Avantek Wireless Doorbell

The Avantek Wireless Doorbell is an IP55 waterproof and dustproof doorbell that can withstand different harsh weather conditions. It uses very low power consumption as it is equipped with an inbuilt 230 mAh CR2032 lithium-ion replaceable battery that runs for around three years. The wireless range it detects is about 1312 feet or 400 meters. Thereby, you can experience a wireless doorbell system at home, office, and apartments without any interference. A large number of tune selections assure you to pick the one you like. In addition, the advanced memory feature alerts the previously selected tune and sound level whenever the device is on. It also saves the tune as well as the volume level you selected even when the current is gone.

The 40 mm stereo speaker produces a pure and sound voice of about 115 dBi. Simple to install with two methods using adhesive tapes or screws. The LED light on its face blinks whenever the doorbell is pushed. It gives a bright and modern look to your building. Two plug in receivers and a transmitter will give an alert whenever your friend or family members visit your premises. The Avantek doorbell key features are as follows.

Avantek Doorbell Key Features

The well-known feature of the Avantek doorbell kit is as follows.

  • The two receivers and a transmitter give you an instant alert when the visitor comes to your premises. Also if you face wifi range issue in your home then we recommend you setup pixlink wifi extender.
  • The small, sleek, and modern design, as well as LED lighting on the face, enhance the look of your home, offices, or other buildings.
  • The 52 different melody selection options enable you to pick the one and pass a rich voice with a 40 mm stereo speaker.
  • It arrives with two plug-in receivers and a transmitter. By adding more receivers, it can advance the range upto 1312 feet.
  • The Avantek D-3B doorbell installation and setup are as follows.

Avantek Doorbell Setup

To begin with, open the Avantek cargo box and take out a transmitter with a battery, two plug-in receivers, a screwdriver, two screws, adhesive tape, two anchors, and a user manual. Ensure that all the elopements are included in the package box. Place all the things on the flat surface and use sere clothes to clean it. Now go after the Avantek doorbell instructions to install it.

Avantek Doorbell Transmitter Battery Installation

Firstly, you need to unwrap the film in the transmitter. To do that, try the next steps.

  • Uncase the transmitter back panel with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Place the screwdriver into the notch of the transmitter.
  • Apply upward force to remove the back case.
  • Remove the isolation cover and later close the back case. You can also replace the battery.

Transmitter Installation

You can install the transmitter using two methods. It is by using adhesive tape or by anchor plug and screws.

Adhesive tape installation

  • Clean the surface or wall where you wish to install the transmitter. It should be sere as possible. Clean the area properly.
  • Use the two-sided adhesive tape at the backside of the mounting bracket.
  • Stick the bracket on the surface or wall.
  • Apply force for around thirty seconds.
  • Put the transmitter to the bracket and rotate the transmitter to the clockwise direction so that it is installed strongly.

Anchor Plug and Screws

  • First, place the mounting bracket on the wall and mark spots having holes.
  • Drill on the two mark spots and place the bracket now.
  • Next, attach the mounting bracket with screws and anchors.
  • Now align the transmitter to the mounting bracket and rotate it clockwise directly so that it attaches to the bracket strongly.

Operating Instructions

After installing the transmitter to the wall, follow the instruction to set up the pairing mode.

Avantek Doorbell pairing

  • Connect the receiver into the wall AC socket.
  • Thumb down the volume button on the receiver for around three seconds.
  • The transmitter will enter into the pairing mode.
  • The Avantek indicator starts blinking.
  • Now force down the push button on the transmitter as well as on the receiver.
  • The receiver will sound a chime voice ding dong.
  • The ding dong sound will indicate the completion of pairing.

Select Melody and Do Volume Adjustment

There are 52 various melodies available in the doorbell. Push the next or previous button to pick the melody you want.
The Avantek doorbell supports up to five levels of volume adjustments. Lower the volume to make it silent. If the volume is lowered, push the button again to increase the volume.

Avantek Wireless Doorbell User Manual

After unboxing, it is suggested to learn the manual carefully. The Avantek doorbell user guide will convoy you to manage the device. It consists of technical specifications and features. Also, the full installation and setup instructions with safety precautions are mentioned. In addition, if you face any problem, you can check the troubleshooting tips and tricks to fix the doorbell. Volume adjustments, melody selection, and maintenance are also described in the guide.

