D-link AX1500 Smart Router R15

The D-link AX1500 Smart Router R15 is a pivotal and laudable Wireless Internet Gigabit Dual Band Network System. It is launching into the market right now with the utmost good features. The EAGLE PRO AI Series is manufactured by D-Link Systems, Inc. It is overwhelmingly an advanced R15 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router. The d-link R15 Eagle pro dimension is 6.25 x 9.12 x 2.25 inches and the Weight is 9.6 ounces. You can buy it through Amazon, however, check the d-link Eagle Pro AI review prior to buying it. The d-link R15 router AI Mesh OPTIMIZER forms a more robust connection.

If you would like to see the review of the D’link smart home wireless router then check the d’link R15 AX1500 Reddit to see all the information. Apart from this, the AGLE PRO AI-series allows you to enhance and boost your existing network. Its AI capabilities support the R15 router, E15 range extender, and M15 mesh devices, to provide more rapid, more uncontroversial, and dedicated Wi-Fi performance. Also, you might keep it managed optimally since it brings the AI capabilities to repeatedly control and manage ingenious the d-link R15 AX1500 wi-fi 6 AI router home Wi-Fi network.

D-link R15 router how to use

First, read all information and instructions about its safety through the dlink R15 manual. Thereafter, trigger the d’link r15 configuration process to use it.

  • Take the Router, QIG, QIC, Ethernet cable, power adapter, and d’link R15 AX1500 manual guide.
  • You will start afterwards the d’link R15 installation. Walk through ahead below by emulating the demonstrating points in series.

https://eu.dlink.com or http://XXXX.devicesetup.net


Here are the checkpoints to the EAGLE PRO AI-series installation, that’s mentioned below.

  • First of all, connect your mobile phone via network.
  • Then, launch an app store and download the EAGLE PRO A app.
  • Once you have downloaded it, kindly install it.
  • Open the EAGLE PRO A and click on it to install the new device.
  • Scan the d’link R15 QR code and add it.
  • Emulate the on-screen instructions to accomplish the d’link AX1500 Smart Router R15 setup process.
2. D-link R15 AX 1500 wi-fi 6 AI Router hardware Installation

Following are the steps to the d’link AX1500 wireless router installation, described below.

  • Place the AX1500 Smart Router R15 nearby your modem.
  • Ensure that it is positioned in a proper coverage location.
  • Thereafter, reboot your modem power.
  • Now, use an internet cable to connect your router via the modem network.
  • So, attach both the device’s LAN port through a LAN extension cable.
  • After a while, start your modem’s power again.
  • Now, plug the router’s power adapter into the power socket and connect its power port with the power cable.
  • Wait approximately one minute till its power LED light flashes.
  • The d-link AX1500 router modifies spontaneously orange to solid white.
  • Eventually, connect your computer with its network wirelessly (use SSID & d’link R15 wifi password) or wired connection (use internet cable). In case you use a broadband service then walk through the web browser to do its setup via the d’link setup wizard.

D’link R15 Setup through browser

  • Open on your phone a browser.
  • Type https://eu.dlink.com or http://XXXX.devicesetup.net or d-link R15 AX1500 ip address in the URL.
  • The d-link R15 router admin login windows appear on your computer screen.
  • Enter the d’link R15 username and default password in the login box.
  • Thereafter, click on the “log in” option and go ahead.
  • Now, the d’link ax1500 smart router R15 setup wizard section is demonstrated on your computer Window.
  • Emulate the on-screen manifesting instructions to configure the d’link R15 settings.
  • Ensure that your modem and router are connected with the internet connection.
  • It spontaneously detects your active R15 router. (Note: In case, the d-link R15 router does not detect legit Internet connection name in the manifesting list. In this case, you have to choose an internet connection type and get the info through ISP.)
  • Now, you have to choose PPPoE and type username or password.
  • Configure the network name and password settings to share its Wi-Fi SSID and password with the client.
  • Next, Click on the D’link R15 firmware to always keep up to date and save the settings which are applied by you.

