How to Factory Reset Windows 10?

The factory reset for the window users is the fundamental solution to all the problems. You can perform the factory reset when your PC works slower than it once was. It happens when your computer might have a malware fault. These bugs can’t be fixed until you do the factory reset of window 10. Thus, it is a very convenient option. If your PC is also facing problems and you are also looking for the easy ways but don’t know how to factory reset windows 10 then fret not. We have the simple solution and steps to factory reset Windows 10 in simple ways.

But first, you need to know why the factory reset is required and how it affects the settings of your PC. Well, all these things depend on your setup and the latest installed version of your PC. Obviously, you still have different options to perform the factory reset on your windows computer. But you are looking for your window 10. If yes, then keep reading.

An important step before factory reset of window 10

Before you dive into the different methods to reset window 10, you need to ensure that you have taken the backup of your recent data or important files. As you know, the factory reset can vanish or clear out all the installed settings on your computer. And yes, you also don’t want to leave anything left behind. That is why it is necessary to take the backup of your important settings and recently installed data. Check out the steps to back up the data.

  • Open the Settings app if you are new to Windows 10, then click on the lower-left icon on your windows screen.
  • After that, select the settings and go to update and security.
  • In the left pane, select backup.
  • Before moving forward, connect an external drive to your computer then click on the plus icon and choose your drive.
  • Thus, you will see an on/off slider for automatically backing up your files history.
  • By default, the backup will be located in your user folder.
  • Whenever the external file is connected to change the setting, click on more options and backup options.
  • From the top of the corner, you can manually scan by clicking the backup.

This is how often your files are backed up and by default, you can keep your backup forever.

Methods to reset the factory reset Windows 10

Here are three simple ways that will guide you to factory reset Windows 10. Be sure that you have backed up the current settings and save them into a safe and secure folder.

Method 1: How to Factory Reset Windows 10 through the Built-in method

So this is the first and the safest method on our list. Sometimes the factory reset of Windows 10 becomes an annoying process when it is done again and again. Besides, Microsoft provides a convenient way to do the Factory reset in Windows 8. Thus, it is also included in Windows 10 and it is also the easier way to factory reset in most cases of windows. In other words, you need to access the reinstall option and for that;

  • Prominently, head over to the windows 10 settings
  • Then click on the update and Security option
  • Finally, click on the recovery button.

This is how you will reset the settings of your current computer. Just click on the get started button that you find at the beginning of this process.

Method 2:By keeping your important files or removing everything

There is also another way in which either you keep the important files or remove everything. These are options that you will get on your Windows 10 PC.

  • If you want to keep your files then set them to the OS option and back to the default settings. This is how it will remove all the files and unnecessary apps from your PC. And keep important documents like images, videos, or any other important material.
  • If you want to remove everything then it is just like a complete reset of your settings. In this option, it will back to factory defaults and remove all the apps and files. After doing this, your PC will start working as a new PC

The “keep my files” option can maintain all the settings and your personal data as well. Make sure that you have a windows 10 backup before using the factory reset in some urgent cases. Otherwise, everything vanishes out and this is how to factory reset windows 10.

Method 3: Local reinstallation or cloud download

If you are using the latest version of Windows 10 then you might have the option to reinstall the past settings of window 10. Besides, as it clears out with the method’s name, it is the choice between the local reinstallation or the cloud download.

  • Well, the cloud download is the process that will instantly install the active copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft using the internet connection. Therefore, it reinstalls the currently-using versions of your Windows 10. So, it will not upgrade to a newer version on your computer device.
  • With the local reinstallation method, simply use the existing system to create a fresh copy of your windows. Thus, it also helps to save you from downloading the files from the wifi connection. In case, you install the corrupted file by mistake then it will affect the performance of the PC and stop working.

So this is how to factory reset windows 10. If you have any queries regarding the factory reset of windows 10 then take the technical support.
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