HONITURE Q6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner troubleshooting steps, review

The HONITURE Q6 Robot vacuum cleaner is two in one wireless superior robot vacuum. It is usually most useful for mopping, cleaning your pet’s hair, hard floors, and carpets easily. Its features are automatically Robotic Vacuum Self Emptying, 2700Pa, Laser Navigation, Smart Mapping, and Wi-Fi Connected device. The powerful 2700Pa suction power easily handles the garage without touching the garage and the suction power is very large compares to others.

It includes the best technology capacity with a 2.8L self-empty Base. You can easily manage and HONITURE Q6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner setup using the HonySmart App. through the app, you can choose cleaning mode and automatically set cleaning time. After this, it automatically starts selecting room cleaning and specifies areas to be clean.

HONITURE Q6 Robot troubleshooting steps

The HONITURE Q6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner causes various issues when you use this cleaner after a long time. To fix the HONITURE Q6 Robot issues, you have to follow the below-given steps.

1.Fix the HONITURE Q6 Robot won’t charge:

The HONITURE Robot specifically works fine, but when you use this vacuum cleaner after a long time, then suddenly it refuses to dock. This problem makes sure regarding your cleaner the sensors. Fix the HONITURE Q6 Robot won’t charge issues by following the below steps.

  • First and foremost verify that the Q6 gateway LED light is blinking or not. If the robot vacuum light is not blinking, it means your HONITURE charging is not compatible with the electric socket. In this case, you can again connect the vacuum cleaner charger using the Ac power adapter. After this, you can again plugin the robot charger with the Ac power adapter.
  • You can not use the machine charging dock into the hand. Because the charging electrodes dock is too small to be targeted accurately. This is one of the main causes of the HONITURE Q6 Robot charger not working.
2. Troubleshoot the HONITURE Robot not working:

If your HONITURE robot is not working, don’t worry about it. You have to follow the given steps to HONITURE not working issue troubleshooting.

  • When you use it daily your robot vacuum has been working completely fine and but you use it after a few times it suddenly refuses to dock. The main reason for this issue is sensors.
  • For the Robot Q6 troubleshooting, you can reset your Q6 cleaner if your robot is having trouble navigating. You have to change the HONITURE Robot network setup.
  • You can also clean your robot sensors and if that doesn’t work again, get them replaced.
  • To work it again, you can check your network connection, make sure the WiFi network is properly accessing the internet with this.
3. Fix the HONITURE Robot not connecting issue:

If you think about how to connect the HONITURE Q6 robot because the HONITURE not connecting to WiFi to fix this problem you can follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to check that your Robot is connecting with the dual-band router because the not connecting issues mainly represent them when your robot is trying to connect to the wrong frequency.
  • If your robot is connecting with the wrong frequency then you go into the setting option through the app and change the setting 4GHz networks. Many times, the Q6 robot will not work with 5GHz networks.
  • You can also reset your router and change your router setting to connect the WiFi network properly. Now, the HONITURE Q6 connects to WiFi.
4. HONITURE HonySmart App is not working:

This is the most common issue caused by every HonySmart app user. Usually, after installing the app, the app is not open. If the app is open this shows the black screen and also shows the HONITURE no wifi. There are some ways to fix the HonySmart App is not working.

  • To fix the app not working problem, you again install this app from the play store.
  • The app not working is causing mainly networking issues. If your wireless device may not connect to an internet connection properly.
  • Most of the time, it also shows the temporary loading issue. To fix the HONITURE problems you have to just press on the recent applications menu through your phone device. Then, you uninstall the app for a few seconds and again install it. Now, you can launch this app again and it works properly.
  • When you want to do the HONITURE robot set up through the app, but it is not working for doing the setup you can again connect the internet on your device and again use it. The HONITURE robot app set up is successfully complete, now it works properly.
5. Troubleshoot the Q6 Robot vacuum cleaner scheduler not working:

If your HONITURE Q6 scheduler is not working you keep your robot charging Base and plugin the base using the AC adapter. After that, when you use this the robot scheduler is not working to fix this issue follow some steps.

  • If your HONITURE Q6 Robot scheduler is not working then you hold the SCHEDULE button for a few seconds. Meanwhile, you hold it and you don’t leave it. In the time of SCHEDULE holding, you press the day button. Because these are the initial steps for the scheduled cleaning times.
  • Now, it shows the scheduler cleaning time you can delete and continue to hold the day option. After completing the process, you release the SCHEDULE.
6. Fix the HONITURE Q6 won’t turn on :

If the Q6 vacuum cleaner won’t turn on, then you verify that the cleaner power by plugging the outlet properly plugs. Also, verify that the network connection is not low or weak. Again, plug in your vacuum cleaner and use it again.

HONITURE Q6 Vacuum cleaner Reviews

The HONITURE robot vacuum cleaner is an incredible vacuum cleaner. The management of this cleaner is very fast and easy using the remote control or also a smart device. You can control this app by using your smartphone. It automatically starts to control and accesses the robot vacuum and you can manage it anywhere easily. This HONITURE Q6 wireless device is also used by me, this gives a better response compared to my previous vacuum cleaner. To search HONITURE Q6 reviews are given all information about this. It automatically cleans your home by mapping technology. This is easily accessible by the same features. These are some various features of this wireless cleaner such as automatically able to determine the cleaning mode, creating a schedule, and accessing a map of our home.


What can I do to make my HONITURE robot repeat cleaning?

To HONITURE troubleshooting the repeat cleaning issue, but this is a very normal issue caused by your cleaner. It is caused when the wireless machine works for about 2 hours. Thus, you can use this cleaner after a few times. After using these steps, it does not cause a repeat cleaning issue.

Why does my HONITURE Q6 stop working?

The HONITURE stops working issues especially when you use this cleaner after many times. To continue working with them, you can just remove the battery of this cleaner and insert it again after a few times. After this, hold the clean button for five to fifteen minutes. The resetting process is running now, you can wait a few times. The HONITURE Q6 is working now.

What should I do to activate the HONITURE Q6 battery?

Keep the charger base on your home and start the charge of the robot for three minutes. After this, take off the charger. Wait for a few seconds and again charge for three minutes. Then, again take off the charger for a few seconds. Now, you can repeat the above process again three times. Finally, you have to charge your HONITURE robot for a maximum of 12 hours.

How to troubleshoot if I don’t connect to my Q6 the 5GHz WiFi?

To fix this problem you don’t get frustrated about it. Because the vacuum cleaner does not use the 5GHz frequency band. It is only connecting with 2.4GHz band technology.