Trick to fix D-Link AX1500 WiFi 6 Router (R15) issues

Below are the specific checkpoints that demonstrated the D’link R15 troubleshooting. If you would like to cope with the following issues of your smart home router manually then let’s try to fix all issues with these tricks.

  • When the D-link R15 not working and its LED lights do not work suitably. At this time, you have to restart your modem and router to cope with the error impeccably. Ensure that it works after rebooting it.
  • In case, when you forgot the d’link AX1500 R15 password, then you have an option to get it back through the d’link Ax1500 reset. Use a paperclip and insert it into your d’link router reset button hole and keep holding it for a minute. While it reset accurately, kindly release the button and try to log in it back by setting a new password and username.
  • Apart from this, once in a while, the EAGLE PRO A is not working and showing an error. In this case, you should reset your mobile phone and connect it again to the internet. Now, try to use it again, make sure the persisting issue will settle.
  • When the d-link R15 eagle pro ai AX 1500 smart router is not connecting your devices with the internet connection then you have to fix D-Link AX1500 WiFi 6 Router (R15) issues by updating the router. Update its firmware through the browser and ensure thereafter it’s connecting theretofore.
  • Apply the d’link Ax1500 router troubleshooting steps, in case your wireless router keeps disconnecting, the D’link Ax1500 admin page is not accessed, etc. Simply reset the factory default settings to get rid of through the debugging.

Thus, these are the checkpoints to cope with the diverse issues of the d’link Ax1500 Smart Router. If you wish to settle all issues then fix them with these points.

D-link R15 review

The D-link AX1500 Smart Router R15 reviews are of utmost faithful and enormous. It accomplishes all internet pertinent requirements of the users. You can get more rapid, quicker, and high-speed internet through this D-Link WiFi 6 Router. It is composed of the AX1500 Ai Series and works with the 802.11AX mediocre standard wireless gateway. You can install and configure the Smart Home Wireless Router settings through the browser and using the app. The Internet Gigabit Dual Band Network System (R15) works with the AI Wi-Fi OPTIMIZER. It repeatedly connects your wireless enabling devices with the best wifi router network channels. Through this optimizer, you can initiate a more potent internet connection towards your wifi 6 router and EAGLE PRO AI mesh WiFi devices (E15 & M15/2).

How to configure the d-link cloud settings?

First of all, access the d’link setup wizard page and go to the home page. Choose the settings section and then click on the d-link cloud to go into its configuration page. If your account has already registered on the D-link cloud then simply enter the details to access your cloud account. After that, let’s use it to control and manage the settings of the router at any time. You could also know more info about cloud access through EAGLE PRO AI.

How to use D-link AX1500 Smart Router R15 with voice control assistance?

You can command and operate the d’link AX1500 router with Google Assistant and Alexa. It allows you to control your R15 router wifi thoroughly with voice commands. Through this, you can disable and enable your Wi-Fi router guest zone without accessing the dlink router login account. Also, you can reboot your router and get proper info about the d’link wireless router firmware upgrades by using Alexa. If you would like to manage and control your third party account then you should register your account on the D-link cloud service.

How to connect the d-link cloud service to Google home?

If you would like to set it up to your d-link cloud account with Google home. Open the EAGLE PRO AI and click on the home screen. Then, simply tap on through its home screen a voice control option. Thereafter, designate the cloud service, Google Assistance option from the settings. Now, link the Google Assistant and after a moment the Google Home app will have been opened on your windows screen. You will register your D-link account with Google. Click on the “+” sign icon and add the device to trigger the working of your router with Google home assistance. Then, choose EAGLE PRO A and sign in to access your account and choose your device name from the list, choose a home option, and set the location. Eventually, your D-link AX1500 Smart Router R15 is successfully linked with the Google home.

What are the steps to configure the Dlink R15 router guest zone?

First of all, go into the settings through the browser. After this, click on the Guest zone to configure the settings of the router. Set the temporary wireless name and password for the guest to share their own network one time and save the settings in the end.

How to set the D-link R15 router parental control settings?

Go in the home settings section and choose the parental control option to use this feature and set the data usage limit for your Children. So, set all the settings by following the on-screen instructions and save it eventually.