asus gt ac5300 gaming router completely works with the latest & high 802.11ac network. It provides blazing & incredible Wi-Fi range. However, with this router apparatus every gaming console is compatible. You can easily connect your gaming device to this tr-band router and play high-speed games. To connect your gaming device, you need to install it with the modem.

GT-AC5300 gaming router position:
  • To get better Wi-Fi range in your gaming device, you should not place the gaming router in the corner of your house. You should always keep the position of your network appliance in the midway of the house from where all the devices can easily get the network.
  • You should more distance the tri-band gaming router position from the warm things as well as heat-producing devices such as microwave, stove, refrigerator, & other.
  • Place your rog rapture router away from direct sunlight otherwise it will not work properly.
  • Ensure the asus gt-ac5300 rog router always keeps away from the 802.11g devices.
  • To approach the better & secure network from the gaming router, you have to always update the router’s firmware.
Verify the package content:
  • To install the gaming router, you have to require some accessories. This accessory is here on the packaging box.
  • Under the package content the GT-AC5300 Extreme Gaming Router, RJ-45 Cable, antennas, Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide, & Warranty Card.
  • You have to install the antennas on the gaming tri-band router.
Connect the modem to the asus gt-ac5300 router:
  • To get better & stable signals as well as maintain the asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 range, you have to establish the router connection with the modem.
  • Ensure the Asus rog rapture gaming router power. If the power does not switch ON, then using the router’s AC adapter & properly switch ON this appliance power.
  • Additionally, also turn ON the internet modem power by plugging the modem’s AC power adapter.
  • To establish the successful connection, you have to connect the RJ-45 network cable into the WAN port that is placed on the back interface.
  • Also, the remaining part of this cable is connected to the available WAN port of the modem apparatus.
Wired connection:

The Asus gt-ac5300 gaming router supports 8 LAN ports, then you can simply establish a wired connection.

  • To establish the wired connection, ensure the router’s apparatus power. If the power does not go up now, then smoothly press the power button.
  • Plug the computer’s AC power adapter & properly switch up the power of the computer.
  • Just use the Ethernet cable, & input their end into the 1 LAN port of the tri-band gaming router.
  • The other end of this cable is plugged into the computer’s LAN port, there on the back interface.
Wireless connection:
  • To establish the wireless connection, verify the Wi-Fi network is turned ON your mobile phone.
  • Navigate the phone’s network setting & check the default SSID of this router. The default SSID of this apparatus is ASUS_XX.
  • You have to choose this SSID & it will ask for the password.
  • Just mention the password in their field, & tap the connection option.

Eventually! The asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 installation steps are finished & you can also install your gaming router for gaming devices by applying these steps.

Asus Rog Rapture GT-AC5300 gaming router login steps

To approche the blazing & high-speed Wi-Fi range with the gt-ac5300 tri-band gaming router, you have to manage the general setting of the gaming rog router. To perform the general setting, you need the asus router gt-ac5300 login page.

  • You have to select any browser in your computer & mobile device that you have to connect to the gaming router’s Wi-Fi network.
  • From you have to directly reach the tri-band router login windows.
  • Moreover, with default login ip you can also redirect the gt-ac5300 login windows.
  • Under this wizard, you have to see the login password & username fields.
  • You have to write the admin for the asus gt-ac5300 default password & also write the username.
  • Click the login button, after writing the following instruction.

And that’s it! The asus gt-ac5300 login steps are thoroughly done with the default login admin panel interface.

Asus router gt-ac5300 manual

The asus gt-ac5300 router comes along with a tri-band network that offers speedy & high-range WiFi network signals. The Wi-Fi network connectivity is stable & more secure. But there are some questions related to this router, which the user thinks about how to solve. Many gaming router’s relevant questions such as how to access the Wi-Fi in asus gt-ac5300, how to setup vpn on asus gt-ac5300, how to connect Xbox with asus rog rapture gaming router, how to factory reset asus gt-ac5300, how to configure internet connection in gt-ac5300 gaming router, how to configure the advanced setting, how to upgrade the gaming router firmware, how to recover the default login password, how to approach the asus gt-ac5300 login page, & more. Then, the correct answer to all the related questions is in the asus router gt-ac5300 manual.

Additionally, the asus gt-ac5300 manual delivers technical information along with the answer. The wireless network is 802.11ac; security protocol is WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK; 5334 megabits per seconds Wi-Fi range; the voice is control method; wired or USB connectivity technology; 2.0 USB port; Asus gaming model number is GT-AC5300, & other asus gt-ac5300 specs information.

Asus router GT-AC5300 setup into web GUI

The Asus gt-ac5300 gaming router completely works with a graphical user interface. Then, by using any web interface, you can simply perform the gaming router setup. In the asus gt-ac5300 setup you can configure the general as well as advanced settings.

Configure the general setting:

In the general setting, you have to configure the internet connection.

