The Tp-link Access point is a dual-band network & 802.11ac latest technology equipped network device. It offers superior & blazing wireless speed around your house. Additionally, the 3×2 MU-MIMO technology is powered in the access point that allows you to approach the wireless network at the same time. The signal rate of this appliance is higher & more than the standard device. The 5GHz network completely offers a 1300Mbps Wi-Fi range, as well as the 2.4GHz network, which offers 450Mbps. The TP-Link Auranet Controller software of the access point apparatus allows control & management of the EAPs in multiple quantities. From, you can redirect the setup wizard & absolutely configure the access point. After that, you completely approach the wireless signals in a long-range area.

Furthermore, the 11ac network of the tp-link wireless access point is better & more reliable. Besides, it provides a faster & blazing Wi-Fi range than the 11n network. The one Gigabit Ethernet port is powered by that provides the facility to establish a wired connection. The wireless network is more secure because the security protocol feature works with the access point. The multiple operating modes are enabled that are absolutely more satisfying with various networks. login of the tp-link access point

The Tp-link Wi-Fi access point provides the fastest Wi-Fi throughout your residence. With this appliance, multiple home networks securely approach the Wi-Fi network. But to secure its speed, you have to configure the setting. Settings will be easily configured from the login page.

  • To log in to the access point account, you need to ensure the Wi-Fi range on a PC or mobile device.
  • Select or choose any web interface that is available on your Wi-Fi network-connected device.
  • From https // login wizard you are able to see the login window.
  • The login window is not accessible by the default login admin panel so you can also get the login window by using the tp-link access point ip address.
  • To log in to the account, you have to type the default password on the login window.
  • Click the login option.

And that’s it! The tp link access point login steps are entirely finished. Afterward, you can simply & effortlessly configure the advanced setting of the access point. change password of the access point

If you are not able to achieve a high-speed WiFi range with a Tp-Link wireless access point, you should verify the network status. Along with this, you can also change the password of the access point device with the default login admin panel.

  • The http // change password wizard allows you to change the tp-link Wi-Fi access point.
  • Once the account is logged off the access point with the default login ip or default web address.
  • Then, you have to mention the tp link access point default password in their password field.
  • Once the access point account login, click the management on the menu page.
  • Under the management, choose the access control option in the available option.
  • Then, click the password button on the left page of the access point.
  • To properly change the login default password, write an old password, a new password, & also write a new password for confirmation.
  • Click the Save/Apply option to save this new password.

Thus, the login default password of the Wi-Fi access point was successfully changed. Now, you will log in to the account by mentioning a new password.

Tp link access point change SSID via ip address

If you are not able to find the default SSID of the access point device, then the superior solution is to change the access point’s SSID(Network Name). Here are some steps to change the SSID of this apparatus.

  • Login to the tp-link access point by using the default login ip address. The default login ip address is 192.168. 1.1.
  • Just mention this default ip in the preferred browser & redirect the access point login wizard.
  • Mention the admin details in the username field as well as also write admin in the password field.
  • Navigate the Administration setting by clicking the Maintenance option.
  • For tp link access point change ssid, choose the SSID option.
  • Write the new username in the username field, additionally, the username must not exceed 15 characters.
  • Click the save button to save the SSID setting.

Eventually! The access point SSID completely changes & you can simply connect your host network to this SSID.

Tp-link Wi-Fi Access Point Setup With

To improve the Wi-Fi coverage, you should perform the access point setup. Without performing the access point setup, your host network is not able to approach the wireless network. With the admin login wizard, you are absolutely able to configure the various settings in a quick manner. Here are some steps to configure the AP device by using the login admin panel.

  • Navigate the preferred web interface & search the login wizard by using the default login ip( You have to create a password to log in.
  • You have to click the quick setup wizard to properly perform the access point setup.
  • Now, you have to choose the AP mode in the available mode option.
  • For the secure network of the access point, you have to configure the security protocol.
  • Enjoy streaming, gaming, & more, configure the 5GHz network by choosing the network option.
  • To better the Wi-Fi range, select the wireless channel.
  • Enable internet connection, select the PPPoE connection in the PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic, L2TP, & more.

Congratulations! The setup is properly done & tp link access point settings are properly configured.

How can I recover the Access point web management password?

The web management password is essential to access the web management page. Web management is most important for the access point. Through this page, you can securely configure all the settings. But sometimes, this password is forgotten and then the user is not able to reach the web management. Here are some steps to recover the web management password.

  • From, you directly visit the login admin panel & log in to the account with default credentials.
  • After logging into the access point account, click the advanced option that is available on this page.
  • Go to the administration by clicking the system tools option.
  • Now, click the password recovery section.
  • On the password recovery page, you tick the option enable password recovery.
  • To send a mailbox, you have to specify a mailbox(From). Additionally, write the SMTP address in their field.
  • To receive the mailbox, you have to specify a mailbox(To).
  • If encryption is required to send the mailbox, then you have to tick the enable authentication option.
  • Mentions its username & password instruction in their field.
  • Click the save button.

