HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender Setup, troubleshooting, and review

The HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender usually works with 99% routers, access points, gateway, cable modems, etc. It effectively extends the existing wifi router network signal range. The main feature of this network is that it easily solves signals-loss problems without any hassle. It also provides a strong and stable signal network connection. By using the smart 4 external antennas, it provides a high performance in comparison to others.

The HV-1200ZJ range extender provides the high-speed Wifi network speed of up to 300Mbps for the 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for the 5Ghz. Its smart external antennas move 360 degrees for providing the high-speed. This extender eliminates the each and every dead spot of your house. As well as, its wifi signal is not lost into the penetrating walls. So, you can enjoy this wifi extender network usually for Streaming HD videos, online games, or etc. You can access this extender network like iOS, Android devices, Echo, PCs,Play-station.

HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender installation

The HAVIT WiFi Range Extender installation is very unique in comparison to others. If you want to install it without any struggle, then follow the below-given steps.

  • Before doing anything, you choose an open and airy area for HAVIT extender and also keep in mind that this area is not far from your existing wifi router.
  • Now, after that you don’t have to do anything, just have to keep that extender and need electricity to turn on the power.
  • So, just now attach this extender with the power adapter switch board.
  • Now, after that you connect the internet cable with your Existing router so that the WiFi network can be forwarded or extended.
  • After that, all you have to do is to turn on its power and wait a little bit.
  • If the extender is connected with the Existing router, then the LED light of the extender will fully flash.
  • Then, you check this light whether it blinks or not.
  • If it does not blink then you have to try to connect to the wifi network using the WPS button.
  • Now, you just open your PC and connect the wifi network by this extender.

So, these are some steps of HAVIT Extender installation. That is helpful to eliminate dead spots or each corner of your bedrooms, restrooms, garages, basements and gardens.

HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender Login

Before logging in, complete the installation process of your extender. After installing, follow the below given points to the HAVIT Extender login.

  • To login to your extender, first connect the WiFi network after turning on the power of your computer.
  • Then, go to the web management page, to login your extender.
  • Type the HAVIT extender default IP address or https://www.repeater.net in the URL.
  • Now, search it and then login your device by entering the login credentials.
  • Also, type teh login credentials in the login box which is such as admin username or HAVIT extender default password.
  • After entering the login credentials in the logn box, you finally have to tap the “login” option which is also displayed on the PC screen.
  • If your HAVIT HV-1200ZJ extender login credentials are correct, then it easily logs in. If it is incorrect, then you can not login to it.

HAVIT Extender login
So, these are some quick steps to the HAVIT login. After completing the login process, manage your device accordingly to solve the weak WIFI signal problems.

HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender Manual

The HAVIT wifi extender manual gives all instructions to using the extender network properly. It also gives information about all the types of accessories brought with your new extender. Like what is in the packaging box of the new extender and how to use them all. The HAVIT range extender usually comes with Ethernet cable, HAVIT HV-1200ZJ extender user manual, reset pin, quick installation guide, or warranty card. So, by using the manual you can also choose a perfect keeping location for your extender. But it does not describe the fully troubleshooting and management process. Then, you have to don’t worry about it, just follow here instructions to manage it easily.

HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender setup

The management process is usually very helpful to maintaining your extender settings. So, to manage it, by using the below-given steps.

  1. Go into the web interface page first using your PC.
  2. Make sure, your PC is connected to the internet.
  3. After that, open a HAVIT extender setup page, by searching the IP address of the extender.
  4. After opening the web management page, click on the wireless setting to manage your exender network settings.
  5. Now, If your extender network connection is slow then you change the 2.4GHz frequency with 5GHz band frequency network.
  6. If you want to change the password of your wireless network, then simply click on the HAVIT wifi extender password reset.
  7. Then, change the wifi password accordingly or by following the on-screen instructions.
  8. After applying all these changes, you must tap on the save changes option.

Thus, the HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender setup is now finished. You can also change your device more through the settings menu.

HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender troubleshooting

Sometimes, after managing your device and using it, it causes issues like the Havit extender not working, not connecting to wifi, or etc. So, the below gives a solution to all types of the HAVIT extender issues, follow it.

  • When you turn on your extender power, it won’t turn on. This means that you have not connected your respective extender wires properly. So, to solve the HAVIT wifi extender won’t turn on the problem, first of all you reconnect the wires of your extender.
  • In spite of this, many times your extender does not work. To solve the HAVIT wifi extender not working issue, you have to just reboot your device.
  • If your extender HAVIT wifi extender is not connecting to the internet, then to solve it you can check first your extender Check Modem Lights, Flush your DNS, Change your DNS server address, IP address conflict, Outdated network driver, or Check your ISP’s status.
  • Apart from this, many times the HAVIT WiFi extender does not connect to the router. Then, to solve it Reboot your PC, modem, computer, laptop, extender, and router.
  • If your HAVIT WiFi extender device lights are not on, then you Keep moving the extender closer to the router. After that, again verify your extender LED light.

So, these are some steps for the HAVIT wifi extender Troubleshooting guide. That is helpful to solve your device’s various problems.

HAVIT HV-1200ZJ WiFi Extender Review

I really wanted to search the wireless extender that is fully this extender. I have needed great features for a networking device that easily eliminates the dead zone areas. After receiving it, I was easily able to properly set this device and easily extend my existing wifi router’s network. It easily uses its wifi network when it starts. However, it also accept “special” characters such as # or ! in the WiFi password to create it more secure. I got the HAVIT wifi extender review through amazon. It comes with the user manuals or more information guide, that is helpful to installing it easily.

Frequently asked question

Q1. How to update the HAVIT HV-1200ZJ extender firmware?

If you want to update your HAVIT wifi extender firmware, go into the web interface. After that, enter the IP address to access the HAVIT wifi range extender setup page. Now, update your device by choosing the latest version.

Q2. Can I reset the HAVIT HV-1200ZJ wifi range extender?

You have to reset your extender anytime. To reset it, just press the extender’s reset button for fifteen seconds. After that, you have to leave the reset button. Your HAVIT extender is reset now.

Q3. How to connect HAVIT HV-1200ZJ extender with Alexa Echo?

To connect your Extender network with Alexa, by using the window 10. Just, open your PC and then search in the window bar Alexa. After that, click on it and connect your devia according to on-screen instructions.

Q4. What Can I do to connect the PlayStation 4 to HAVIT WiFi extender?

You have to need first, keep your extender midway between the router and playstation 4. First, you have to complete your extender configuration. Once set up then go into the network settings of your playstation 4 and connect to the extender.

Q5. Can I connect the HAVIT WiFi extender to my Smart TV?

Of course yes, first you have to connect your extender to the existing Wi-Fi router. Now, you have to press the Menu button on your TV remote. Then, visit your TV network settings and connect to the network using the remote.