Garmin Etrex 22x Rugged Handheld GPS

The Garmin Etrex 22x is a durable midget GPS device (Global Positioning System). Everyone deserves a small GPS device that lets you live in the moments in which you belong rather than complicating them with too much technology. Yes, this new track series got launched by the company and a year ago it is one of the best collection of GPS technology in the market so far. This is mainly because they are tiny in nature, hardbound, water-resistant and can almost survive any extreme conditions depending on the level of adventures you are planning onto.

Coming to some features, the device consists of all the features that are provided on the Etrex 10 but there is quite some extra. It comes with a battery life of 25 hours in GPS mode with 2 double-A batteries. You can also add up to 8GB of memory via an SD card. Displays are usually small with a 2.2 inch TFT sunlight resistant colour display (240 × 320 pixels) for enhanced readability. Not to worry about getting lost as it has a GLONASS Satellite System connection that allows tracking in more demanding surrounding than GPS alone.

The best thing is that it comes with preloaded topo maps with road routes and paths for hiking and biking, but the sad part is that it misses the sensors (compass, altimeter, barometer) from his elder sibling Etrex 32. So now one can know their localities like canals, natural features as well as establishments, state/national borders and more. One can also find thousands of various subjects of interests, like places to shop, eat, play, stay etc.

  • The package comes with the gadget itself, as well as a USB type cable for charging and some documentation. The box contains all the necessary information a person needs to set it up. Although it doesn’t come with the battery or an adapter (you need to purchase them separately) but the manual is filled with bookish knowledge which I’m sure one will get in touch before using it.
  • Garmin etrex 22x will cost you around 199 US dollars from the official website of It will take sufficient shipping time to deliver the product, depending on which part of the world you live in. The buying link for the product is this, make sure you share your feedback after receiving and using it.
  • Anyhow before purchasing you it you can go through all our website to make sure all the doubts are clear. You can even ask questions in the FAQ section. Garmin owns and runs a YouTube channel where you can follow the video content of the unboxing and how to use it as well.

Structural view of the device

  • Being a rugged gadget the surface of the Garmin etrex 22x is hard. It has got a joystick on the upper right corner of the display in front. The joystick basically controls all the function that is being shown on the display. As the display is non-touch sensitive the joystick is the only way to use it. The display is 1.4″ × 1.7″ which gives out 65K colour and is seeable in almost any lighting conditions. The device is rough n tough and can handle falls/dents of any small types.
  • Being completely water repellent one can use it in the rainy season also. The device weighs around 140g (including batteries) but it doesn’t feel much in hand. The back opens up creating space for two lithium-ion batteries which makes it stay alive for 25 hours or more depending on the brightness level one uses. Beneath the batteries, it has a micro SD card slot ( storage expandable up to 8GB) which can be used for carrying more topo sheets or valuable information of any type required for the journey.
  • It consists of buttons on both sides of the device (power button on the right/ controls on the other). The charging port is on the upper backside of the device (Note: remove all covering after the unboxing). One can buy cables, cases, mounts, adapters, covers, clips etcetera from the official site itself at a very fair price.

Powering up the device

A very long press on the button to the right side of the gadget gets it warmed up the similar process will put the power down to off as well. The device can wield at a range of -20° to 70°C. As the device turns on you can operate it by using the joystick you can also connect it with any smartphone devices. It consists of a wireless frequency range of up to 2.4 GHz @ -1.13 dBm nominal. After switching on your etrex you need to register it on the site where they provide you with device regulations as well as duplicate receipts.

  • In the case of file transfer, it’s quite friendly with Mac and Windows7 both on an additional data storage basis. For file, deletion Select Delete on your device and then it goes to trash.
  • For updates, one can install the Garmin Connect app on their mobile phone where they provide services such as software updates, map updates, product registration, data upload’s to Garmin connect.
  • One can also connect it via a USB cable connector on their computer and then follow the display instructions. After transfer completion, click eject or safely remove hardware from your device and disconnect it.
  • Garmin etrex 22x supports BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (purchase subscription), so you can download and integrate satellite representations with your maps as well as electronic geocaching. Upload GPX files directly onto your device, and look on key information such as location, territory and suggestions from

How to use the navigation on the device

  • With a series of congruent mounts, garmin etrex 22x is designed to handle use on bikes or cars, in boats or on foot. One can use the automount feature and City Navigator® NT maps for one by one driving directions for automated vehicles or use the sturdy mount for your bike or car. Wherever and whenever you want to go with eTrex, its feature able maps and mounts will get you there no matter what.
  • One can use maps or locations on the device to search the destination. If the place has a name then they can search it in the menu option, select it and get going or else if they have a direction to go to then they can select an object in that way and select lock direction to set course and move towards it. As it lacks a compass they can only assume the angle at which they are moving.
  • Maps being quite helpful shows the pinpoint (🔺️) off where you are in the route. As one moves it tracks its trail and leaves a coloured line behind on it, with which they can measure the distance they have travelled and change the course if needed too.

It also consists of a trip computer that shows the auto metric measurement speed measurement and statistical measurement all of which is customizable on the display, and one can also reset the defaults in the menu section once he or she is done with it.

Pairing up a device

  • To pair up any wireless sensor one must keep the device within 3 metres of range during the process (keep similar devices far).
  • Go to set up AMT sensors and select the given sensor for usage.
  • Select search for new, and as the device pops up on the screen select it. The settings will automatically change from searching to connected.
Device care and management

In case of any problems regarding the device one can mail us at and the customer support will take up from there.


  • Sometimes the garmin etrex 22x may get stuck at some point or may not respond to the owner’s action, during this situation just take out the batteries and from the back and reinstate them after one minute. Power back up and everything is back to usual.
  • If sometimes your adjustments and information act wrong, just go to setup and click reset all settings. Your device will go through a factory reset and power back on.
  • Often the etrex undergoes an ejection problem, after the file transfer is over and one tries to disconnect the USB from the port the laptop seems to have hanged or shut down. After that, the garmin etrex 22x may shut down as well. This is a genuine problem faced by many users for a long time but sadly there isn’t any solution. The company seems to have been working on it, and it may get solved with the upcoming updates.
  • Another small note doesn’t matter where you live when you start etrex and visit the map section, it always zoomed out of your country and it may take a ton of clicks until it reaches you or your place for hiking.

Cleaning the device

No matter how rough you use anything, every device needs some maintenance. Always keep in mind to deep clean the device after your recent adventure. Use fresh water and a dry cloth to remove the grime particles from the surface. To avoid any type of toxic chemicals that causes damage to plastic materials. The device can handle water depth for sure but not more than 30 minutes inside it (IPX7 certified IEC standard 60529). One can also use pressurized air to clean the ports and small side holes on the device. After full care put it in to charge and remove after the charging bar is full (which takes up to one to two hours maximum with a standard charger).


How to adjust location on garmin etrex 22x ?

At times, the device may provide an inaccurate location, distance or pace. For that, an Auto-Locate option is given to refresh the satellite details. Use it before you start moving again.

How to master reset the etrex 22x?

Switch off the device, then press and hold the menu option and enter. Now press and release the power button, a toggle will arise saying “do you want to erase all user data “. Release menu and enter option and select “yes” option. The device reboots and it’s back to the first starting screen it showed on day one (select your language option pops up).