Honeywell Home RTH7600D Thermostat Setup, Installation, Issues complete guide 2020

Honeywell Home RTH7600D Thermostat is a Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat that offers flexibility to another level. The large touchscreen display helps you monitor the room temperature conveniently. Moreover, to help you have a comfortable experience, this 7-Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat comes with a Smart Response Technology that automatically adjusts the temperature of your room.

With the temperature range limits, it also allows you to set the minimum cooling as well as the maximum heating temperatures. In case of a power outage, the program gets stored in the memory of the thermostat and this revolutionary thermostat even reminds you of the filter change.

Features of Honeywell RTH7600D Thermostat

1. Precise Temperature Control

In order to maximize your comfort, this revolutionary thermostat from Honeywell holds +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit accuracy. With an ideal 7-Day Touchscreen Programming feature, you can program up to four periods per day, and the Smart Response Learning technology of the thermostat analysis the amount of time the system needs to reach the desired temperature and adapts accordingly.

2. User-Friendly Touchscreen Display

The extra-large backlit touchscreen display of Honeywell Home 7600D Thermostat helps you program and operate it conveniently and accurately. The display shows the room and set temperature simultaneously. Moreover, it automatically changes from heat to cool mode.

3. Compatible with most System Types

Honeywell RTH7600D Thermostat works well with most system types. It allows you to choose between battery or wired power source to fit every home. Irrespective of the type of heating system, cooling system, or heat pumps, this thermostat works with a variety of systems. But the only place it lacks compatibility is when connected with electric baseboard heat (120-240V).


You just need to follow the steps below to install Honeywell Home 7600D Thermostat –

1. In the beginning, switch off power to the cooling/heating system.

2. Now, pull out the old thermostat, but don’t remove the wall plate with the wires attached.

3. With the help of supplied wire labels, labels the wires as you disconnect them.

4. Now, you need to separate the wall plate from the brand new thermostat you have bought.

5. With the help of screws and anchors included in the product, you need to mount the new wall plate.

6. For connecting wires, you just have to match wire labels.

7. Now, put in a couple of AA alkaline batteries and remove the tab.

8. Finally, install the Honeywell Home 7600D Thermostat onto the wall plate.

After these processes, you can confidently turn the power to the cooling/heating system back on.


For the system setup of Honeywell RTH7600D Thermostat, follow the steps below-

1. Press and release the ‘System and Fan’ button.

2. Press and hold the ‘Fan’ button until the display screen shows a transition. It will take approximately five seconds.
Note: Press the up and down arrow to change the setting. To move to the next function, press ‘Next’. Also, to save and exit, press ‘Done’.

3. This step is associated with the setting of the date, month, and year.
First of all, to change the first two digits of the year, use the up and down arrow. After setting the first two digits of the year, you can again use the arrows to set the last two digits of the year. Set the correct month by using the up and down arrows. Finally, to set the date, use the arrows.

4. This step allows you to use the up and down arrow to select the suitable system type. You can select among numerous choices of system type including, heat/cool, heat pump, heat only, heat only with fan, hot water heat only (no fan), cool only, and heat/cool multiple stages.

5. There are two choices for the heating system and fan control. You can use the up and down arrows to navigate between the two choices.

  • The first choice is for gas or oil heat. You can select this option if you have a gas or oil heating system. Here, the system controls the fan operation.
  • The second choice is associated with electric heat. You can go for this option if you have an electric heating system. Here, the thermostat takes control of your fan operation.

6. Use the arrows to navigate between the two options for the heat pump changeover valve. This setting is for the heat pumps only.

The first option is concerned with the cooling changeover valve and the second one, to the heating changeover valve.

7. You can use the arrows to select the heating cycle rate. In this operation, the arrows will help you to navigate between different options for the heating cycle rate including, gas or oil furnace, electric furnace, hot water or high-efficiency furnace, and gas/oil steam or gravity system.

8. For the emergency heat cycle rate, which is meant for heat pumps only, use the arrows to navigate between the options. You can choose between electric furnace, gas or oil furnace, hot water or high-efficiency furnace and gas/oil steam or gravity system.

9. Furthermore, use the arrows to select the right option for the manual/auto changeover and also, to set the temperature display format, i.e., either in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

10. You can set the suitable furnace filter change reminder interval and also, whether to turn the Smart Response Technology ON/OFF.

11. Use the arrows to set the clock display format, i.e., either a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock.

Finally, press ‘Done’ to save the settings and exit the setup of Honeywell Home 7600D Thermostat.


p>With any product that is introduced in the market, there comes questions and queries and like any other device, even the Honeywell Home RTH 7600D Thermostat is not free from complications and confusion. Correcting the troubles related to the operation and working of thermostat needs proper guidance. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the customers that we’ll answer for you-

Why is my cooling not working post-installation in RTH 7600D Thermostat?

