How to setup Asus router to Fios Extender?

The Fios extender is known for repeating the prevailing coverage of the router. If you have an Asus router, then pair to that one. The Asus router is congruent with Verizon Fios extender. It would be the best combination to repeat the signal over the no internet zone. But for this, you have to configure your Asus WiFi box first. Once done, initiate the pairing process with the Fios extender. Worried about how to setup Asus router to Fios extender? Don’t brood. Here is the full setup guide for you.

How to setup Asus router to Fios extender?

Before proceeding to set up the Fios extender, get sure the Asus router is configured and has internet access. You can connect the Fios extender to the Asus router wirelessly and with a Coax cord backhaul connection. Obey the guide below to know how to setup Asus router to Fios extender.

Coax Cord Backhaul Connection

Employing the coax cord backhaul connection with the Asus router is a little complicated as compared to the wireless connection. This method is appropriate if your Asus router has a coax LAN port. The coax wall outlet is mandatory in your house. If your house is not wired with a coax wall outlet, then you have to expend some money on the coax outlet. But if you have a coax outlet, then it furnishes a more trustworthy and brisk internet connection. Using the coax cord will permit you to set up the extender at a distant location from the Asus router.

Join the Asus coax cord to the coax wall outlet. The other coax cord should be fixed to the coax jack of the Fios extender as well. Join the power cord to the Fios extender and then to the electrical receptacle or surge protector. Stay patient for around 12 minutes. The extender light is turned into a solid white one which signifies the connection is exquisite. If your house has a wired ethernet connection, then employ an ethernet connection instead of the coax one.

Wireless Connection

Place your Fios extender beside the Asus router for initial setup. Join the one end of the network cord to the Asus router and the other end to the Fios extender. Join the power cord to the Fios extender and then to the electrical receptacle or surge protector. Stay patient for around 12 minutes. The extender light is altered into a solid one which indicates the connection is exquisite. The WiFi connection may be disturbed if you are putting the extender from the router at a far distance. Electric gadgets, glasses, and thick concrete walls may also affect the signal.

WPS Setup

The WPS setup is a lot more brisk and easy as compared to the web browser to typify the password manually. You can do this by just pushing two buttons. The Fios extender also proffers to push the WPS button using the on-screen button.
To access the WPS on a web interface, you need to conclude the login procedure. Open any search portal(web browser) on your PC and typewrite the Fios extender default IP address Typify the Fios extender default password as labeled on its rear. The dashboard of the extender displays. From the main menu, go to the WiFi settings and then to the WiFi Protected Setup. Now you have two choices whether to use the WPS button or WPS PIN.

  • WPS PIN- If your Asus router has WPS PIN find out the PIN printed on the Asus router label or in the documentation. Typify the PIN number in the PIN enter section. Next, click register.
  • WPS Button- Once you set up the connection, press the WPS button on the Fios extender for 15 to 20 seconds. Simultaneously, force down the WPS button on the Asus router as well within two minutes. The Fios extender light starts blinking white. The blue light gets firm which signifies that the aspiring is successful.

If the pairing fails, you will see the Fios extender red light blinking slowly. In that case, you have to shut off the extender from the power and try to re-setup it one more time with your Asus router.

Adjust the placement of Fios Extender for better coverage.

If you had located the Fios extender in too much proximity to the Asus router while doing setup, then readjust the spot of your Fios extender for a more pleasing signal and brisk internet connection. Unplug the Fios extender network cord and power adapter. Move it to the zone with no WiFi coverage. If you are connected wirelessly, then maintain the distance between your Asus router and the Fios repeater to 4-10 meters. If the yellow light blinks rapidly, the extender might be too near to the Asus router. Put your extender in that zone and plug it in to see the solid white light on the extender. Only the solid white light on the extender is acceptable to operate it in a working manner.

You can mount the Fios extender to the wall or any other place. Otherwise, just place it. It all depends upon your ease. The Fios extender will work exquisitely. To use the Fios extender network, just go to the WLAN settings of your PC or digital phone and connect to the Fios network. The network name as a password for the Fios extender is the same as the Asus router has one.