  • Once the rog rapture router’s account is logged in with asus gt ac5300 ip address, you will get a web management page on which there will be many options.
  • If the login page is not logged, then simply mention using your computer’s web interface.
  • Under the general setting, you have to configure the DashBoard that watches the real-time traffic for your gaming router network.
  • Next, configure IPS that offers real-time monitoring that is completely secure from malware software.
  • Then, you configure the Game IPS to entirely prevent the rog rapture’s network from unwanted access users.
  • Next, you have to configure the blocking malicious sites setting that properly blocks unwanted access sites.
  • Click the apply button for the general setting.
Configure the advanced setting:

In the advanced setting of the asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 tri-band gaming router, you have to configure various settings.

  • In the advanced setting, firstly configure the network map that allows you to manage the network & completely watch your USB device.
  • Next, click the create a guest network option & properly create the guest network for your visitor.
  • You can simply configure the wireless setting. Under this setting, you can simply configure the SSID & password for the gaming router.
  • Under the WAN connection setting, you have to configure the internet connection for your tri-band WiFi gaming router.
  • For the USB device, you have to manage the USB application setting.
  • To save, acces, share, & sync your files, you have to configure the Aicloud setting.

Thus, the asus router gt-ac5300 setup is entirely finished. Now, the Wi-Fi range of the gaming router is amplified.

Asus gt-ac5300 rog rapture gaming router issues

The gt-ac5300 gaming router provides an ultrafast Wi-Fi network range because the tri-band network works with this appliance. This network completely makes a strong connection. But unfortunately, the Wi-Fi range is weak so users do not enjoy seamless gaming. Here are some asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 issues.

  • Gaming won’t turn ON
  • Not delivers fast Wi-Fi range
  • 5GHz network not working
  • Gaming console does not connect
  • The login page is not accessed with default login ip
  • Asus router not powering on
  • AC5300 lights are red
  • Asus router not broadcasting SSID

Asus rog rapture gaming router troubleshooting steps

If you cannot enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi range with some common issues then you can quickly resolve these issues by following some asus router troubleshooting steps.

Make sure the AC power adapter is OK:

Many times, the power of the gaming tri-band router is not turning ON.

  • Verify the AC power adapter is not broken or damaged.
  • Properly & tightly insert the adapter into the power supply.
  • Check the power button is power ON, after that the asus router not powering on issue accurately resolves.

Using other web browsers:

If the login web admin interface is not working, then here are some resolutions.

  • Check the web browser completely update that you are using.
  • To resolve not working issue, you have to mention the address in another web browser.
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi network connectivity.
Ensure the gaming router position:

The smart LED light is equipped on the gaming tri-band router. To resolve the red LED light issue here are some solutions.

  • Place the gaming router in the midway of your home.
  • Ensure the tri-band rog rapture router is more distant from the warm device.
  • Place this apparatus under the cool & dry place to resolve the asus gt-ac5300 red light problem.
Power cycle of gt-ac5300 router:

You can simply power cycle the gaming router to resolve the asus gt-ac5300 no wifi causes.

  • You have to disconnect the modem appliance from the WAN port of the gaming router.
  • Also, unplug the AC power adapter from the DC-IN port as well as the power supply.
  • Press the gaming router’s power button & properly power cycle the router. After that, the asus gt ac5300 wifi not working problems are solved.
Check the network setting:

This wireless gaming router supports a dual-band network.

  • To resolve the asus gt-ac5300 2.4ghz not working issue, you have to check the network setting.
  • Ensure this network status is ON, if off then instantly ON.
  • After applying these, the asus gt-ac5300 5ghz not working issue was also solved.
Factory reset the gaming router:

If the asus rog rapture gaming router is not working, then you have to perform a factory reset.

  • To asus gt-ac5300 factory reset, you have to navigate the login admin wizard. From you can simply reach this wizard.
  • Under the advanced setting, you will get the factory reset option.
  • Just click this option & absolutely reset the gaming router. Additionally, how to reset asus router gt-ac5300 question is also solved.

Asus gt-ac5300 firmware update steps

If the LED light indicates the orange light, which means the gaming router’s firmware is out-of-date.

  • From the asus gt-ac5300 default login ip, you reach the menu page of this router.
  • Select the advanced option & choose the firmware upgrade option.
  • If the new file is not here, then navigate to the official website & download it.
  • This file is put on their field by using the browse option.
  • Click the upgrade option, & asus gt-ac5300 firmware process is started.

Congratulations! The asus rog rapture gaming router firmware was completely upgraded.

Asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 tri-band gaming router review

In my point of view, the asus gt-ac5300 review is absolutely good & superior to the other rog rapture gaming router. Because the wireless transmission range is high & up to 5334 Megabit per second. The main thing about this router, it supports 8 LAN ports. So by using these ports, you can connect 8 wired devices to the network at the same time. The 4×4 MIMO technology offers the facility, at the same time, you connect multiple devices. The superior & high-power antennas completely improve the Wi-Fi network as well as enhance the network.

The asus rog rapture gt-ac5300 wireless tri-band gaming router completely works with any gaming console. The USB device easily establishes the connection through the 3.0 USB port. The WiFi connectivity approaches corner to corner of your home. You can ultimately do 4K streaming & HD gaming.

The asus tri-band gaming router comes along with a default login address. Then you can simply & effortlessly configure the asus gt-ac5300 optimal settings. The setup of this apparatus is not complex or difficult. Thus, the rog rapture gt-ac5300 gaming tri-band router optimum & superior networking device.