There can be many reasons why your cooling Is not working. The most common issues are related to Airflow, compressor, Thermostat wiring, furnace, and thermostat device.
If there is a problem with the Airflow system consider three situations-
1. If no air is coming out- check the furnace of the heating system.
2. If room temperature air is coming out- check your compressor
3. If warm air is coming out- check thermostat wiring

To rectify this –

1. Check if your compressor is working or not. The compressor is a large fan inside a box. If your compressor is not working check the wiring. And if it is working the issue is probably in the Thermostat device.

2. Check your thermostat wiring by removing your thermostat from the wall mount. Make sure that you don’t rip off the wires from the thermostat. Check the thermostat terminals that have connected wires. If you have the following combinations you don’t have a wiring issue- Rc, Y, G; Rc (connected to R), Y, G; Rc/R, Y, G, O/B.

3. Make sure that you check if wires are loose. The wires may seem connected when they are not.

4. Once you have checked the wires and the terminals check your cooling. If it works fine, there is probably nothing wrong with your device.

5. If the issue is not resolved make sure that you check the furnace. The first thing to check is if your furnace is switched on or not. If it is not on, make sure that you switch it on using the small switch. Also, ensure that your furnace is covered.

6. Check what your thermostat says. If it says- ‘Wait’, ‘Waiting for system’, ‘Cool On’, Snowflake icon, or ‘Cooling will begin’- give it some time. After 3-5 minutes cooling should begin.

7. Other than these things you must also check is the power status of your thermostat. Make sure that it is not running on a low battery. Another thing you must check is the vents. Once you have checked all these things and it still doesn’t work

Why is my heating not working in RTH 7600D Thermostat?

Just like cooling, if your heating is not working there is an issue with one of these things- Airflow, furnace, wiring, thermostat screen, or functionality. The management method is similar to when your cooling is not working. But you need to assess these things before making adjustments-

  • No air- check the furnace settings.
  • Room temperature air- check thermostat functionality
  • Mild hot air- Check fans
  • Cold air- check thermostat functionality.

Follow the steps mentioned in the above section to fix your thermostat. In case things don’t work out you can contact your service provider and get your thermostat fixed.

What to do when the Display is blank on Honeywell RTH 7600D Thermostat?

  • Your thermostat may display a blank screen at times. If this happens, the first thing to do is to check the circuit breaker. You can reset it f necessary.
  • You should also check the ‘On’ button for the heating-cooling system. If it is off, the display is likely to be blank.
  • Also, check the furnace. If your furnace door is not properly closed, your furnace will not work. And hence the display will be blank.
  • If none of this works, make sure to check the battery status of your thermostat. If your thermostat has been running on a low battery for long, the display is likely to shut down. You can replace the AA alkaline batteries.

How to solve the issue when the icon of COOL ON or HEAT ON switch is blinking in Honeywell RTH7600D Thermostat?

Such a problem usually occurs when there is an interruption in the power supply. When the power comes back, the icon of COOL ON or HEAT ON switch blinks. The rectification is automatic and takes about five minutes. Secondly, don’t keep the switch of Honeywell Home RTH 7600D Thermostat at the OFF position on any occasion. Set it to COOL or HEAT as desired. If the blinking continues to persist, there might be issues with electrical installations.

What to do when a temperature setting does not change?

If that happens make sure that you set the temperature of your thermostat within an acceptable range. For heat- 40? to 90?F and for cool- 50? to 99?F.

What does the red light indicate on Honeywell RTH7600D Thermostat?

If your thermostat is set to emergency heat mode it is normal for your thermostat to show red light. This is an indication that your thermostat is running on emergency heat mode. You don’t need to panic. But if this is not the case, make sure you contact your service provider and have it looked at. It might not be anything serious but it important that you get it looked at as soon as possible.

How to change your Honeywell thermostat battery?

  • Your thermostat doesn’t have to run on batteries. If you choose to connect your thermostat to your AC it may derive power from the AC. But the choice to put in batteries is completely up to you.
  • Ideally, you must change the batteries once a year or before you go on a long holiday like a month. It is best if you change the batteries before your thermostat shows ‘Low Battery’.
  • Your thermostat will display ‘Low Battery’ thirty days before the battery actually running out. It keeps flashing for over 30 days. And If you don’t pay attention the display will finally stop.
  • To install the batteries, just pull the thermostat and turn it over. Now remove the old batteries and install the new ones.

How to set the Furnace filter reminder on Honeywell RTH7600D?

The Furnace filter reminder alerts you when it is time to replace your filter when activated during the installation itself.
And after changing the filter, you can simply press RESET to restart your timer again. But, to reset the reminder interval even before the filter expires, follow these steps-
1. Firstly, Press MORE and after that press NEXT.
2. Then the display will ask you to reset the reminder, so press RESET.
3. Then, press DONE to save and exit.