Thus, the web management password absolutely recovers in a quick manner. This is the easiest way to recover the password. not working on the access point? How to fix it

The tp-link wireless Wi-fi access point offers superior & more reliable wireless network connectivity. The Wi-Fi range completely covers all edges of your home. The transmission speed reaches into penetrating walls. But to enjoy the whole-network coverage, you have to configure the network. Additionally, the access point comes along with the default login admin panel. Then, with this panel, you can effortlessly configure the access point.

But sometimes, the http // not working, so the user cannot be able to approach the login admin panel. If this default admin panel is not working then you cannot take the high-speed network connectivity. Try some steps to resolve the web interface issue.

  • Verify the network connectivity is stable. Connect the device in which you are writing this login admin address with stable and high-speed network connectivity.
  • Do not enter the web address without http:// in the address bar of the web interface.
  • If possible, delete the history of the web interface you are using to access the login wizard.
  • Moreover, you can also use other web browsers instead of existing web browsers.
  • You can also use access point default login ip 192.168. 1.1 to fix the tplinkap issue.

Finally! The login default admin panel issue absolutely resolves after applying all steps.

Tp-link Wi-Fi Access point wireless range not stable? Resolve it via

The network connectivity of the tp-link access point is more secure & stable. But sometimes suddenly the wireless range is not stable. If the range is not stable, then you cannot stream 4K video, enjoy gaming, & download files all time. With the login wizard, you can simply improve the wireless range.

  • From the default login tplinkap net wizard, you access the web management page.
  • Verify the wireless channel of the access point, you can change the wireless channel.
  • Change the network for improving the wireless range
  • Make sure of the access point location. This device is more distant from microwave devices, Bluetooth devices, & other household devices.
  • You have to set the new location of the access point. The new location is clean, dry, & cool.
  • Do not connect more than 15 devices to the access point.

Thus, you can also improve the wireless range by applying all the mentioned above steps.

Tp link access point Troubleshooting about common issues

If the common issue causes by the wireless Wi-Fi access point, then you can simply resolve this issue. To properly resolve the access point common issue, the troubleshooting steps are here.

Upgrade the access point firmware via http//

The smart indicator light is built-in on the front surface of the access point. Sometimes, the indicator light blinks continuously. Then, for this issue, you have to ensure the tp link access point firmware update.

  • From http // navigate the login wizard & use the password log in to the account.
  • Click the advanced setting & click the system tools option.
  • Under the system tools, choose the firmware upgrade option.
  • Put the firmware file through the browse option.
  • Click the upgrade option. The firmware upgrade process starts.
Reboot the access point

Manytimes, the login web address does not work, then the solution is to reboot the device.

  • Disconnect the modem connection, if the modem is connected to the access point.
  • Unplug the access point from the power socket.
  • Then, you have to locate the power button & press it for a few seconds.
  • Now, the tplinkap not working issue will probably be resolved.
Using default login ip to access login page:

If the login page of the tp-link access point is not accessible then you cannot configure the network.

  • Ensure, you properly & accurately mention in the web interface.
  • Verify the browser interface version, if out-of-date then upgrade it.
  • Use the login ip address to access the default login wizard.
Factory reset the access point:

Sometimes no internet connection comes, so you cannot approach the Wi-Fi range in your host network. If you wish to resolve the issue then you can perform the factory reset. With the web interface, you can simply factory reset the access point.

  • Ensure the power status, if the power LED light is off, then press the power button & switch ON.
  • From the default admin page, visit the advanced setting.
  • Under the system tool, you have to choose the factory reset option.
  • Click the factory reset option & confirm notification pop-up, click the OK button.
  • After that, the access point device completely reset & does not work issue accurately resolve it.
Ensure the cable connection is OK:

If the power of the access point does not switch ON, then you make sure the cable connection.

  • Make sure the power cord is thoroughly plugged into the power connector..
  • Additionally, ensure the AC power adapter is tightly plugged into the power socket.
  • Examine the access point’s power button’s turn ON position.

Tp-link wireless access point review

In my opinion, the tp link access point review is superior & absolutely better than the other device review. Multiple host networks easily & effortlessly approach the wireless network with this network. The wireless coverage is seamless & amazing. The Wi-Fi range of the access point positively covers a long-range area. The high signal amplifier is there inside the access point that entirely enhances the internet connection. The Ethernet port is here that offers the facility for the wired device to establish the connection.

Moreover, the tp-link wireless Wi-Fi access point works with the cable modem, PC, laptop, mobile phone, & others. The login admin panel allows you to configure the network in a quick manner. With this panel, easily perform the setup.

Form wifi allows you to upgrade the access point to the latest version. Additionally, simply factory reset the access point. Thus, the wireless access point is a more reliable & high-speed network device.