SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED

The SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED is the full-screen HDTV 19”. DVD player with HDMI. The connectivity technology of this device is USB and HDMI. you can connect the setup box, CPU, video games, and more with this device. This device is a DVD player with HDMI. This device has built-in digital noise. The supersonic TV is a digital and smart device. They can connect this TV with the internet, router, and phone. It supports Netflix, Hulu internet services for watching online movies, shows, videos, and more. It is a 19 inch LED. This device is compatible anywhere and the use of this device is very simple. You can connect this TV with the remote.

All the functions are given on the remote. The supersonic 19 monitor has a port for wired connection. It can be fixed on the wall with the mount. You can also connect earphones with this.

Elementary SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED Features

There are numerous features of the smart supersonic LED.

High-Quality Picture

This TV shows the video with high HD quality videos and pictures. You can change the video of this LED from the settings.

Remote control

This device is controlled with the remote and the remote is given with the device. You can change any setting of the device with the remote.

Internet connection

the supersonic device is connected to the router or mobile internet connection to watch online videos, movies, etc.

Universal compatibility

This LED is compatible with every video game, setup, DVD, and other modern gadgets.

USB and HDMI Reliable

With the USB and HDMI ports, you can connect to the internet with the TV for video streaming.

Basic ways to SuperSonic Widescreen LED Installation

Install your TV with these underline given ways for perfectly functioning and follow all the steps point to point.

  • Take out the device from the packing box and remove the protection paper from the TV.
  • Then, read all the instructions and information from the manual.
Remote installation
  • Next, open the back cover of the supersonic tv remote and insert the battery in the battery area perfectly, according to the + and – sign.
  • After inserting the battery, close the back cover.
  • Check the sensor of the remote.
Ways to install the LED
  • First, choose the location for the TV away from the water.
  • Place your SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED in the safe space from the damage.
  • Then, attach the power adapter to the power input of the supersonic tv.
  • And plug it into the home electric outlet for supplying power.
  • Turn on the TV from the hardware button.
  • If you want to connect the DVD with LED. so, connect the DVD wires into LED’s Y/Pb/Pr input according to color.
  • Next, take the remote and select the file which you want to play.
  • Click on that file, adjust the volume with the remote.
Connect with the Setup box
  • Plug the TV into the working electric power socket and turn ON the TV.
  • Then, connect turn ON the setup box.
  • Next, connect the color three type wires with the setup and TV into Y/Pb/Pr ports.
  • And connect the RF wired into the LED’s RF input.
  • After that, enter the card into the setup box.
  • The Tv is connected to the setup box.

These are the steps to install your supersonic widescreen LED.

SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED Manual

To commence with, I am talking about the consumer’s questions in this supersonic sc-1912 manual. Can I use this as a monitor? Does it connect it with the computer? Is it needed to convert the antenna for changing channels? What is the video quality of this TV? Can I connect video games with this? Does this TV have a speaker? Is it reliable with antennas?  Is the power cord and earphone given with the device? How many years is the warranty of supersonic TV? Can this device control with the app? Can it play the video with a USB cable? What is the voltage of this TV? Does it connect with a Bluetooth speaker? If any information is available in this manual. So, you can take more information and guidelines from here.

Best Method to SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED Setup

To begin with, follow these supersonic tv setup steps for operating perfectly without doing any mistakes.

Initial setting of the Tv
  • Press the setup button from the remote.
  • Press the navigation button to select the thing that is displayed or which you want to be set. Click the OK to confirm it.
  • Again push the setup button for closing the setup menu.
  • Choose the other item for setup with the left and right navigation buttons. If you press the right then, come on the General setup
Display setting
  • In this setting, you can select the display size of your device.
  • Choose one mode from the normal, normal, and wide for adjusting the size of the screen.
  • Then, click on the OK.
Angle mark
  • If you want to show the multi-angle icon on the display.
  • Turn-ON/OFF with the button.
  • Choose the one desired language of your device.
  • Select English or other languages from the list.
  • Then, click on the OK after confirming.
  • It is used to switch the caption ON/OFF while playing a disc.
Screen Saver
  • Choose the time like 5 min, 2min for turning OFF screen without use.
  • Turn ON it and choose a time.
  • Then, press OK.
    This is used for factory settings like resetting the device and more.

Common SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED Troubleshooting Tips for Consumer Issues

Read these supersonic tv troubleshooting tips for solving the problems related to supersonic LEDs. follow all the tips line by line and do not miss any steps from the process. Thus, the whole process would be halved.

The Supersonic device remote is not working. What should I do?

If your remote is not changing the channel or stopped working. So, change the battery of the remote. Open the battery cover of the remote and insert the new battery in the battery area. Then, close the back cover of the remote.

The TV is not showing pictures. What can I do?

If your device is not showing anything. So, restart your device. To restart the device, directly unplug the device from the power switch. Wait for some minutes and plug it again into the electric switch. Thus, your device started showing the picture.

Reset the device

If your device is not connected with the setup box, DVD, or more reasons. Use the remote and open the settings. Go to the factory setting, then, click on the Reset option for perfect working. During the reset process, your device turned OFF or it started automatically.

If you have any problem. So, contact the supersonic tv service number for getting a different solution.

SuperSonic Widescreen LED Review

You can watch everything online or offline through this TV. My brother bought this SuperSonic Widescreen SC-1912 LED from the market and we have been using it for 3-4 years. Till now, it is working very well. I always connect it with the setup box because of all the things we can watch on the channels. It is the best multimedia device and this device has smart features. I also purchased one more TV like this. I am giving this supersonic tv review, after using this device.

Widescreen supersonic TV features:

The features of the supersonic are remote control, universal compatibility, high-quality pictures, internet connection, USB and HDMI compatible.

Widescreen LED design:

The design of this device is 19 inches. It is very nice and you need to place it in a safe space from the damage.

Supersonic widescreen LED dimensions:

The supersonic LED dimensions are 17.79 x 5.74 x 12.87 inches.

Supersonic widescreen LED specification:

2 AAA batteries are required for working remote control and the department of this TV is LCD-Flat Screen. Supersonic is the manufacturer and June 22, 2011 is the first availability.

Supersonic widescreen LED price:

The price of supersonic LED is approximately $224.90


Does it connect it with the computer?

Yes, through the VGA input.

Does this TV have a speaker?


Can this device control with the app?


Can it play the video with a USB cable?

No, choose another device for this feature.

Does it connect with a Bluetooth speaker?

No, this device does not have a Bluetooth connection.

What is the voltage of this TV?

The voltage of this LED is 120Hz.

Is it reliable with antennas?


Can I connect video games with this?


Can I use this as a monitor?

Yes, you can connect to the CPU.

Is it needed to convert the antenna for changing channels?

No, you can change the channel with the remote or hardware button of the LED.

Is the power cord and earphone given with the device?

Yes, a power adapter, USB cable, color cables, and earphone are given with the device.