Avantek Wireless Doorbell Sound List

The 52 various melody selection options allow you to decide the one and give a sweet voice with a 40 mm stereo speaker. Here is the list of 52 different sounds on the doorbell.

Ding-Dong(slow), Ding-Dong(fast), Di Di, clock, knock on the door, the bell and cuckoo, jingle bells, Westminster Quarters, For Elise, The Nutcracker, Sample 13, Doggy Cop and Lost Kitty, love marriage, Rondo Alla Turca, Sample 16, Cuckoo, Cuckoo Waltz, WE Wish You a Merry Christmas, London Bridge is Falling Down, Canon, Minuet, Doraemon, Radetzky March, Oroqen minor, Waltz Op.39 No.15, 1812 Overture, Peer Gynt-Morning Hood, Oh, Susanna, Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. posth.66, Going Home, Op.64, No.1 Minute Waltz, Ballade pour Adeline, No.40 in G minor, K550, Mozart Piano Concertos, Old Black Joe, My Heart Will Go On, Ode to Joy, Katusha, Clarinet Polka, William Tell Overture, Rage Over a Lost Penny, Meow, Bark, Whistle, Swan Lake, Whistle, Serenade in G major-Bark, Baa, Chirp, Neigh, Croak, and Koke-Kokko.

Avantek d-3b Doorbell Troubleshooting

A lot of issues may arise while using the doorbell. Some of the main and well-known issues that usually occur with troubleshooting tips are mentioned below.

Avantek doorbell not working?

If this trouble happens with your doorbell, then try the below solutions.

  • Verify the battery is inserted properly into the compartment. If yes, then remove the battery and insert it again.
  • Ensure that the receiver and the transmitter are getting the signal. Move the receiver or transmitter close. A large distance will make the chime fail.
  • Confirm that both the transmitter and the receiver are paired successfully.
  • Note that the AC plug in which you connected the receiver is getting current.
  • Do the Avantek doorbell reset operation.
Avantek Doorbell Transmitter LED light does not glow?
  • It may be due to the battery isolating film. Remove the isolation film and check it again.
  • Make sure to insert the battery properly into the compartment.
  • When the battery level is low, this issue may occur. The batteries should be fully charged.
Avantek wireless doorbell not pairing?
  • Assure the receiver AC plug is working and supplying proper electricity..
  • Get sure that you have pushed the volume button for a minimum duration of three seconds.
  • Check the battery status and verify that it is inserted properly.
Avantek Doorbell Reset
  • Before going to do the reset, open the transmitter back case with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Put the screwdriver into the gap of the transmitter.
  • Utilize upward push to lift the back case. Evade putting the battery into the compartment for about ten minutes.
  • Thumb down the push button multiple times to remove the voltage from the doorbell.
  • Now insert the battery again to initiate the Avantek d-3b reset operation.

Avantek Doorbell Review

I usually don’t write reviews but on this doorbell. This is a genius doorbell. I installed it indoors in my house. The range as well as the signal to the bell works pretty well. The 52 various melody selection choices permit you to select the one and give a sweet voice with a 40 mm stereo speaker. I love this feature a lot. The only disadvantage I feel is the melodies. All the melodies are hokey. I like only simple tunes. Nevertheless, a very helpful doorbell at this affordable cost. I must prefer the users to try once.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

Avantek, the trustworthy doorbell brand.

Q2. How many melodies are there in the doorbell?

There are 52 various melodies on the doorbell. You can pick the one.

Q3. How to pair an avantek doorbell Kit?

Join the receiver into the wall AC joint. Push the volume button on the receiver for about three seconds. The transmitter will enter into the pairing mode. The Avantek indicator starts blinking. Thumb down the push button on the transmitter as well as on the receiver. The receiver will sound a chime voice ding dong. You will hear a  ding dong sound after it pairs successfully.

Q4. How many receivers does the package box include?

There are two plugin receivers in the package box

Q5. Is the battery included in the Avantek wireless doorbell kit box?

Yes, the battery comes with the Avantek doorbell.

Q6. How long does the Avantek doorbell battery last?

The inbuilt 230 mAh CR2032 lithium-ion replaceable battery runs for around three years.

Q7. How far is the range it detects if placed separately?

The wireless range it detects is about 1312 feet or 400 meters.

Q8. Does the Avantek doorbell work on a metal roof?

Yes, You can install the Avantek doorbell on a metal roof and it will work perfectly.