CC Vector WiFi repeater

The Long range repeater from C. Crane Vector is a directional WiFi system that catches the router range from 400 feet apart. The long range WiFi system is significant for raising the signal at RV parks, remote outbuildings, or campgrounds. It repeats the coverage for many devices such as Windows, Apple, Android, iPhone, Gaming consoles, and Smart TVs. The two ethernet jacks permit you to handwiring for PC or routers.

The CC Vector WiFi repeater is competent in delivering a throughout of 150 MBps if it is installed in an exquisite location. It can support two users watching standard quality videos or many users surfing the internet in real-time. It arrives with numerous great features. Some are as follows.

CC Vector WiFi Repeater Features

Some advanced features of the C. Crane WiFi repeater, you should know about

  • Compatible Repeater- It is a device that runs with your Windows, Apple, Android, iPhone, Gaming consoles, and Smart TVs. As it comes with a WPS button, you can configure it with any router that supports 802.11n.
  • Brisk Speed and Range- The CC Vector extended long range WiFi receiver system 2.4 GHz WiFi band supplies better internet throughout. The c crane WiFi antenna covers a range of 400 feet. The repeater is apt to give a speed of 150 MBps for streaming the video and other stuff.
  • Easy Setup- The C. Crane WiFi setup takes barely 15 to 20 minutes. For the full installation procedure, check the below steps.

CC Vector Long Range WiFi Extender Outdoor Installation

The CC Vector installation starts from here. Obey the guide mentioned below to accomplish it.

  • Unbox the package box and take out the CC vector extender manual, device, 15dBi point-to-point antennas, power line adapter, USB split wire, silicone grease, mount, and hardware. Deem the safety info mentioned in the user guide.
  • Fit the two halves of the grid reflector using the nuts and bolts in the central part as well as the flank. Join the feed horn to the reflector and set the L bracket from the shelter of the reflector. Tighten it using the nuts and bolts. Affix a little bracket on the bottom side and fasten it.
  • Next, fix the antenna to the pole using flat washers and bolts. Look at the hole at the rear of the repeater. Pick a small black antenna and put it in that hole.
  • Rotate the C Crane WiFi antenna to the connecter hole. Assure that the antenna handle is in the upward direction.
  • Join the one end of the USB wire to the repeater jack. The USB wire has two ends on the other side.
  • In the next step, apply the silicone grease to the USN antenna wire to protect it from corrosion. Attach one side of the USB wire to the USB antenna.
  • Join the power line adapter’s small end to the repeater back. Now, join the power line adapter to the electric receptacle to make the repeater on.
  • You will witness that the CC Vector repeater power LED light glows. After some time, the WiFi LED light glows too.

CC Vector WiFi repeater Setup

You have two choices to complete the setup using direct or wireless connections.

Direction Connection for C Crane Long Range WiFi Receiver System

The direct connection setup is more trustworthy as compared to wireless. To do the wired setup, obey the given instructions.

  • Affix the ethernet wire to the repeater ethernet jack close to the power connection.
  • Join the additional end of the laptop or PC jack. If the message displays, ethernet wire connected, you are good to go for the setup interface.
Wireless Connection for Long Range WiFi Extender

The most popular way to do the c crane WiFi setup is using the WiFi connection.

  • To connect your devices such as PC, tablet, or cell phone to the repeater, you ought to chase the WiFi settings.
  • You see the network name containing the C Crane-HVU, click on that to enroll the default password. You can inspect the extender label to know the network name and password.

CC Crane WiFi Setup Via Web Browser

  • Open the search portal(browser) and typewrite the CC Vector extender default IP address in the explore box.
  • The site survey page with wireless networks reveals. Look for the c.crane super USB WiFi antenna 3. If you did not find that name, rescan or adjust the antennas.
  • For the best performance, the signal should be greater than 50 percent.
  • To resume with the setup, you ought to typewrite the passphrase.
  • The PC will reboot. If it does not then restart the search portal.
  • The next screen with internet status reveals. If you see connected and Yes on the internet status, the setup is concluded and you are ready to use it. The troubleshooting guide if you encounter any issue even after the setup, is discussed below.

C Crane WiFi Repeater Troubleshooting and Tips

The troubleshooting and tips for CC Vector long range WiFi receiver are as follows.

CC Crane WiFi Booster not connecting to WiFi?
  • If the CC vector is not in proximity to the router, then it may not connect. Translocate the USB antenna part for a better experience.
  • Investigate that the small end of the USB wire is exquisitely inserted into the USB antenna connector. If not, then tighten it.
  • Prove that the primary USB cable is inserted into the USB port of the CC Vector repeater.
  • Hit rescan on the network list and inspect whether the CC vector network is presented.
  • Call the CC Vector team and ask for help.
CC Vector not working? Here are the solutions

If the CC vector long range WiFi system is dropping connections or is unresponsive, then try to reset the repeater to rectify the issue. Before that, investigate the power cord connection and its standing. If the distance between the CC vector repeater and the USB antenna is too close or far, then translocate the repeater position. The distance must be from 5 to 15 feet. To reset the CC vector by itself, follow the below instructions.

  • Switch on your CC vector WiFi Repeater.
  • Clasp the device and force down the reset button underneath the repeater for around 12 to 15 seconds.
  • If you are facing trouble while clasping the repeater reset button, then insert the pen or pencil type object into the reset hole or button.
  • All the custom-made settings you have done will swap to the default one.
  • Setup the device one more time now by appositely adjusting the antennas.

CC Vector WiFi Repeater Review

I live on 50 acres and wanted to extend the WiFi from my apartment to the fishing spot which is at the distance of half a mile. Then I purchased this directional WiFi repeater of CC vector from Walmart. Using this repeater, I am experiencing the most unshakable internet ever from a repeater. It gives a more reliable connection as compared to another booster at this price point of 299 dollars. In final words, a great repeater to purchase. Highly recommended.