What is the compatibility range of the thermostat?

The Honeywell Home RTH7600D Thermostat is compatible with Single-Stage Heating and Cooling, Heating Only, Cooling Only, Hot Water and Steam, Forced Air/Electric and Heat Pump with Aux.

But it finds difficulty in being compatible with Multi-Stage Heating and Cooling, Central Oil Cooling, Electric Baseboard 120V-240V, Central Electric Cooling, Heat Pump without Aux, and Heat Pump with and without EM.

How to enable auto change on your RTH7600D thermostat?

To enable auto change on your thermostat, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Press and hold the Up arrow and FAN button together.
  • Once the display changes, press Up or down to change settings.
  • You can move to the next function by using the ‘NEXT’ button.
  • Once you have made all changes press ‘Done’.

How to set and adjust Program schedules on Honeywell thermostat RTH7600D?

For efficient energy-use, you must setup program schedules and it’s very easy to do so. The thermostat allows you to program up to four time periods each day – WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, SLEEP, and you can even have different settings for weekdays and weekends as well.

To adjust the program schedules, follow the steps below –
1. Firstly, press ‘SCHEDULE’ on the display.
2. From there, press ‘EDIT’ to see the weekdays.
3. It’ll ask you to select a day. You can select multiple days and program them with the same settings by pressing on ‘SELECT DAY’.
4. Then, press ‘NEXT STEP’ twice and use the up and down arrow icons to navigate and set the ‘WAKE’ time for the day(s).
5. Now, press ‘NEXT STEP’ and use the up and down arrow icons to navigate and set the ‘HEAT’ temperature for the period.
6. Again, repeat step 5 to set the ‘COOL’ temperature for the period as well.
7. Now, repeat the steps from 3-5 to program for other periods such as ‘LEAVE’, ‘RETURN’ and ‘SLEEP’ as well and then press ‘DONE’.
8. To set up for the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), repeat the steps from 1-6 and press ‘DONE’ to save and exit.

How to program your schedule on your Honeywell RTH7600D thermostat (permanent)?

p>It is easy to program your schedule on your thermostat. If you wish to install a permanent program schedule override you must follow these steps:

  • Firstly, use the Up or Down arrows to navigate and change the temperature. Then press ‘HOLD’ and the program schedule will be turned off.
  • Now you can set the temperature you like. The temperature you set will remain constant for 24 hours every day. You can change it according to your need using the same steps.
  • You can go back to schedule by using the option ‘USE SCHEDULE’

How to program your schedule on your RTH7600D thermostat (temporary)?

You can use the Up and Down arrow to change the thermostat temperature. This is a temporary method to change the thermostat temperature. The temporarily set temperature will remain constant until the timer expires. Once it expires, the thermostat will start working on the scheduled temperature.

What does the status display messages mean?

The large touchscreen contains various display messages like –

1. Cool On – This means that the cooling system is activated
2. Heat On – This means that the heating system is activated.
3. Aux Heat On – This means that the Auxiliary heating system that involves heat pump systems only, is activated.

How to set the System settings on RTH7600D thermostat?

1. On the display screen, press ‘SYSTEM & FAN’.
2. From here, press ‘SYSTEM’ to select the mode and press ‘DONE’.
3. Now, to select the system –

  • HEAT – To make the thermostat control only the heating system.
  • COOL – To make the thermostat control only the cooling system.
  • AUTO – To make the thermostat control automatically select the heating or cooling system based on the temperature inside.
  • OFF – To turn off all the systems.
  • EM HEAT – To make the thermostat control the Emergency and Auxiliary Heat and lock put the compressor.

Note – Depending on the way you installed the thermostat, the ‘AUTO’ and ‘EM HEAT’ setting may or may not appear.

Honey well RTH 7600D Review

The Honeywell Home RTH 7600D Thermostat has various unique features in addition to an inbuilt 7-Day touchscreen programmable memory. Features it contains include an extra-large display and Quick Response Technology. The appliance can automatically adjust the heating as well as cooling of the inner atmosphere of the home. To elaborate a bit more, it has the technology to automatically switch over from heat to cool options. Honeywell Home RTH 7600D Thermostat comes with various makes and models and the models are energy-efficient as well.

Honeywell RTH 7600D Thermostat allows precise temperature control. With the help of Smart Response Learning Technology, you can conveniently get the right temperature you desire. There are several other reasons to choose this product. It allows you to set the minimum cooling temperature as well as the maximum heating temperature. The product even reminds you to change the filter.

Honeywell RTH 7600D 7-Day Programmable Thermostat is compatible with most system types except electric baseboard heat (120-240V).
In comparison to other products delivering similar services, Honeywell Home RTH7600D 7-Day Programmable thermostat costs significantly less and works efficiently as well. Without much thinking, you can opt for this product and it’ll serve you effectively.